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News Links, October 14, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China's World-Record Currency Reserves Rose to $2.65 Trillion in September
Chairman Mao Never Left Board as Communists Dominate China Inc.
Japan's Central Bank Threatens To Buy Up Even More Stocks, Bonds, And Real Estate
Getting a grip on property ladder (China)
*This is grim. I'm surprised the official media are so frank. Or is it really much worse?
Office rents in Puxi rise the fastest in 2 years (China)
Distressed-Asset Fire Sales Loom In Japan
Shortest route likely for Tokyo-Osaka maglev train line
*The shortest route to save money, but it will never be built.
The illusion of modern money (Bill Bonner)
Seoul Property Owners Watch Prices Sink Even as Economy Soars
Illegal Immigrants' Inconvenient Truth Shows No Nation Can Do Without Them
Dubai's Worst Office Buildings Will Be Empty Forever, CBRE Says
Why the IMF Meetings Failed - And the Coming Capital Controls
"Finance has become the new form of warfare – without the expense of military overhead and an occupation against unwilling hosts."
Last Gasp of the Fiat Money Regime
Gold Surges To Fresh Record Spot Of $1,367.65 On Report China To Put More Reserves Into Gold
Commodity prices go bonkers

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad welcomed as hero in Lebanon
Ahmadinejad denounces US 'colonial goals' at Hezbollah rally
China offers Taiwan military dialogue, island wary
Uganda, America's Pit Bull, Wants to Lead a Larger War in Somalia
In Italy, local politics appears to drive latest round of Roma Gypsy expulsions
Egypt grants passage to Gaza convoy
U.K. in the race to sell Brazil warships
French rail workers vote to extend strike: unions
Mexico: Assassins on the 'Cheap'
Pakistan Army Planning Assault on Al-Qaeda Terror `Epicenter,' Mullen Says
Japan political party protests Google's listing of Chinese names for Senkakus on maps

-- Energy/resources --
World Must Tackle Water-Shortage Threat: Adviser
Copper-Treatment Fees for Smelters in China Triple on Rising Scrap Supply
Iraq Oil Is 'Game Changer'
"To achieve those levels, Iraq needs to repair its infrastructure, overcome a water shortage and improve its parlous security situation."
Yokohama douses streetlights, curtails weed-mowing along highway (Japan; link in Japanese)
Merkel's Ongoing Fight to Extend Coal Subsidies
French warned not to panic buy petrol as strikes continue
Supertanker rates rise a third day on signs ship glut shrinking
OPEC may leave quota unchanged, push for compliance

-- Got food? --
Rising corn prices also affect ethanol, cattle
Run over by the Grain Train

-- Environment/health --
Western lifestyles plundering tropics at record rate, WWF report shows
Fewer Kids Get Vaccinated As Parents Worry About Side Effects (US)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
The secret cyber war between India and China accelerates (India Daily)
*A lot of accusations flying here. This tells us more about Indian sentiment than about the actual situation.
Inside the Pentagon's cyber war games
Number of Cyber Attacks Against Australian Military Networks Spiked in 2010
Defense Department's data center footprint largest in US government
Two million US PCs recruited to botnets

-- UK --
U.K. Jobless Benefit Claims Rise by Most in Eight Months; Confidence Drops
52,000 Welsh job losses forecast in public sector cuts
Spending cuts 'risk 1m UK jobs'
Suffolk street lights set to go out to save cash
Council pensions cost families £300 a year
Middle classes hit again with tax raid on pensions

-- US --
"At the Root of the Crisis We Find the Largest Financial Swindle in World History", Where "Counterfeit" Mortgages Were "Laundered" by the Banks
Banks 'hired hair stylists' to vet foreclosures
The Unraveling of the Empire of Finance Capital
Does Wall Street Have Fed 'On the Hook' For More Easing?
'No Way Out' (of the recession), especially for the poorest
US Utility Companies to Meet Clean Energy Targets with Nuclear and Coal?
EPA Expected to OK More Ethanol in Gas
Evicted family breaks locks, reclaims home
California's budget crisis: What happens when the pixie dust runs out?
Wal-Mart to add small U.S. stores
Winter heating bills expected to rise
Chinese High Rollers Invest in US Real Estate
JPMorgan Says Real Estate Could Wipe Out $3 Billion
Americans See Children's Future Dim in Poll as 50% Pessimistic
24 Statistics About The United States Economy That Are Almost Too Embarrassing To Admit

And finally... Worker finds nude man at desk viewing porn on computer

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