Sunday, October 31, 2010


News Links, November 1, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Hungary to Cut Thousands of State Jobs to Narrow 2011 Budget Deficit Under 3% of GDP
Today's container ships slower than the great clippers
Ireland, Greece Debt Woes Reverse Sovereign Default Swaps Rally
India: Surplus of phones, scarcity of toilets

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
U.S. eyeing Saudi-born bombmaker in parcel bomb plot
Yemen arrests medical student over cargo jet bomb plot
Bomb plot prompts another look at Dubai crash
Suspicious US-bound packages from Yemen: A terrorist test run?
"The package in Britain contained a printer toner cartridge rigged with wires and accompanied by a white powder, although officials later said results from explosives tests were negative."
Seized explosives were viable bombs, officials say
Dubai bomb was flown on passenger planes
China: 'Pakistan is our Israel'
'Massacre' in northern Honduras
French aircraft carrier set to defend Britain breaks down
US firms bid to run Royal Navy nuclear warhead site
Ahmadinejad aide says Iran not ready to talk nuclear
Somali pirates are holding over 435 sailors hostage
Japan Defense Ministry eyes entry into int'l weapons development
Israel's coalition government threatened by walk out
Prolonged Conflicts Cause Permanent Refugees

-- Energy/resources --
Economy puts brakes on nuclear reactor plans (US)
Is US Solar Boom Over Just As It Gets Started? (US)
Ouch! Why your utility bills are soaring (Australia)
380,000 Scots set to be hit by 'scandalous' 9.4% rise in gas prices (UK)
Shortage of Qualified Energy Professionals (US)
Shale gas doesn't change everything
Vietnam partners with Japan to build nuke plant, rare earth mining part of deal
Japan looks to Central Asia for rare earth supply
Iraq Lacks Oil Engineers With Some Key Skills, Consultants Say
Saudis Need Shale to Solve Gas Dilemma

-- Got food? --
Sugar Kisses 30-Year High, Global Corn Production Forecasts Cut

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
China appears able to operate inside U.S. networks for months
Japanese anti-terrorism information leaked
Leaked Japan police data may include bank info at embassies

-- UK --
Housing benefit cut would make London 'unaffordable'
New pension won't feather your Nest

-- US --
The Foreclosure Mess: It's Even Worse in 'Nonjudicial' States
More homeowners are choosing to just walk away
Why Commercial Real Estate Isn't Swamped with Foreclosures: "extend and pretend"
Pfizer recalls Lipitor for a third time since August due to moldy smell
WashPost: War with Iran would rescue economy
Republicans Will Win House, Start Cutting Budget, McCarthy Says
'Politically explosive' study suggests immigrants taking jobs from Americans
Seniors going destitute because of credit card bills
Credit. College. Mortgage: Is Crushing Debt Our 21st Century Slavery?
Pension pain off the charts

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