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News Links, October 15, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
'Grave danger of financial collapse' says Clarke
Loans to China local authorities 'at risk' of default
Land Plot in Shanghai's Pudong Sold at Four Times Asking Price, Daily Says
China Is 'Bad Guy' in Currency War: Krugman
Germany Warns of Trade War Over Yuan
China's sputtering engine: August 2010
Deutsche Bank: Look How The U.S. Fed Is Fueling A Credit Bubble In Asia
Singapore to Allow Stronger Currency Even as Economy Contracts
Finding A Balance: UAE Eyes Sustainable Growth
*And I have some oceanfront property in Switzerland to sell you.
Why 30% Gains in Western Stock Markets Will Become Meaningless in the Future
Dubai debt seen at $115bn, asset sales likely
"Dubai's debt mountain now totals about $115bn, meaning the emirate's flagship companies are likely to be forced into further restructurings and asset sales, according to a Reuters poll of economists and investors."
Burj Khalifa luxury homes' rents cut as much as 40% on lack of tenants
Japan PM suggests further market intervention as yen touches fresh 15-year high
Japan Youths Much Thriftier These Days, Poll Shows

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Riot police use tear gas to clear workers from Acropolis
US Military Officials Eye More Attacks Into Pakistan
Chavez set to sign deals in Russia
Wave of shootings and decapitations hits Tijuana
Falcon Lake 'pirate' murder: Is beheading 'message to the Americans'?
Mexican drug gangs expand into illegal mining
NATO to chart future course in time of austerity
U.S. Urges NATO Allies to Endorse Missile Shield
Hezbollah gives Ahmadinejad a hero's welcome in southern Lebanon
Third day of protests in France as strikes grind on
Official: Radical new leadership needed
Russia Declines NATO Call for Afghan Supply Route
Fairness hot issue on agenda for Party (China)

-- Energy/resources --
Future Chaos: There Is No "Plan B" (Chris Martenson)
In World Without Growth, Buy "Water, Food and Warmth," Chris Martenson Says
French fuel firms seek emergency supplies amid strikes
Spain's Plan to Cut Wind-Power Subsidies 35% Unchanged, Government Says
OPEC holds output steady as oil price firms
Russia Oil Output May Decline as State Takes Cash, Troika Says
Reality check: Iraq's ambitious oil goals questioned by experts
North Sea oil companies angry at new EU rules
Quebec shale gas project grinds to halt

-- Got food? --
Food and fuel keep rising, but talking heads say all is well
Walmart focuses on sustainable farming
Food shortage in N Korea reaches 1.5 million tons

-- Oil disaster --
Poll: Coastal Alabamians fear oil spill caused permanent damage to Gulf

-- Environment/health --
Canada declares BPA toxic, sets stage for more bans
Sept 11 workers reach deal with World Trade Center

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
US state department defends Europe-wide terror alert
Pakistan militant variety tests West security: U.S.
NATO review seeks global perspective
Applying for Citizenship? U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Wants to Be Your "Friend"

-- UK --
Number of fuel-poor homes up to 4.5m
Quango list shows 192 to be axed
Immigrants 'putting strain on UK school places'
Cable 'endorses' tuition fee increase plan
Hillary Clinton says US worried over UK defence budget

-- US --
N.Y. Faces $200 Billion in Retiree Health Costs
The Truth Revealed: The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever
Trifecta Of Economic Horror: Trade Deficit Explodes To $46.3 Billion, PPI Rises Above Expectations As New Jobless Claims Surge
Race China to the Moon, Stop '1,000 Pearl Harbors,' Says Controversial Candidate
No more first class? Some airlines mull changes
September home foreclosures top 100,000 for first time
Same Person Forged Billions of Dollars Worth of Mortgage Documents for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Dozens of Other Lenders and Shells
Quantifying The Full Impact Of Foreclosure Gate: Hundreds Of Billions To Start
Gallup Poll Shows Discretionary Spending at All Time Low; Trends Support Double-Dip Theory
US M-2 Money Supply Up $19.6 Billion
Bonds Add to Losses After Dismal 30-Year Auction
Consumers paying off debt? Not likely
Boomerang kids: 85% of college grads move home

And finally... Australia branded 'dumb blonde' of the world

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