Friday, September 17, 2010


News Links, September 18, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Cable says globalisation could "fall apart"
Gold Surges To A New Record -- Now Above $1280
Silver Hits '80 Level; Gold Sets Fresh High
Canadians carrying a heavy debt load
Student debt reaching $15 billion as tuition fees climb in Canada
US-China clash over yuan escalates, risking superpower stand-off
Japan's Problem Is Bigger Than Yen
Irish Debt Trepidation Roils Markets - Again
Japan throws a dime to American debt junkies
China's Unsustainable Real Estate Bubble
Cleric tells Iranians to expect economic hardship when subsidies end

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Russia to sell Syria anti-ship cruise missiles
Anti-immigrant wave spreads across Europe
Most cocaine smuggled into Australia coming from Mexico
Pakistani politician murdered outside London home
Mexico's drugs war: in the city of death
China 'moves drilling equipment' into disputed waters
Reality check: Iran is not a nuclear threat
France defends possible warship sale to Russia
New web address hints at Putin return to Kremlin
Japan foreign minister worried about China's military buildup, values U.S. alliance
Brazil Building Itself Into Regional Military Power

-- Energy/resources --
Global coalmines will reach peak production as early as 2011 - Report
U.S. Nuclear Industry Will Remain Ward of the State, as in France, Report Warns
Is the "nuclear renaissance" dead yet?
Carbon Capturing Technology Doomed In Europe: Study
Canada confident of claim on Arctic underwater mountain range
The peak oil crisis: Is $50 oil in the offing?
Schlumberger CEO: World Will Need Higher Prices, More Investment To Meet Oil Demand
Wind Energy's Real Problems
Is Oil Heading to $150 a Barrel?
Petrobras Raises Huge Stock Offer to Up to $79 Billion
Japan to step up research to enter global water business market

-- Got food? --
Russia's grain stocks less than reported -trade
US grain stocks estimates face 'deep cuts'
US Harvest-Corn harvest fastest in 10 years, yields disappoint
GM salmon Frankenfish about to be unleashed into US food supply
Saudi firms buy 650,000 tonnes of barley

-- Oil disaster --
Relief Well Connects To BP's Gulf Well
Natural gas 'accelerated' breakdown of Gulf oil, says study
What's Going On In The Gulf? (A roundup of the latest bad news)
Alabama says BP denies its claim over oil spill

-- Environment/health --
Calif. whooping cough outbreak may be largest in 55 years
Drug-resistant 'superbugs' hit 20 US states, spread worldwide
China Is Set to Lose 2% of GDP Cleaning Up Decades of Pollution
Mutant fish lead to calls for Ottawa to monitor oil sands
Killing frost touches western Canada

-- Intelligence/security --
Report warns of 'stealth jihad' against US
State's homeland security chief goes in hiding (Pennsylvania)

-- UK --
Carrier pigeons are faster than rural broadband
Raids on 'illegal fuel plants' in Belfast and County Armagh
Solar flares could paralyse Britain's power and communications, Liam Fox says

-- US --
Tale of Two Americas: 44M Living in Poverty While the Rich Get Richer
When the music fades: US musicians' healthcare crisis
"If you want to live, you better be rich."
Thank Heavens For All Those Foreigners Who Keep Lending Us Money (+ cool graph)
Household Net Worth Plunges By Most Since Q4 2008, As Government Borrowing Surges
Timber Theft Is Increasing Across the Country
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index Unexpectedly Declines
Parking spots turned into 'parks'
Town stops putting fluoride in water for economic reasons
America's wealthiest (and poorest) states

And finally... College students study zombies

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