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News Links, September 30, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japanese youth seek second, third employment
Japan Crude Steel Output To Keep Falling In Oct-Dec Period: METI
Japan Factory Output Unexpectedly Fell in August, Adding to Signs of Slump
Europe's Economy Is Running On Fumes
The European Crisis Gets Quietly Worse
"A breakup would seem to be an inevitability at this point. The only question is when it will happen, and who will go first."
Europe hit by wave of anti-austerity protests
Truckers strike in third week in Greece
Picketers clash with police in Spanish general strike
Dublin to Put Fresh $6.8 Billion into Anglo Irish
Dubai cancelled half of planned property projects
Tougher measures to cool property market (China)
Anglo Irish Rescue Costs Increase After Ghost Towns Spread Across Ireland

-- Gold --
Chinese Consumers Rush for Gold
More Indications of a Gold and Silver Supply Squeeze
US Mint Runs Out Of Buffalo Gold Coins, Will Not Restock
Gold continues record-setting run

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
China still patrolling Senkaku Islands
Medvedev's Plan to Visit Islands Rankles Japan
*Japanese media report concerns that Russia and China will "team up" against Japan in island disputes.
Is China Afraid of Its Own People? (Foreign Policy)
China's president urges social reforms
Iron Man-style power suits 'will be in war zones in five years'
North and South Korea to hold first military talks for two years
Attacks on Baghdad Green Zone surge
German navy faces painful cuts
German Conservative Parties Agree To End Conscription
Britons training in Pakistan for UK terror attacks
Burgeoning Brazil Seeks Profits Beyond Its Borders
U.S. and China Agree to Rebuild Military Ties
Hitmen kill Mexican mayors as drugs war intensifies
Russia says 15 rebels killed in Muslim Dagestan
Pentagon Losing Control of Smart Bombs to China Neodymium Monopoly

-- Energy/resources --
Norway Concerned By Power Supply Ahead Of Winter
Growing demand may fuel natural gas shortage on coast this winter (China)
Winter could bring record energy bills. Is it time to switch supplier? (UK)
Mineral Trade Halt Called a Threat to Japan's Economy
China Lifts Rare Earth Export Ban to Japan: Report
Human impact on world's rivers 'threatens water security of 5 billion'
Chinese imports of Saudi oil to reach 50m tons
Angola is China's biggest oil supplier in August
Explaining The Massive Shell Game That Is The Petrobras IPO
China moving heaven and Earth to bring water to Beijing
Massive power blackout in Los Angeles due to heatwave

-- Got food? --
Phosphorus shortage has grave global impact
Meat tainted with deadly bacteria is being sold to consumers; government forms 'work group' (US)
Why is the Gates foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto?
Kansas City foodbank has urgent need for donations
Grow Your Own Vegetables, City Dwellers, But Do Mind The Lead

-- Oil disaster --
States tally oil spill toll to send BP their bills
Feds funding study of oil spill's effect on FLESH-EATING bacteria — Blamed for multiple recent Gulf-area deaths after water/seafood contact

-- Environment/health --
One in five plant species face extinction

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
'Mumbai-style' terror attack on UK, France and Germany foiled
India Locks Down Delhi Commonwealth Games With 100,000 Policemen, Snipers
Israeli "art student" spies casing new data center? (US)

-- UK --
Welsh councils face rising costs of school repairs
Liam Fox fires warning shot over defence cuts
Britain's Maritime Capabilities Could Bear Brunt Of Cuts: Fox

-- US --
Anger as a Private Company Takes Over Libraries
Northeast Ohio: Winter heating bill 'crisis' looming
"With some Northeast Ohio residents already lining up all night for emergency utility bill help, there are predictions that the coming winter will produce a need of 'crisis' proportions."
Possible natural gas shortage in Alaska; residents asked to conserve
Recession Rips At U.S. Marriages, Expands Income Gap
Why the Statistical "Recovery" Feels Bad
Cramer: Gold Right Now Better Than Many Stocks
Admiral Mike Mullen: Cost of military health care is 'not sustainable'
Restaurants' used grease a hot item for thieves
Casino Stocks Go Bust Wednesday
Bill Gross: Say Goodbye to Double-Digit Returns
21st Sequential Weekly Outflow Confirms Investors Refuse To Be Suckered Into Stock Market

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