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News Links, November 1, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Hungary to Cut Thousands of State Jobs to Narrow 2011 Budget Deficit Under 3% of GDP
Today's container ships slower than the great clippers
Ireland, Greece Debt Woes Reverse Sovereign Default Swaps Rally
India: Surplus of phones, scarcity of toilets

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
U.S. eyeing Saudi-born bombmaker in parcel bomb plot
Yemen arrests medical student over cargo jet bomb plot
Bomb plot prompts another look at Dubai crash
Suspicious US-bound packages from Yemen: A terrorist test run?
"The package in Britain contained a printer toner cartridge rigged with wires and accompanied by a white powder, although officials later said results from explosives tests were negative."
Seized explosives were viable bombs, officials say
Dubai bomb was flown on passenger planes
China: 'Pakistan is our Israel'
'Massacre' in northern Honduras
French aircraft carrier set to defend Britain breaks down
US firms bid to run Royal Navy nuclear warhead site
Ahmadinejad aide says Iran not ready to talk nuclear
Somali pirates are holding over 435 sailors hostage
Japan Defense Ministry eyes entry into int'l weapons development
Israel's coalition government threatened by walk out
Prolonged Conflicts Cause Permanent Refugees

-- Energy/resources --
Economy puts brakes on nuclear reactor plans (US)
Is US Solar Boom Over Just As It Gets Started? (US)
Ouch! Why your utility bills are soaring (Australia)
380,000 Scots set to be hit by 'scandalous' 9.4% rise in gas prices (UK)
Shortage of Qualified Energy Professionals (US)
Shale gas doesn't change everything
Vietnam partners with Japan to build nuke plant, rare earth mining part of deal
Japan looks to Central Asia for rare earth supply
Iraq Lacks Oil Engineers With Some Key Skills, Consultants Say
Saudis Need Shale to Solve Gas Dilemma

-- Got food? --
Sugar Kisses 30-Year High, Global Corn Production Forecasts Cut

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
China appears able to operate inside U.S. networks for months
Japanese anti-terrorism information leaked
Leaked Japan police data may include bank info at embassies

-- UK --
Housing benefit cut would make London 'unaffordable'
New pension won't feather your Nest

-- US --
The Foreclosure Mess: It's Even Worse in 'Nonjudicial' States
More homeowners are choosing to just walk away
Why Commercial Real Estate Isn't Swamped with Foreclosures: "extend and pretend"
Pfizer recalls Lipitor for a third time since August due to moldy smell
WashPost: War with Iran would rescue economy
Republicans Will Win House, Start Cutting Budget, McCarthy Says
'Politically explosive' study suggests immigrants taking jobs from Americans
Seniors going destitute because of credit card bills
Credit. College. Mortgage: Is Crushing Debt Our 21st Century Slavery?
Pension pain off the charts

Saturday, October 30, 2010


News Links, October 31, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
A Gold Bull and His Prediction: $10,000 an Ounce
Misguided Love Affair with China; China's Massive Monetary Expansion and Crackup Boom
Are Air Cargo Costs About to Go Sky High?

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Mexico caught in bloody anti-drugs war
Clinton says US has a stake in Asian security
ASEAN officials call Russia partner
"At a meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations said it sees Russia as a 'factor of stability' in the region."
Afghanistan says U.S.-Russia raid violated sovereignty
Attack Against Oil Tanker Shows Why Terrorists and Pirates May Join Forces
Russia and India close to sealing fifth-generation fighter collaboration
U.S., Japan Seek Calm With China on Island Dispute
Russia not to re-launch military base in Vietnam

-- Cargo plane bomb plot --
Obama Vows to 'Destroy' al Qaeda in Yemen After Bomb Discovery
Cobra to meet over Yemen explosives alert (UK)
Investigators hunt for mail bombers in Yemen
UAE source: Dubai bomb didn't arrive from Yemen
Yemen arrests mail bomb suspect
Cargo plane bomb plot: Yemen doubts its link to the plot
"The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen."
Yemen packages: what is known so far about 'credible terrorist threat'
PETN explosives detected before terror plot carried out
Saudi Arabia credited with tip that stopped U.S.-bound bombs
Terror bombs were primed to down cargo planes in mid-air
Yemen cargo bomb plot may have been targeted at Britain
Yemen parcel bombmaker believed to be al Qaeda terrorist Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri

-- Energy/resources --
China's Plan To Use Rare Earths As A Weapon
U.S. Defense Department Sees No Rare-Earths Crisis; May Aid U.S. Producers
Bahrain seals gas import deal with Gazprom
The peak oil debate is over (James Schlesinger)

-- Got food? --
5 Dangers to Global Crops That Could Dramatically Reduce the World Food Supply
North Korea Faces 'Alarming' Drought, Declining Food Aid: U.N.

