Thursday, September 02, 2010


News Links, September 3, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China's Property Market in `Very Big Bubble,' StarRock's Jiang Hui Says
Global Youth Unemployment Reaches Record Levels
Inflation Alert: The U.S. Path to Collapse
Britain's deficit is constraining public finances, says IMF report
Run on Afghan bank's deposits reported
US Mulls Afghan Bank Bailout
Strikes in South Africa could have long-term economic consequences
French government vows to face down pension strike
Greece Worse Than Russia, Argentina In Debt Crisis: BOJ
Household income gap hit record in 2008 (Japan)
Fewer Than Half Of Young People Support Themselves: Report (Japan)
Jordan debt rises 7 pct in July to $14.5 bln
No Secret to Gold Investing. Just Accumulate. (Daily Reckoning)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints --
Is Iran the Winner of the War in Iraq?
Japan dilemma as economic dependence on China grows
Russian war fortress to arrive in France
Warbots: US Military Increasing Investment in Automated Technologies
India OKs $6.5B Plan To Build Stealth Destroyers

-- Energy/resources --
Wind industry is a house of cards built on a foundation of sand
Petrobras to Buy Oil From Brazil for $42.5 Billion in Stock
The Peak Oil Crisis: Prospects for China
China plans up to $44 bln offshore oil expansion-paper
German military report -- translation of major points
Doosan to build world's biggest desal plant in Saudi

-- Got food? --
China digs for ways to stymie BHP's Potash Corp bid
Warmer Temperatures In China To Reduce Crop Yields
Scramble for food companies a warning of crisis to come
Russian Drought Spurs Worldwide Food Price Hikes
Putin says no grain exports before 2011 harvest
In bid for food security, Qatar sows seeds globally
African livelihoods at risk as fish die

-- Oil disaster --
Group finds contaminated oysters, despite state, federal assurances
BP Prepares To Resume Efforts To Kill Gulf Well
Oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico
Gulf Rig Fire Out; Coast Guard Backpedals on Oil Sheen

-- Environment/health --
Smallpox-related disease thriving
NYC sky-scrapers dim lights to help migratory birds

-- Intelligence/security --
U.S. cautions citizens on India travel
UN: Blackberry worries legitimate
Russian police raid opposition magazine
Technology Tracks Schoolbus Kids with GPS
Building of Global Hawk variant begins

-- UK --
One in nine Scottish schools 'half empty'
Total positions lost at bailed-out British banks RBS and Lloyds rises to almost 45,000

-- US --
Toxic Debt Returns to Fashion
Is Copper the New Red Gold?
"There is a pervasive, systemic failure in our infrastructure. I have relatives in Mumbai who cannot believe how often we lose power."
Bernanke: Shut banks if threat to the system
Airlines' nickel-and-diming may not be fair, but it's fare
Corporate alliances help keep state parks afloat
Construction Spending in U.S. Fell Twice as Much as Forecast
Are Existing Home Prices Overrepresented By Up To 40%?
Poll concludes Americans are getting ruder

And finally... Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends

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