Friday, October 15, 2010


News Links, October 16, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China's leaders meet to plan economic future
China Bankers jittery about property market
Chinese Property Prices Rebound
China suspends M&A deals of listed property firms
Is China's Growth Rate Destined To Be Cut In Half?
U.S. is currency war's "tomb maker": China economist
Japan ready to intervene again on strong yen
Singapore GDP falls 19.8% in third quarter
Race to Devalue Would Be 'Fatal': ECB Official
Sovereign Debt Default Risk
U.N. official: U.S. is $1.2 billion in arrears at U.N., only 13 of 192 member states paid in full
Canada's crumbling infrastructure: Hundreds of dams in Canada need repairs
Tensions Rise as Global Policymakers Part Ways
Energy and food constraints will collapse global economic recovery

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Workers' Deaths Lead to Riot (China)
Ahmadinejad taunts Israel from border with Lebanon
Fuel to Paris reduced as French protests escalate
Fuel supply to Paris airports cut amid pension strikes
French Police Move In to Break Through Strikers' Blockades at Fuel Depots
Nigeria militants threaten new bomb attack in Abuja
Russia to build nuclear power plant in Venezuela
Rail row gives green light for protest in Germany
NATO helped bring Taliban official to Kabul: Petraeus
China's leader Hu Jintao leads a country in ferment
Iraqi police and army officers targeted in new wave of violence
Risky Pakistan route imperils Afghanistan bound U.S. supplies
Why 13 percent of Germans would welcome a 'Führer'
Israel signs $400 million drone deal with Russia
US Air Force recruits now get cybersecurity training
New Moscow mayor is close ally of Vladimir Putin
US and Kyrgyzstan Wrangling Over Fuel Supply Offer for Access to Manas
Sales of land on uninhabited Nagasaki island sparks concern of foreign takeover (Japan)
British Defense Budget 'Black Hole' Widens

-- Energy/resources --
OPEC Members Seek $100 Oil to Counter Dollar Weakness
Wind turbines wrong colour for wildlife
Cotton Prices Hit Record Highs; Shortage Feared
German Electricity Costs May Rise Next Year Renewable Subsidy Leaps 72%
Japan's Inpex exits Iran oil project because of US sanctions
Inpex Quits Iran Oil Field To Focus On Australian Project
Betting and bluffing in the new Great Game
Ryanair Wants New Engines on Boeing 737s to Cut Fuel Costs
Toyota Tsusho to set up rare earths refining plant in India
Is the US Already Past the Point of Peak Water?
BP doubles down on deepwater drilling

-- Got food? --
85% of Japanese insecure about future food imports
Jobs a Big Concern for Food Makers: ConAgra CEO
Russia's Acron Could List in Canada to Tap Potash Deposits There, CFO Says

-- Environment/health --
Deadly disease major threat to global public health
"The number of cases of a deadly parasitic disease has more than doubled in the last decade, according to WHO."
Cancer is a man-made disease, controversial study claims
Epidemic? Half of US teens 'meet criteria for mental disorder'

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Russia's spies out of control, says new book
Pentagon braces for WikiLeaks release of secret Iraq reports
Superbombs and Secret Jails: What to Look for in WikiLeaks' Iraq Docs
French MP says UK is 'losing fight against Islamic extremists'

-- UK --
Fuel poverty soars amid higher energy prices
Cardiff council facing £90m funding gap

-- US --
The Coming Collapse of the Real Estate Market
"The system for financing mortgages and regulating that financing has failed, completely and utterly. The mortgage and real estate markets are now in collapse."
John Williams Warns Of "Severe And Violent Sell-Off In Stocks"
Fed and oil fuel talk of demand destruction (MarketWatch)
Banks Could Lose $80 Billion From Mortgage Mess: Bove
Green Burials See Massive Rise in Popularity Nationwide
Lincoln Center has bedbugs
Drug cartels would feel small pinch if California legalizes marijuana, says RAND Corp.
College dropouts and their now-profitless shareholders
Government Approval Hits Lowest Point Since Watergate
Government to report on $1 trillion-plus deficit
Bernanke signals Fed poised to further boost economy
Good Graph Friday: The international wealth gap
Inflation Targeting Proposal an Exercise in Blazing Stupidity; Fed Fools Itself
Price gain near zero in September
Witness testifies he took, deleted video of the Fort Hood shooting
Majorities in U.S. View Gov't as Too Intrusive and Powerful (Gallup)
Administration delays currency report until Nov.; announces probe into Chinese trade practices
Want a Real View of the Economy? Talk to a CEO
"In plain terms, corporate insiders, the folks who know their business and its prospects better than anyone are dumping shares as fast as humanly possible."
America's new poor: the end of the middle-class dream
"The ideology that drove millions of people into expensive lifestyles on low pay and easy credit is bust. But who will tell them?"

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