-- Environment/health --
U.S. may end patents on DNA: report

-- UK --
Universal postal service could be dropped by privatised Royal Mail if it becomes too costly
Britons approaching retirement still paying off debt
Universities get power to raise fees to £9,000
Cuts to council budgets threaten care for elderly and disabled
Bleak winter lies ahead as energy firm raises prices

-- US --
Pre-Election Bomb Plot a Political Boost for Obama
Citi: Don't Make The Common Mistake Of Thinking Housing Matters Like It Used To
Marc Faber: Fed's QE2 Could Trigger Market Correction
"Now, with QE2 being largely priced in, anything less than $1 trillion from the Fed would disappoint the markets and may trigger a correction in U.S. stocks, which could result in more quantitative easing."
Is hyperinflation the Fed's goal?
17,000,000 College-Educated Americans Are Wasting Their Degree On Menial Jobs
Foreclosure Freeze Cuts Sales, Supply in Hardest-Hit States
Rise in college costs hits public schools hardest

Friday, October 29, 2010


News Links, October 30, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Tax Shortfalls Spur New Fear on Europe's Recovery
EU approves tough euro zone rules
Europe's Pension Deficits May Provoke Investor Scorn
Europe Inflation Unexpectedly Quickens; Jobless at 12-Year High
India's Major Crisis in Microlending
Opening Doors in India for Wal-Mart
Japanese Production Falls as Deflation Tightens Grip
Japan starts fresh efforts for more efficient public spending
*This is the third round of "budget screening." Cut, cut, cut.
China steel industry squeezed by oversupply, rising costs
Russia's Demographic Timebomb
Bernanke's QE 2 Will Sink Just Like The Titanic (Peter Schiff)
The scary actual U.S. government debt
Asian Electronics Makers Hurt As U.S. TV Market Tunes Out
Gold Will Outlive Dollar Once Slaughter Comes
Dollar-Yen Closes At All Time Low
Dubai Faces Environmental Problems After Growth

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japanese destroyer shoots down mid-range ballistic missile in test with US off Hawaii
Shooting from DPRK's side targets at S Korean base, which returned fire
Source: Moscow won't negotiate Medvedev's trip to Kurils with Tokyo
U.S., Japan Push for Maritime Code as Encounters With China Fan Tensions
China says Japan distorted facts in island dispute; no meeting between Kan, Wen
No Detente: China-Japan Foreign Row Escalates
Sarkozy moving on from pensions as protests flag
Turkey's relationship with west on the line in European missile defence negotiations
China to upgrade civil air defense
Multinational Euro Helo Wing Idea Gains Traction

-- Energy/resources --
Officials Claim Chinese Rare Earth Metals Embargo Expands to Include to U.S. and Europe
U.S. Coal Plants' Growth Beat Wind Energy in Third Quarter, Group Says
Trillions necessary to maintain Russia's oil production

-- Got food? --
The joys of urban beekeeping
Brazil battles spread of 'mad soy disease'

-- Environment/health --
Fishermen Report Louisiana Bays Filled With Oil
Experts say efforts to beat malaria may backfire
The only thing 'green' about NASCAR's switch to corn ethanol is the cash
Jellyfish 'may benefit from ecosystem instability'

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Obama Says Explosives Found In Packages From Yemen Bound For US
The Never-Ending War on Drugs
Brazilians will be forced to use RFID chips and GPS trackers in their cars
Civil Rights Concerns as DHS Formalizes Military Role in 'Civilian Cybersecurity'

-- UK --
Work stress hits people in and out of work
Air tax rise will make family holidays 'unaffordable'
Police being taught to use Facebook to track killers

-- US --
The Federal Reserve Stirs Poltergeist of Hyperinflation, Weimar Collapse
QE2 and the Upcoming Second American Revolution
Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence
Citi SBNH Questions: Just How Bad Is Citi's Repurchase Exposure?
Looking for work with purpose? Stop looking down on manual labor.
The approaching electricity crisis

Thursday, October 28, 2010


News Links, October 29, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Ireland Doubles Budget Savings Target to 15 Billion Euros
Impact Of Rising Shipping Costs Will Likely Reach Vending Supplies Soon
BOJ holds fire and says boosting asset buying an option
BOJ shows gloomier outlook for Japan economy
Japan Risks Being `Totally Behind' in Fighting Deflation as Fed Gears Up
Japan industrial production well below forecast
China's Billionaire Boom
Is hard currency on its way out? Introducing the new virtual world currency.
Dubai property prices 'to go down substantially' – Prince Alwaleed
Fresh doubts cast on future of Dubai's Mall of Arabia
Report: Greece Falling Short of Rescue Package Deficit Goal
G-20 Currency Agreement to Agree Collapses Already

