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News Links, September 7, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Greece Sees €4 Billion (2%) In Deposit Outflows In July
BIS Study Suggests Households, Companies Set to Reduce Debt
Indian Government Plans to Sell Part of Its Stake in Oil & Natural, Indian Oil
International backing grows for 'Robin Hood tax' on banks
In September Europe Must Issue Double The August Government Debt
France faces general strike over retirement reforms
Anglo Irish Close To Being Wound Down?
China's census widens to include vacant housing

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Iran on brink of nuclear weapon, warns watchdog
Red Shirts Test Thai Limits
New Developments in Military Automation
Bahrain activists fear wider unrest
US Will 'Almost Certainly' Keep Troops in Iraq Past 2011, Officials Admit

-- Energy/resources --
Gas shortage to force the GCC to do away with subsidies
"With looming power cuts in a number of countries in the Gulf, the region is obliged to free up the subsidies in the energy sector."
Electric car upswing would crash grid: Toronto Hydro chief
Power blackout hits parts of Caracas area and metro system
Power outage darkens large swaths of Yemen as country's people break day's fasting for Ramadan
Interior Chief Salazar Voices Doubt On Arctic Drilling
Germany agrees to extend nuclear plant life span
Nabucco Pipeline May Get $5 Billion From EIB, EBRD, World Bank
Wind Power Wanes With Fading Federal Incentives (US)
Germany's Extension for Nuclear Power Threatens Offshore Wind Investments
Saudi Arabia Raises Prices of Crude Oil Sold to All Customers in October

-- Got food? --
Stephen King: Scarce resources should give all governments serious food for thought
Pakistan's flooded farms unable to be sown
China has ordered local governments to reduce food prices by raising vegetable production
From North Korea, Word of Shortages, Grudges
"Even if you have money, there's no rice to buy now because the people with rice don't sell."
*A good read. In time we'll all be North Koreans.
Soybeans Jump Most in Seven Weeks on Bets Chinese Consumption to Increase
Mozambique bread riots may be warning sign on African food security

-- Oil disaster --
Hurricanes May Carry Toxic Chemicals from Crude Oil and Dispersant Inland
*As we saw from this item a few days ago, it does not take a hurricane, only ordinary winds.
Overwhelming Majority of Studies Find that Dispersants Slow Growth of Oil-Eating Microbes
BP spill: White House says oil has gone, but Gulf's fishermen are not so sure
Toxic dispersants in Gulf oil spill creating hidden marine crisis (The Ecologist)

-- Environment/health --
Hospital patient infected with new antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Japan)

-- Intelligence/security --
US gov't communications systems were failing on 9/11
"Despite all of the sophisticated hierarchy, sophisticated command and control equipment that we had, at that moment much of it didn't function very well and people instead did whatever they could to communicate messages."

-- UK --
Thousands of claimants have unsecured debts
Street lighting proposals a taste of "tough decisions" to come in county budget

-- US --
Unofficial Problem Bank List Reaches 844
"Destitute Index"
Money can buy happiness — but only up to $75,000
Housing Woes Bring New Cry: Let Market Crash
The Great Ethanol Boondoggle
"Better to drink ethanol than burn it."
Microsoft BPOS down for 90 minutes; second outage in a month
Anti-war groups battle for survival

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