Saturday, September 18, 2010


News Links, September 19, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan FinMin says government may act again on yen
Central Banks Cut Holdings of U.S. Agency Debt by 7% This Week
Japan Firms Need Dollar Above Y93.4 To Profit: Jetro Poll
Qatar plans to spend $4bn on football world cup stadiums
Dubai World assets valued at $11 billion, has $24.9 billion of debt
Chinese struggle with cost of raising children
China's new boom towns
The Global Systemic Crisis: Towards a Serious Breakdown of the World Economic and Financial System, Spring 2011

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Mauritania strikes at AQ-linked militants on Mali border
Resistance to West on rise -Ahmadinejad
Iraqi forces struggling, forcing U.S. troops to fight
China breaks up anti-Japan protests
UK military budget cuts
"It's bad. It's really bad."
Japan to take countermeasures if China begins gas field drilling, says Japan finmin
China says activities in disputed gas field 'legitimate'
Iran invites Turkey into space programme

-- Energy/resources --
Saudi Arabia Buys Peak Oil Insurance With $60B Arms Deal
Saudis hold oil reserves for 80 years of production: Aramco CEO
The Hunt for Uranium is On
Copper hits 4-1/2-mth high on China lending
South Africa's energy future 'bound up' with coal
Unfreezing Arctic Assets

-- Got food? --
This decade's investment: the agriculture play
Food-makers ready to raise prices in response to higher commodity costs

-- Oil disaster --
Video: Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO SAMPLE
BP's oil well near death, but disaster is not over

-- Environment/health --
Bedbugs make Niketown scratch shopping day

-- Intelligence/security --
On the Web, Children Face Intensive Tracking
South Africans protest against media control measures
Cyberattacks suspected on Japan Defense Ministry, police agency websites
WikiLeaks founder Assange 'free to leave' Sweden; no arrest warrant
Facebook: $50 Million A Year on Data Centers

-- UK --
The kids aren't all right
British village life 'dying out' after pub closures
Parents won't have wealth to pass on, report

-- US --
America the Poor
Middle class running as fast as it can
Defaults Account for Most of Pared Down Debt
Fort Worth, Texas Insolvent
Health department to hand out iodide pills for potential nuke plant meltdown
Wisconsin bank is 125th failure of 2010
Regulators close 6 banks in Ga, NJ, Ohio, Wis
As Iraq winds down, U.S. Army confronts a broken force
California Employment Hooks Downward Once Again
"75 dollar oil is too high for California's economy, which is massively leveraged to a road and highway transport system that was built out on 12 dollar oil."
Pension Gaps Loom Larger
Citigroup sells student loan business as growing federal role shakes up industry
Americans Renew Call for Third Party
Disaster in Detroit -- the demise of symphony orchestras?
Massachusetts infrastructure in dangerous state of decay

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