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
E.U. rules let Iran import, export oil, creating possible split from U.S. policy
Five years after riots, Paris suburb is a neglected powder keg
French pension strikes halt flights
French unions stage last-ditch strikes against pension bill
Pakistan government leaves villages wallowing in neglect
Afghan convoy security undermines Afghan security
We've been in Afghanistan, we didn't like it - Russia's NATO envoy
How much is Arctic security worth? (Canada)
U.S. prepares new offer for Iran nuclear talks: report
The Military Radar Systems Market 2010-2020
Syria flouts Lebanon sovereignty, arms militants: U.S.
Britain urges U.S. to take down extremist websites
Mexican drug gangs gain foothold in Guatemalan jungle
China is on path to 'militarization of space'
Sinking Royal Navy Shifts Burden to U.S. Fleet
US Pressing Yemen for More Attacks on al-Qaeda

-- Energy/resources --
Shale Gas—Abundance or Mirage? Why The Marcellus Shale Will Disappoint Expectations
Even If Solar Grows 30X, It Will Only Be 4% Of America's Power Capacity
Gridlock on Chinese Highways Sends Coal to Four-Month High: Energy Markets
Russia, Ukraine fail to agree new gas deal
Putin in Ukraine to Discuss Gas and Nuclear Energy
Saudis Interested in Russian Nuclear Power
Spain May Limit Solar Subsidies by Capping Operating Hours, Official Says
Analysis: Cap and cut fears cast pall on German solar recovery
Why rare earth elements could ignite a global trade war
Venezuela moves more oil exports away from U.S.

-- Got food? --
The food crisis of 2011
"If you think your grocery bill is already high, you ain't seen nothing yet. In fact, we could be just one supply shock away from a full-blown food crisis that would make the price spikes of 2008 look like a happy memory."
The end of cheap food
Cane Ethanol Leader Brazil Considers Using Corn
Root cellar resurgence

-- Environment/health --
Reminders Of BP's Oil Spill Linger Along Gulf Coast
"More than three months since BP stopped its underwater gusher, crews are working to clean hundreds of miles of oiled shoreline from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle."
World Bank to lead economic push on nature protection
Mystery disease kills 51 in India
Bisphenol-A now linked to male infertility

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Military wants to scan communications to find internal threats
Total U.S. intelligence bill revealed for first time -- $80B for 2010

-- UK --
Number facing fuel poverty up 20%
Councils accused of putting lives at risk by turning off street lights in drive to save cash
"Britain's 7.5 million street lights cost about £500million a year to operate. In the largest switch-off to date, Essex County Council has turned off 18,000 of its 220,000, saving about £1.25million a year.
Will there be enough energy to go around this winter?
Six water companies 'fail to hit leakage targets'
Wind farm revolts blamed for dramatic fall in planning approvals
UK boardroom pay leaps 55% in a year
No terror arrests in 100,000 police counter-terror searches, figures show
What Britain's cuts mean for its place in the world

-- US --
Imminent big bank death spiral
Fed seen buying up to $100 billion in assets a month: poll
Employers in U.S. Start Bracing for Higher Tax Withholding
A scary scenario: What if a U.S. state defaults?
Is Crime Making A Comeback? 12 Crime Statistics That Make You Wonder What Is Happening To America
Ind. parents told to drop disabled kids at shelters
Two Million Jobless To Lose Benefits By January Unless Congress Acts
Foreclosure activity up across most metro areas
Sin City is still foreclosure central - RealtyTrac
Unexpected Cities See More Homes Go Back to the Bank
Roubini: The Obama Presidency Is Heading For A Fiscal Trainwreck
Govt. "Diverging from Reality", U.S. "At Risk of Downward Spiral," Sachs Warns
Gold vs. the Fed -- the record is clear (WSJ via GATA)

