Saturday, October 09, 2010


News Links, October 10, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Black market to bolster GDP?
"The EU's pollster, Eurostat, is to start measuring the GDP of Poland and other European countries by including black market activity such as prostitution, drug production as well as smuggling activity."
Vaclav Smil's theories on globalization and energy consumption have wide influence
Five (metal) alternatives to gold
Global finance leaders fail to resolve deep differences that threaten full-blown currency war
Japan Fin Min Renews Threat Of Forex Intervention
Turkey, China to shun dollar in trade with each other
It's Time for a 21st Century Gold Standard (Fox News)
Global doors slam shut on immigrants
Central Bankers' Global Race to the Bottom
The 19 Countries Most Likely To Default: Ireland Surges Higher
George Soros warns China of global 'currency war'
Iran inflation reaches 8.9 pct

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Nato tankers torched in new attack in Pakistan
Pakistan Will Open Key Afghan Border Crossing for NATO Supplies
Red sludge only latest Hungarian calamity
Kyrgyzstan votes in landmark election
Kyrgyzstan Has Become an Ungovernable Country
Germany to do away with U.S. nukes?
NATO Commander: New Europe Threat Justifies Afghan War

-- Energy/resources --
'Extraordinary' measures required for South Africa to avoid blackouts from 2011 to 2016
World Crude Oil Demand May Reach 94 Million Barrels Per Day by 2017
Looming energy shortage threatens systems (Canada)
Upgrading electricity network cost €150m in overruns (Ireland)
Opec 'unlikely to boost output'
The End of Oil As We Know It (PR Newswire)
"ASPO-USA Foresees Dramatic Decline in Oil Production, Calls for Strong Measures to Mitigate Impending Energy Crisis"
Cnooc Signs $1 Billion LNG Contract With GDF
Russia Makes Major Headway with South Stream Pipeline
Bulgaria plans caps on new green energy assets
"Bulgaria plans to put limits on new renewable energy assets to avoid a spike in sensitive energy prices and a collapse of its aging power grid."
UAE's major oil pipeline faces 6-month delay
China and India to lift world coking coal price
Book Review: Power Hungry
Natural gas price seen as too low to sustain production

-- Got food? --
Where will our food come from if American food production shuts down?
"Food production in America is fast shutting down. Where will our food come from?"

-- Environment/health --
Hungary fears new leak from toxic sludge reservoir
Dead Sea to be topped up by Red Sea water
Bangladesh storms make nearly half million homeless

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
EU calls Stuxnet 'paradigm shift' as U.S. responds more mildly
From Targets of Opportunity to Ground Zero
European Parliament Balks at US Data Deals

-- UK --
Disabled people and carers face '£9bn welfare cut'
Intensive care 'disaster' warning
Rise in surgery on wrong body parts
Chris Huhne: Winter fuel allowance could be cut
Millions of homes could become uninsurable if Government cuts flood defence spending
The Price-To-Earnings Ratio Says UK Housing Could Easily Lose Another Third Of Its Value
Violence flares at English Defence League protest in Leicester

-- US --
Food stamps keep climbing, now cost the government $5.6 billion per month
Quantitative Easing May Not Revive The U.S. Economy (Forbes)
The risks of an aging water infrastructure
"Every day, nearly 1,500 water mains break across the country."
Race Baiting Now An Official Policy Tool Of The US Bankers
Impending Banking Crisis: And You Thought Last Time Was Bad
Job Losses in U.S. Exceed Forecasts After Local Governments Fire Teachers
"Biggest Fraud In The History Of Capital Markets"
Jobless After 50? You May Be Out of Luck
More Bad News: 10 Things You Should Know About The Latest Economic Numbers
Has Texas passed the Peak?

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