Thursday, September 23, 2010


News Links, September 24, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Wen Says 20% Gain in Yuan Would Cause Social Upheaval
Chinese Business Gains Foothold in Eastern Europe
France faces new wave of strikes
Forget a Recession, The Empire is Crumbling
Irish economy contracts by 1.2%
PIIGS roast: Euro debt fears return
UAE prices rise fastest in 11 months on food
EADS Seeing Deep Defense Budget Cuts By Customer Nations: Report

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Chinese army hones transportation skills at SCO war games
Why You Should Learn Chinese (Time)
Four Russian Arms Deals That Worry the US
Russia to unlock major cash for arms
Why Russia is cutting off major arms sales to Iran
Iran's limited enrichment plan can work: the West should take it seriously
Relations between China and Japan worsen over filming of military targets
Killings of journalists lead to news blackouts in Mexico
Obama says U.S.-Japan alliance a security 'cornerstone'
Clinton: Senkaku Islands Subject To U.S.-Japan Security Pact
Nationalism gives Beijing little wriggle room
Defying ban, Hong Kong protesters to try again to sail to Senkaku isles

-- Energy/resources --
China Embargoes Rare Earth Exports to Japan (NYT)
China Denies NYT Reported Ban of Rare Earths Exports to Japan
Chinese shipments of rare earths to Japan stagnant, traders say
US plans to train security forces in Nigeria, a major source of crude oil
Whopper of a wind farm opens off Britain
Russia's Putin says he wants peaceful division of Arctic
Peak Gold May Be Upon Us
China Extends Africa Push With Loans, Deal in Ghana
Norway May Boost Oil Production by 16 Billion Barrels

-- Got food? --
We can build whatever animal you want to eat, say scientists

-- Oil disaster --
Large study will examine oil spill's health effects
Gulf oil spill volume estimated to be 4.4 mb from video
Exclusive: Heavy metals go untested in Gulf seafood
BP Oil Well Is Dead ... But What About the Nearby Seeps?

-- Environment/health --
USA is fattest of 33 countries
Groundwater depletion rate said doubled

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Apple May Go Where Google Won't: Facial Recognition
Seeing The Internet As An 'Information Weapon'
Facebook Down, Slows Up Large Chunk of Internet
Credit card outage hits Wal-Mart
Stuxnet virus: worm 'could be aimed at high-profile Iranian targets'
Blockbuster Worm Aimed for Infrastructure, But No Proof Iran Nukes Were Target
Cloud computing outages: What can we learn?
"Even the biggest and best cloud companies have seen their best-laid plans go to waste as their services go dark for hours at a time."

-- UK --
Suffolk County Council to outsource most services
Quango cuts: 177 bodies to be scrapped under coalition plans
Tens of thousands of UK students head abroad for work

-- US --
For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again
Struggling cities turn off street lights to save money
Stores Scramble to Accommodate Budget Shoppers
Report: Federal data center consolidation faces major time, money hurdles
Are Resentment, Frustration And Anger The Defining Feature Of The New American?
Pelosi backs bill naming China a currency manipulator
Amid Tight Budgets, Mounted Police Face Hurdles
Cash-Strapped Detroit Struggles to Stem Fires
'Survival gardens' help save cash
Housing 'Recovery' a Mirage: Short Homebuilders, Fund Manager Says
Years of Pain to Come in Residential Real Estate
Homeless resent being jailed
Squatters moving into upscale neighborhoods
Geithner Is Toast After Midterm Elections
Military Services Stung by Surprise Pop in Retirement Costs
Arizona Sheriff Forming Vigilante Group

And finally... Woman picks up children on way home from robbing bank

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