And finally... Mohammed, Britain's Most Popular Boy's Name In 2009

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


News Links, October 28, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Portugal Budget Discussions Break Down, Government Collapse Imminent
Greece Caught Lying By Eurostat Again, As Budget Deficit Revised From 3% Initially To Over 15% Of GDP
Dip in air cargo reflects slowing global recovery
Deutsche Bank: China's Property Transactions Are Feeling The Pain Of New Restrictions
China Loans This Year to Exceed Government Target, State Researcher Writes
Abu Dhabi Sees Slower Growth, Lower 2030 Population
Anglo offer on subordinated debt 'tantamount to default'
Nordic Central Banks Succumb to Global Risks as Fast Tightening Abandoned
Dearth of infrastructure engineers in KSA
China Commerce Ministry Says Country Should Buy More Gold, Diversify Dollar Holdings
Bill Gross Calls Fed "Most Brazen" Of All Ponzi Schemes, Says 30 Year Bond Market Is Ending, Compares US Economy To Black Hole
J.P. Morgan, HSBC sued for silver manipulation

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
All night march over waste dump in Italy
Drones spur Yemenis' distrust of government and U.S.
Russia wants troop limit in new NATO states: report
China to expand fleet to patrol disputed seas
Japan, U.S. should adopt comprehensive China strategy: report
Mexican hitmen kill 15 in latest massacre
Every cop in town quits after Mexico attack
U.K., German military purchases cut
French jets on British carriers?
Spain discusses arms sales to Saudi Arabia
"Among the top items on Prince Khalid bin Sultan's agenda are discussions to purchase 'more than 200' tanks for Saudi Arabia."
Indian Navy To Boost Contact With Littoral Countries
Russia denies deal to sell jets to Syria

-- Energy/resources --
Alaska's untapped oil reserves estimate lowered by about 90 percent
Soaring coal prices set to hit power generators (China)
"Many of the State-owned power companies are suffering a 50 percent loss this year."
Reductions But No China Rare Earth Embargo To U.S. And EU: Molycorp CEO
EU, U.S. Grapple With Crunch In Rare Earth Supplies
Gold, Energy, and the Problem of Capital Storage
Argentina to start uranium enrichment next year
Peak Oil — Where Do We Stand?
India to consume 2 billion tonne of coal in next 20 years

-- Got food? --
Rice Sales Halted by Thailand, Biggest Exporter, as Floods Damage Output
N.Korea's Food Shortage Estimated at 1 Million Tons
Hot Potato in China's Rising Food Costs

-- Environment/health --
New superbug hits mainland China
Superbug infection in Brazil hospitals kills 18
Brazil's Amazon Region Suffers Severe Drought
Bedbugs join the UN
BP dispersants 'causing sickness' (gruesome Al Jazeera investigation)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
One EMP burst and the world goes dark
"The sky erupts. Cities darken, food spoils and homes fall silent. Civilization collapses."
Russia plans color-coded anti-terror alerts
Tracking devices used in school badges (US)

-- US --
Fiscal disaster set to explode: States' unemployment bill has come due
Haunting Images Of Post-Boom Las Vegas
New EPA rules will erode power grid reliability, report finds
Recession officially over, use of food stamps stays at record high
Business investment boom is fading
Fed Gears Up for Stimulus
Stiglitz: TARP Returns a "Drop in the Bucket" Compared to Damage Done
Treasury Bond Bubble about to POP!
US Firms Hoard Almost $1 Trillion Cash: Moody's
The US Should Return To Silver Coinage Immediately
"Fiat money in the US is in an advanced stage of decomposition."
Socialism? The Rich Are Winning the US Class War
Most Senators Are Millionaires -- And Getting Richer
New Jersey's Gov. Christie kills ARC Tunnel project dead
Essential drugs running low across the US
*Yet another sign of systemic breakdown; recall these two items.
More than half of Americans have concerns about making their rent or mortgage
Fed Easing Is Likely to Start With $500 Billion: Cohen
Banks May Face $97 Billion Loss From Mortgage Mess
Cotton Prices Highest Since US Civil War
Why are airline profits soaring?
Economy is running out of gas

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


News Links, October 27, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Oil and The Death of Globalization (Jeff Rubin video)
Nissan COO: 'Huge Sense of Crisis' Over Strong Yen
German boom creates ECB policy nightmare as south lags
Robert Rubin sees systemic risk in trillions
Shrinking Bank Revenue Signals Dawn of `Worst' Decade of Growth
South Africa's Jobless Rate Little Changed at 25.3% as Recovery Falters
Follow The Money
EU's Single-Sky Plan 'At Risk'
Desperate Italians abandon search for work
Top 3 Japan banks' April-Sept net profits expected to total Y1 tril yen
Japan Cabinet OKs ¥5.1 trillion extra budget
Greece Back In Spotlight With Spreads Surging After Latest Bank Of Greece Report Shows Major Contraction
Asia, Middle East institutions to create 'mega' Islamic bank
'Lebanon will sit on its gold'

