Sunday, September 19, 2010


News Links, September 20, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Five-fold rise in gold price 'is not a bubble', claims World Gold Council
Europe's accelerators to go dark in 2012 due to budget cuts
*Industrial society's sci-tech apparatus starts to shut down.
Europe's hangover could become a blackout (a grim assessment by Roubini)
Floods leave Pakistan in dire economic straits
ECB Stepped In To Rescue Ireland
Chinese Don't Expect Real-Estate Retreat
Most Chinese say real estate prices unacceptably high
Demolish Dubai towers to cut oversupply, says property consultant
Why governments love inflation and you should love gold

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Report: Iran detains 7 American troops trying to enter the country
'Unfounded': Iran denies arresting 7 U.S. troops
'Iran on verge of potential US-led war'
Chinese hold anti-Japan protests over boat dispute
China halts top-level ties with Japan over boat dispute
China vows strong measures if Japan doesn't release skipper
Japan mulls drilling near disputed gas field - media
Eight abducted Mexico police found dead
Red Shirts Stage Protests on Coup Anniversary (Thailand)
Kazakhstan hosts joint anti-terrorist military exercise Peaceful Mission-2010
Israel to buy advanced US fighter jets
Saudi deal could be first of more Gulf US arms pacts
US official: Saudi arms deal warning to Iran
NATO Military Chiefs Discuss Modernizing Alliance
"Many members states are eyeing budget cuts. "
Uncertainty Remains Over Black Sea Fleet

-- Energy/resources --
Pakistan on the brink of an energy crisis? State oil company on verge of default
Mafia 'Hits' EU Wind Subsidies
Texas takes another look at coal, gets first new coal-fired power plant in 30 years
EROI, Insidious Feedbacks, and the End of Economic Growth
Interview with Robert L. Hirsch (Says oil has already peaked, trouble on horizon.)

-- Got food? --
Government finalizes food security strategy for Yemen
World Bank Report on Land Grabbing: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors
420 kgs of rice stolen from Toyama farm (Japan)
Recycling animal and human dung is the key to sustainable farming

-- Oil disaster --
BP well sealed, but gusher of uncertainty remains
University Group Raises Concerns About BP Oil Spill Contaminants in Livestock Feed (w/photos)
BP and Government Representatives Still Keeping Scientists and Reporters Away from Areas Impacted by Oil

-- Intelligence/security --
CBP wants system to detect ultralights smuggling drugs (US)
Passengers must show 'entire face' under tougher air security rules (Canada)
Mumbai cabbies to be part of intelligence grid against terrorism

-- UK --
Severely disabled people must make heat-or-eat choice
Motorists are being encouraged to spy on each other

-- US --
Pop-Up Stores Popping Up All Over
Trade In Black-Market Cigarettes: Hot, Dangerous
*Welcome to the new economy.
Angst-filled cities look for budget cuts, new ways to do things
Commercial real estate CDO delinquencies up slightly in August, near record-high
Mayflower Hotel's loan woes could be echoed by commercial properties nationwide
American workers switch from cocaine to prescription opiates as drug of choice
The rise of the grocery co-op
North Carolina Job Search `Battle' as U.S. Poverty Rate Hits 15-Year Peak

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