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News Links, September 2, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
IMF Warns Countries on Rising Debt
Japan As Fiscally Strained As Greece, Portugal: IMF
Bank regulator to curb speculative property investment (China)
China's August Car Sales Increase 59%, Center Says
Iraq to spend $13B on U.S. arms, equipment
Currency Trading Soars, Market Hits $4 Trillion a Day
Romania Must Pay Debts, Pass Pension Changes to Get IMF Payment
Spain Reaches Out to China on Government Debt
A Termite-Riddled House: Treasury Bonds
Trichet May Say ECB to Keep Emergency Lending Measures in Place Into 2011

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
China begins military exercises in Yellow Sea
'Hunger, Homelessness and Desperation' in Pakistan
Mexico bordering on anarchy
Mexico migrant massacre the tip of the iceberg
Germany considers another step toward normalcy: dropping the draft
Pakistan military delegation stops America visit in protest at checks
Violence In Somalia Sends Scores To Hospitals
Deadly riots in Mozambique over rising food and fuel prices
Argentina plans 50 percent boost in defense spending
China Intensifies Build-Up Against Taiwan: Reports

-- Energy/resources --
Ethanol Surpasses Gasoline for First Time Since December: Energy Markets
Electricity Shortages in Iraq
German military study warns of a potentially drastic oil crisis

-- Got food? --
Food Prices Are Soaring Everywhere!
Saskatchewan Concerned About China Buying Potash
Rising wheat prices trigger big spike in food costs: FAO

-- Oil disaster --
Lab Results Raise New Concerns Over Gulf Seafood
Scientists: Dispersants May Delay the Recover of the Gulf By Years Or Decades

-- Environment/health --
'Sweltering nights' hit record in Tokyo

-- Intelligence/security --
As the complexity of supply chains has grown, so has the likelihood of a catastrophe
*A good read from the Wall Street Journal. Supply chain complexity is one of the triggers of collapse.
Social Scientists and Mathematicians Join The Hunt for Terrorists
True cost of smart meters might include privacy and health
Sweden to reopen rape probe of WikiLeaks founder
China Starts Asking New Cellphone Users for ID
India to Monitor Google and Skype

-- UK --
Rise in bedbugs prompts 'pandemic' fears
Farming incomes 'squeezed by costs'

-- US --
Food price inflation, economy take toll on restaurant industry
Virginia Data Center Experiences Massive Outage, many critical services halted
*A snapshot of the future. Keep hard copies of all your important records.
Microsoft cloud services suffer outage
Economy changing the face of homelessness in US
CEOs lay off thousands, rake in millions
California, unofficially, stops hiring
California IOUs – One Step Closer To The Brink And About To Break
Study: Number Of Illegal Immigrants In U.S. Declining
Auto sales: Worst August since 1983
Liberal economists say Democrats also eyeing cuts to Social Security
Cash-strapped schools turn to volunteers to fill budget gaps

And finally... Calling in the Big Guns: German Farmers Want Army to Help Combat Wild Boars

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