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Pakistan army blockades anti-Taliban tribe in Kurram
For Saudis, U.S. arms deal is a challenge
US ramps up task forces in Sudan in preparation for civil war
Think Tank Weighs in on U.S.-Japan Security
U.N. votes against U.S. embargo on Cuba for 19th year
Gazprom to Supply Fuel to the Manas Transit Center
Anti-Japan protest draws hundreds in SW China

-- Energy/resources --
IEA: Unclear If Oil Reserve Growth Will Contribute to Future Supply
Pakistan's donors seek 200% hike in power prices
China Raises Fuel Prices to Help Cool Economy, Conserve Energy
Chinese Airlines to Raise Fuel Surcharges From Today, Business Daily Says
West Grapples With Chinese Hold on Rare Earth Supplies
Rare Earth Shortages Hit Germany
Obama's riding the (cellulosic) ethanol pony—here's why he should buck the trend
Vestas to close five wind turbine plants
*Another episode in the saga of the declining renewable energy industry.
Russian, China swap loans for coal
Pennsylvania Halts New Leases for NatGas Drilling to protect forests
Japan government plans bill to ban foreigners' undersea exploration in EEZ
Curtain Being Pulled Back from The Oz of Gas Shales

-- Got food? --
Industrial farming puts ecosystems at risk of collapse, warns Prince Charles
Urban farming, redux

-- Environment/health --
Million-dollar beds fuel Madagascar timber crisis
Animals Face Extinction Threat as Conservation Efforts Slow, Report Says

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Hi-tech criminals target Vietnam
Will WikiLeaks nudge US toward tougher laws to guard secrets?
Communications Dropped to 50 Nuke Missiles in ICBM SNAFU (US)
U.S. Legislators Debate Internet 'Kill Switch' for President

-- UK --
Police in training for 'Mumbai-style' gun attack in UK
Generation of young people could turn to crime as jobs go, warns police chief

-- US --
Economists: Are we headed for civil war?
"Could recession really lead to armed warfare? 'Zero Hedge' expects a civil war, does TIME agree?"
Fraudclosure Update: The Crowd Is Getting Restless
Mortgages to Drop Below $1 Trillion in 2011 to Least Since 1996
How Did the Banks Get Away With Pledging Mortgages to Multiple Buyers?
The Fiscal Disaster Set to Explode in December
Marc Faber Expects Market Sell Off On QE2 Announcement
Insider Selling Volume at Highest Level Ever Tracked
Mexican cartel's founding members trained at Fort Bragg: report
More Easing Could Be Dangerous: Fed's Hoenig
Federal Reserve 'Terrified' of Deflation: El-Erian
U.S. Perceived as More Corrupt as Financial Crisis Dims Public Confidence
Fed's `Pit Bull' Takes on Bank of America in BuyBack Battle
More Pain, Less Gain: S&P/Case-Shiller Preview
Jeremy Grantham's Latest Is Out, And It Stars Bernanke As A Zombie Hellbent On Destroying The Economy (the graphic is a scream)
In US, a job means less than it used to, more emphasis on home and family
Army Copters to Start 'Flying Over Your Neighborhood'
"Most importantly, new communications equipment gets the Lakota talking with the police patrol car below."
Making Do With Less is the 'New Retirement'
18 years of new condo supply remains unsold in South Beach
Calif. Borrows $6.7 Billion Cash From JPMorgan-Led Group
Alaska and energy (a grim assessment by Richard Heinberg)
Want to get away with murder? Become a bank. (CNN-Fortune)
Banks spend big to sell credit cards to students
Luxury buying on rise, as jobless not spending

Monday, October 25, 2010


News Links, October 26, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Dollar at Risk of Becoming 'Toxic Waste': Charts
Dollar sinks to fresh 15-year low vs. yen
Dollar doldrums: No end in sight
A European lynch mob is coming for Bank of America
China CPI increase sparks worries
French strikes costing economy up to £350 million a day
Supertankers Face Two-Year Losing Streak as Frontline Shuns Oil
"Supertanker owners are facing the longest stretch of unprofitable rates in 17 years as the supply of new vessels increases nine times faster than demand for oil."
Middle East supertanker income climbs most in eight sessions
PIMCO's El-Erian: Greece Will Default In 3 Years
Massive Inflation in China, US Inflation Nonexistent
Germany's Allies Shocked by Euro Zone Backdown

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Kyrgyzstan's uncertain future looms over fate of U.S. air base
Japan protests over Chinese boats near disputed Senkaku islands
Strikers restore blockade at French fuel depot
Saudi Arabia to Order 180 New Helicopters for a New National Guard Aviation Regiment
Witness: Attack at Mexico rehab center kills 13
Karzai confirms report of cash payments from Iran
Will US naval power sink?
With Ukraine's blessing, Russia to beef up its Black Sea Fleet
US to build £8bn super base on Pacific island of Guam

