Monday, October 11, 2010


News Links, October 12, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Southern Spain Tries to Cope With Economic Downturn
Ireland Relies on Treasury Cash to Avoid Greece-Style Rescue
IMF Can Give Greece More Time to Repay Loan: Strauss-Kahn
Dollar's drop is more than a passing trend
Economic update to expose Harper's budget dilemma
"And, as the update will show, the government's options are constrained because Ottawa's cupboard is bare."
Gold Gains, Silver Touches 30-Year High on Demand for Currency Alternative
Gold coins and quantitative easing (Daily Reckoning)
Bad loans expected to weigh on banks (UAE)
China Trade Surplus Poised to Cap Biggest Quarter Since Crisis
China raises big banks' reserve ratio
Stocks have nowhere to go but down (Fortune)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Iranian Officials Warn of Unrest Tied to Subsidy Cuts
Gates Says U.S. Committed to Asian Security Amid China Claims
Afghan President Karzai confirms Taliban 'contacts'
Handful Of Americans Play Key Roles In Terrorism Threat
Mayors Are New Targets In Mexico's Deadly Drug War
What Are China's Military Intentions in Central Asia?
China, Thailand hold joint military drill
World's military projects dominate space
ASEAN Defense Ministers Meets In Hanoi, Discuss Security Cooperation
Japan, U.S. affirm cooperation on disputed Senkaku Islands
Al-Qaida in North Africa seen as key Europe threat

-- Energy/resources --
Norway Expects Rising Crude Demand, Steady Oil Price
Rare Earth Elements Part 1: The Seventeen Metals Crunch
Marseille Oil Terminal Strikes Continue a 15th Day; Fuel Shipped Overland
Nuclear Road Trip: Shipping Uranium A Complex Task
Chinese Firm Tests US With Chesapeake Shale Deal
The Promise of Fusion: Energy Miracle or Mirage?

-- Got food? --
Meat Market Corn Crunch Means Costliest Beef in Quarter Century
Hunger index shows one billion without enough food
29 countries' hunger levels "alarming": report

-- Environment/health --
Bedbug invasion is turning into big business
"We are on the threshold of a bedbug pandemic, not just in the United States, but around the world."

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
New Web Code Draws Concern Over Risks to Privacy
"The alarmists have not seen anything yet."

-- UK --
Britain has most 'workless households' in EU
Rich getting richer as the poor suffer
Re-Wiring Britain for Low-Carbon Future Will Cost £32bn – Ofgem

-- US --
Senior citizens brace for Social Security freeze
Cops, Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Out in Full Force for Operation RailSafe
Dallas-area officials watching red-light camera backlash in other Texas cities
Television Blackouts in U.S. Reach Decade-High Over Fee Fights
Quantitative easing has already started
The Fed's QE2 — Speeding Our Demise
Hussman: The Economy Is A Ponzi, And The Market's Only Hope Is That The Bubble Continues
Xenophobia and the economy
Now Goldman Sachs Is Freezing Foreclosures
Foreclosure Halt 'Catastrophic' to Investors Says Group
`Catastrophic' Foreclosure Halt Meets Wall Street, White House Opposition
Surprise -- The Very Dark Side of U.S. History
Big New Push For DoD Cuts
Obama Says `Crumbling' Infrastructure Hinders Growth
Jobs: The Going Gets Tougher
The Rise And Fall Of The Shadow Banking System
*A good read. Illustrates the makings of a disaster in plain language.
2 Big 2 Foreclose--Is The Subprime End Game Approaching?
US Drops From First To Seventh In Average Wealth Per Adult

And finally... Seasoned skipper runs yacht onto rocks while teaching female friend to night sail

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