Saturday, October 16, 2010


News Links, October 17, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Aussie dollar at parity with U.S. dollar
Get ready for daredevil central bankers
South Africa's roads in shocking state
The Abandonment of Technology
Globalisation: Stretching the supply chain
"Companies much more vulnerable to problems created by crumbling infrastructure around the world."

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Protests held in China and Japan over disputed islands
France hit by new wave of mass pension protests
NKorea threatens '1,000-fold' increase in weapons
US, China hold maritime security talks in Hawaii
Merkel says German multicultural society has failed
"Mrs Merkel's comments come amid recent outpourings of strong anti-immigrant feeling from mainstream politicians."
Mexican Cartels' Bloody Campaign For Sovereignty
Gen. Hugh Shelton: Clinton Official Suggested Letting U.S. Plane Be Shot Down To Provoke War With Iraq
Italian workers march in Rome to demand protection, protest gov't's labor policy
Japanese firms wary after massive anti-Japan protest in China
'NATO No Longer Wants to Be the World's Policeman'

-- Energy/resources --
Global Hydro and Nuclear Power in Perspective
Japan Scrambles for Rare Earth
Congressional Briefing: Can Oil Production Meet Rising Demand?
Shale gas development could threaten Canada's water supplies: report
China Says Its Medium, Heavy Rare Earth Reserves May Last Only 15-20 Years
Turkmenistan inaugurates Russia-bound natural gas pipeline
Oil at $75 to $85 won't hinder growth, says OPEC
U.S. Ethanol Enters Global Market Place
Ahmadinejad hails petrol self-sufficiency

-- Got food? --
New FDA regulations to destroy small organic farms (US)
UN official: Farming methods drive global hunger
Russia tells Tokyo it will work to lift ban on grain exports

-- Oil disaster --
US reopens vast expanse of Gulf for fishing, but experts stress caution on seafood
BP attorney suggests that the oil giant might seek to cap spill claims at $75 million

-- Environment/health --
State of emergency over Amazon drought
2 superbug-infected inpatients die at Mie hospital (Japan)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Newly Disclosed Documents Shed More Light on Early Taliban Offers, Pakistan Role
Australian Internet security program studied by US as way to help clean infected computers

-- UK --
Hard-hit British heartland braces for new blow as government announces deep spending cuts
Rate rise could be shocking for borrowers
Protesters block road to oil refinery
Thousands of children still without a school place
Rail fares 'to rise by up to 40 per cent'
RAF, police and welfare budgets to bear brunt of £83bn cuts

-- US --
State Pension Funds Face Looming Crisis
Heating oil could cost a homeowner $259 more this winter
Mini-Armagedon in Bank Shares
Three U.S. banks closed, total of 132 for year
The Second Leg Down of America's Death Spiral
27 Signs That The Standard Of Living For America's Middle Class Is Dropping Like A Rock
Government Statistics — The Awful Truth
LA Port Traffic in September: Imports Strong, Exports Stalled
The debt end game (some interesting charts)
100+ Forecasts that are Materializing Now, Part 1
CNN Poll: Afghan War More Unpopular Than Ever

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