-- Energy/resources --
Spain To Up Biofuel Mix In Fuels To 6.1 Pct By 2013
Green Palm Oil Output Must Rise 5-Fold By 2015: AAK
The End of Oil's Golden Age
Gazprom May Join the Turkmenistan to India Gas Pipeline Project
Unsavory Facts About Wind Energy
Iran set to load fuel to core of first atomic plant
Iran says to sign $5 bln gas deal
Iran crude storage at sea falls on Asia demand
More Nuclear Power Problems in Japan

-- Got food? --
Global food crisis forecast as prices reach record highs

-- Oil disaster --
Research teams find oil on bottom of Gulf

-- Environment/health --
Yemen's capital 'will run out of water by 2025
Study alleges cordless, cellular phones can cause heart irregularities

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
RiotBot -- Armed for Close Combat
Air Force manual describes shadowy cyberwar world

-- UK --
More than six out of 10 households are worried about the cost of their energy bills this winter
Police raid homes in copper theft crackdown
Households 'shun new borrowing'
London Skyscrapers to Resume Climb

-- US --
French protests, British austerity give U.S. glimpse of its future
Is this all the rebound the stimulus bought us?
U.S. "Falling Into the Chasm" as Politicians Ignore $1.3T Elephant in the Room
Economy could cause population drop (Nevada; and where will they go?)
Facing Budget Cuts, Minn. Schools Consider Ads On School Lockers
Employment in Washington, D.C., grew faster than any state in September.
US military beats out Disney as happy place to work
Foreclosure Problems Could Be 'Very Damaging' To Housing Market, FDIC Chief Says
America's New Gilded Age
Sold Out $329,000 Porsche Shows Recession, Obama Not Hurting Rich
Food Prices Expected to Rise Sharply
Files Reveal FBI Tracked Wellstone Early; Aided Inquiry Into 2002 Crash
Insider Selling To Buying Update: 229 To 1
"At least insiders continue to benefit from ever more irrational prices in stocks from which they can bail at increasingly loftier levels."
The Social Security Revolt of 2011
"In some respects, the head of the Federal Reserve can be viewed as a sort of Witch Doctor, or Shaman. When the Shaman's powers are perceived as strong, all is well."
Bill Black On Foreclosuregate: Calls For The Immediate Termination Of Bernanke, Geithner And Holder
Goldman Issuing $250 Million Notes At 6.25%, 50 Year Maturity
An Interactive Look At America's Poor
Tax Data Show Richest 1 Percent Took a Hit in 2008, But Income Remained Highly Concentrated at the Top
Coping with poor, confused consumers

And finally... Scientists try to determine if reality is an illusion
French officials to use sat nav to track doggy doo

Sunday, October 24, 2010


News Links, October 25, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
More Chinese power and wealth if Geithner gets his way
Geithner keeps pressure on China after G20 finance meeting
Niall Ferguson Explains Why Keynesian Policies Are Dooming The World Economy To Round After Round Of Asset Bubbles
18 million jobs needed in poorer MENA countries: IMF
Trouble ahead for KSA?
Prices in Abu Dhabi at 21-month high
Bulgaria's Road Construction Freezes in 2011

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Afghan warlords prepare to rearm as Taliban arrive for peace talks in Kabul
Taliban peace talks with Hamid Karzai are 'mostly hype'
Iran Is Said to Give Top Karzai Aide Cash by the Bagful
Suspected Pirates Board Singapore-Registered LPG Vessel off Kenyan Coast
Rubbish piles up in Naples as waste dump is put on hold due to violent protests
EU to Italy: Clean up Naples trash or face fines
Japan's Security Situation Getting More Severe: Japan PM
Chinese anti-Japan demonstrations continue to spread

-- Energy/resources --
Is the 'bidding game' on for oil reserves estimates? (Read in conjunction with following item.)
OPEC Will Never Run Out Of Oil
Holidays to suffer as French petrol pumps run short
Our biofuel future: The bitter taste of land grabs and hunger
Japan Trade Minister Urges China To Normalize Rare Earth Exports
France Gets a Foretaste of a World After Peak Oil

-- Got food? --
APEC food security measures are timely
North Korea heads for 'chronic' new food crisis: UN
Abu Dhabi Consumer Prices Rise to 3.8% in September as Food Costs Increase
Cargill Planning to Build Biodiesel Plant in Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul
Pirates seize 2 ships off Kenya
Pakistan resists U.S. push to expand terror fight
Why Monsanto is paying farmers to spray its rivals' herbicides

-- Oil disaster --
Gulf Oil Spill: Mission Accomplished or Ongoing Crisis?

