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News Links, September 28, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Currency Union Teetering, 'Mr. Euro' Was Forced to Act
Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement
Rail crisis: $2.4b train plan goes off track (Oz)
European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales
Global Economy Will Suffer More Financial Crises in Next 10 Years: Roubini
Roubini Sees High Risk of a U.S. Recession, Says Japan `Anemic'
New Delhi Residents Flee Games `Fiasco' as Visitors Avoid City
50,000 manufacturing jobs in Sweden gone, trade group says
ATMs That Sell Gold Bars Are Coming Soon to America
Japan Plans Stimulus as Export Growth Slows
Brazil Warns of 'Currency War'
Yuan Legislation in U.S. Congress May Prompt Retaliation, Businesses Say
Japan consumer lender Takefuji to file for bankruptcy
China: Proudly Demolishing Buildings Before Completed In Pursuit Of The Glorious Housing Bubble Perpetual Engine

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects
India's Maoist hostage crisis deepens, cop's body found
Japan to ask China to pay for damaged patrol vessels
China Imposes Steep Tariffs on US Poultry
Chinese Customs Agents Put Extra Scrutiny on Japanese Goods
Japan Shippers say China slows handling of Japan goods
Labour Unrest In China
North Korea military appears to back Kim succession
60 Dead as Helos, Drones Strike in Pakistan (But Don't Call it a War)
Pakistan furious over Nato cross-border Taliban raids
Russian arms ban boosts Iran gunrunners
Arctic Grab Is Mad Fight for Last Oil Frontier
NATO Unveils Early Version Of 21st Century Strategy
UAE and Lebanon's military bond becomes stronger
10 Signs The U.S. Is Losing Its Influence In The Western Hemisphere

-- Energy/resources --
Are there hidden costs to over-dependence on China? Japan just found out.
Bulgaria Plans Caps On New Green Energy Assets
*Time after time we've seen that renewables turn out to be more expensive than imagined.
Electricity: China comes to Pakistan's aid again
Oil scene: A time bomb called energy poverty
Energy crisis hindering economic development
Ancient volcanic field reawakens in Saudi Arabia
Water Demand is Flash Point in Dakota Oil Boom
"Oil and gas production from the Bakken Shale is projected to use up to 5.5 billion gallons of water annually for as many as two decades."
Disappearing Ground Water
Britain's offshore windpower costs twice as much as coal and gas generated electricity
Natural Gas: Does Hydraulic Fracturing Really Cause Earthquakes
Fresh doubts hit Nigeria's 4,500km oil line to Europe
NICCI concerned over growing power shortage (Nepal)

-- Got food? --
Flooding in Nigeria worsens food shortage
NEPAL: Lack of fertilizer hampers food security

-- Oil disaster --
Scientist: At least half of spilled Gulf oil embedded in sediment and 'highly durable'
BP Well Manager Said No Warning of Blowout Before Disaster

-- Environment/health --
Los Angeles bakes at record 113 degrees

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Report: U.S. to make Internet wiretaps easier
Cloud Security fights in cyberspace

-- UK --
Bournemouth Barclays bank bricked up in loans protest
Britons' saving falls by a fifth over 2010
UK economic recovery under way, says IMF

-- US --
Book Review: 'Aftershock' is Robert Reich's take on America's economic crisis
Uber rich get richer, everyone else gets poorer, and Democrats surrender the issue (Robert Reich)
Report: Half of interstate crime guns come from just 10 states
Abandoned houses: All of a sudden, the neighborhood 'just went down'
Foreclosures and abandoned homes are taking over some neighborhoods in central Indiana
"One neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis has an entire city block where only six homes have people living in them."
Top 12 terrible signs that the recession isn't actually over (Daily Reckoning)
California eyes $5 billion bank loan
Attorney: FBI Raids Aimed at Silencing Antiwar Activists

And finally... Family of woman 'too fat' to be cremated sues French crematorium

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