-- Environment/health --
Sorry, New York Times: The bee die-off case is not closed

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Official says US government is helpless against fake security certifications
Booz Allen Hamilton staffers go to cybersecurity school
Body scanners unveiled at JFK Airport; Homeland Security Sect. Janet Napolitano doesn't volunteer

-- UK --
Councils plan for exodus of poor families from London
"More than 200,000 may leave capital in 'social cleansing'"
Cuts could cost billions for voluntary sector
Violent battle feared as 1,000 travellers are to be evicted from UK's biggest gipsy site
'Pupil premium' means school cuts elsewhere, says education secretary
Report: Britain plans huge sell-off of forests in bid to cut deficit

-- US --
Goldman: The Fed Needs To Print $4 Trillion In New Money
Lawsuit Alleges that MERS Owes California a Potential $60-120 Billion in Unpaid Land-Recording Fees
Fannie, Freddie bailout may cost $363B
The Subprime Debacle, Part 2: New Testimony Reveals Citigroup Knew Exactly What Crap It Was Selling
Home Prices Double Dip in "Sudden Dramatic Drop"; 20% More to Come says Gary Shilling
The US Equity Market Is Dead And Only The Taxpayer Is Still Buying
"The risks intrinsic to a corrupted market have been shifted to the taxpayers, while the criminals who profited from the fraud and embezzlement got away scot-free."
Making al-Qaida 'look tame': Mexico's 'war next door' linked directly to United States
"Federal authorities say Mexican traffickers are now entrenched in at least 270 American cities, running sophisticated and disciplined networks that not only bring the drugs in, but also ship truckloads of cash back to Mexico."
Retired and broke: Why retirees are declaring bankruptcy
Senate unlikely to follow House on yuan
Study: Surgery on wrong patients, body parts persists (Another sign of systemic breakdown)
Related item from August 17: Drug recalls surge
California Cut 37,000 Government Jobs in September; Much More to Come
For many, gamble lost in once-booming Las Vegas

And finally... For the millionaire who has everything, the diamond-encrusted saucepan
The New York Times Torture Euphemism Generator!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


News Links, October 25, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
One in five in Spain live in poverty
Branson dedicates spaceport runway in US desert
G-20 Pledges to Avoid Devaluations in Push to Defuse Global Trade Tensions
G20 summit agrees to reform IMF
BOJ Said to Consider Buying Lower-Rated Corporate Debt to Ease Credit Cost
France austerity measures
Globalization Weakens World's Economy, Researchers Show
The Return of Globalization (Foreign Policy)
"The foundations of globalization are at risk." (Gasp!)
'Millionaire fair' opens in Russia
Germany Accuses US of Indirectly Manipulating Dollar
EU will spend £33 million on new quangos despite cutbacks across Europe
A Pyrrhic Victory in France
New Mortgage Crisis In Iceland: Could U.S. Be Far Behind?
Salarymen feeling pressure of elderly care (Japan)
Dubai residential property oversupply will take 5 years to clear – Nakheel CEO
Malaysia's new 100-story skyscraper project meets with widespread dismay
"Some 17 percent of the property around the Twin Towers is estimated to be vacant."

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Marseille close to standstill as worst strikes in 15 years cause French chaos
Gallery: France on strike
U.S. Pushing To Expand CIA Operations In Pakistan
Iran to Pare Food, Gas Subsidies
NYT: Iran financing Karzai's government
U.N. Compound Attacked in Afghanistan
High-level Chinese military delegation in N. Korea
Anti-Immigrant Cracks In Germany's Fragile Diversity
The End of American Power — Again
New US Cyber Strategy Out Soon
"150,000 troops eliminate mere 0.2 per cent of drug production in Afghanistan"

-- Energy/resources --
Iran says oil exports rising despite sanctions
JPMorgan says any setback in oil is a signal to buy
New Rules for Tapping Africa's Abundant Oil
"The oil fields are tempting, the governments hard to deal with."

-- Got food? --
Russia halts grain exports until next year
The cost of a global food chain

-- Environment/health --
Haiti cholera death toll rises as outbreak spreads towards Port au Prince

-- Oil disaster --
Health effects of Gulf oil spill six months later
Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Chemical Weapons, Iranian Agents and Massive Death Tolls Exposed in WikiLeaks' Iraq Docs
Five bombshells from WikiLeaks' Iraq war documents
Wikileaks hacked by 'very skilled' attackers prior to Iraq doc release
Russian law puts new limits on protest
UAE opens naval base to guard oil exports

-- UK --
Care cuts 'will see hospital beds fill up'
Unions rally against public spending cuts
David Kelly: case closed

-- US --
Are suburbs the new slums?
How housing market might muddle through new foreclosure crisis
Middle class is being 'hollowed out' by technology and globalization
One Chart That Shows Why Bernanke Will Do Everything In His Power To Keep Rates Low
Kansas City area bank fails with bad loans
Gary Shilling On Why Underwater Homeowners Will Double From 23% to 40% Shortly
California Pension Promises May Top Taxes by Fivefold, Milken Study Finds
Foreign Cenbank Holdings of US Obligations Weekly Update — to October 20, 2010
Physical Supply Shortages in Silver
Most Americans Say Profiling is Necessary in Today's Society

Friday, October 22, 2010


News Links, October 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
G-20 Unlikely to End Talk of 'Currency Wars'
Special Report: The haves, the have-nots and the dreamless dead
Bondholder `Immunity' to Losses Challenged as Irish Bail Banks
Here's Why China Loses Whether The Dollar Strengthens Or Weakens
In Major Reversal, Japan Now 'Firmly on Board' with US Economic Proposal
The US Dollar Is Doomed
"The US economy is swimming in debt and the total obligations (including social security, Medicare and Medicaid) now come in at around 800% of GDP!"
Japan Households Save More, Shun Risky Financial Products: Poll
Half of Yemen graduates unemployed: Report
Ireland Braces for Austerity Amid Public Finance Crisis

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
U.S. officials, experts: No high-level Afghan peace talks under way
Afghan insurgents dismiss peace talks, NATO upbeat
More Tibetan students 'take to streets over reforms'
U.S. cuts aid to Pakistan's alleged death squads
U.S. sway dwindles in Iraq
Power Shifting from West to Asia and Latin America
Influence Of Israel's Leftist Peace Movement Wanes
Peace with Palestinians would help U.S. on Iran: Peres
Thwarted by NATO navies, monsoon weather, pirates look to South China Sea
Senior PLA officer reiterates peaceful resolution to South China Sea issue
Oil and Empire: The Great Game of Geopolitics
Many Chinese set to stage anti-Japan protests this weekend

-- Energy/resources --
Honey, I Shrunk the Renaissance: Nuclear Revival, Climate Change & Reality
Japan, Vietnam to Co-Develop Rare Earths: Report
Rare Earth in BlackBerry to Prius Underscores Alarm Over Supply
Japan eyes sending seismic ship to verify China's gas drilling
Peabody sees Chinese coal imports surging in 5 yrs
European Renewables Industry Staggered First by Recession, Now by Budget Cuts

-- Got food? --
Farmers Hurt As Pressure On Arable Land Grows: U.N.
"Land purchases by foreign investors in poor countries and the growing use of biofuels are boosting pressures on agricultural farmland and helping make 500 million small farmers hungry."
Go vegetarian to save planet, scientists tell Government

-- Environment/health --
Horror rotting disease hits Uganda
Draft's approval clears way for entire COP10 to OK 'satoyama'
Cold snap expected in China

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Netflix Suffers Big Outage As Stock Hits New Peak
WikiLeaks' 400,000 Iraq War Documents Reveal Torture, Civilian Deaths
China activists plan WikiLeaks-style site
What the Internet Knows About You
Invisible DNA body spray technology may soon be installed at a business near you

-- UK --
Rupert Murdoch backs Britain's austerity measures
UK rail network 'at risk' from climate change

-- US --
Republican congressional candidate says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'
Will Fed buy Treasuries for an extended period?
"One hundred billion here, one hundred billion there. Pretty soon we're talking real money."
1.2 Million Will Lose Benefits By Year's End Unless Congress Acts
Big public works projects a hard sell in U.S.
"Infrastructure spending stands at half of what it was in 1960."
It's Still All About Housing
"Without housing the financial system is essentially toast. The size of the mortgage market is around $10 trillion according to the last figures I saw which is close to 100% of our annual GDP."
Big banks deep in foreclosure risks
Robo-signing: Just the start of bigger problems
Food Stamp Usage Soars Among Working Families
Why California is About to Fall Off Into an Ocean of Unpayable Debt
Cash-strapped governments ramping up tax-collection efforts
75 Ways That The Government And The Financial Elite Will Be Sucking Even More Of The Life Blood Out Of The American People In 2011
College grads: $24,000 in debt
More 401(k) savers take loans
Costly virtual border fence in tatters
Bank Failures Hit Florida, Georgia; total for year is 135

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