Sunday, October 17, 2010


News Links, October 18, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
World Trade, Once Rising, Is Starting to Sag Again
As Asian Air Travel Soars, Pilots Are Scarce
Bank of England to Expand Its Stimulus Program by $160 Billion, CEBR Says
Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened
Swaziland's government may run out of money to pay government employees before the end of the financial year
Yen Gains as Japan Sinks Shows Current Account Surplus No Boon
Japan gov't to study promoting yen-based trade to help Japanese exporters
APEC Ministers Agree To Boost Food Production, Facilitate Farm Trade
Dollar slump sparks Gulf cost of living fears
Currency War: Germany about to lose 66% of its gold reserves
Sinking feeling for the Hong Kong dollar

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Defiant millions take to the streets in battle over Nicolas Sarkozy's cuts
China's medical ship reaches Kenya
China urges anti-Japan protesters to stay within law
Thousands of Chinese hold rallies over island dispute
Pirates seize South Korean fishing boat off Kenya
Six killed in gun attack in Mexican border city
Russia calls the shots in Kyrgyz election
Iran brokers behind-the-scenes deal for pro-Tehran government in Iraq
U.S. deal with European oil firms hobbles Iran Air
Ahmadinejad backs new nuclear talks with West
Iran warns domestic media over opposition news
Yemeni aircraft 'pound al-Qaeda' in country's south
Japan-China tension over Senkakus sends wake-up call to world
Japan opposition party wants to beef up SDF defense against China
King's Battle With Clerics Dictates Fate of Saudi's Oil Economy
US backing international terrorists: Turkish PM
Troops 'overwhelmed and cannot defeat Taliban': Australian Brigadier

-- Energy/resources --
France's petrol pumps could run dry by Wednesday
The Gold Rush in Iraq
"American oil engineers were shocked by the poor state of Iraq's energy infrastructure after 40 years of neglect. It all has to be rebuilt from scratch."

-- Got food? --
Build a Backyard Chicken Coop
Get yourself some 'Motha Cluckers'
Victory gardens growing in popularity as economy wilts
Long Island Victory Garden Task Force Issues Recommendations on Garden Creation to Fight Hunger, Malnutrition & Obesity

-- Environment/health --
Deadly horse disease swamp fever returns to UK
De-paving: Striking a blow for a softer, greener world

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Second wife warned U.S. of Mumbai plotter
Pirates striking terror in Asian waters
Sophisticated pirates a challenge for military
Saudi intel agency warns France on new terror threat
Youku Transcends YouTube as China Becomes Center of Internet

-- UK --
Scottish councils fear cuts 'may hit all areas of life'
Household bills to rise to fund energy revolution
"Householders face paying hundreds of pounds more in their energy bills under a wide-ranging Coalition plan to 'keep the lights on.'"
*The era of cheap energy is over.
Cameron Aims to Outdo Thatcher as He Tackles U.K. Welfare State

-- US --
Smoking Gun: New Evidence of How Wall Street Shafted Pension Funds
Feds Seek Capital Punishment To Curb Gangs
"The FBI says international street gangs like MS-13 are moving into heartland cities."
Sewage Breaks A Growing Problem In Miami-Dade
Scrutinizing the Elite, Whether They Like It or Not
How the Middle Class Is Shrinking
As states, cities struggle, municipal bonds lose luster
Home uninsured. Firemen let it burn. Crazy capitalism?
The Fed's new bubble (masquerading as a jobs program)
Third pipe bomb found in Massachusetts
Niall Ferguson says another stimulus not a good idea
Yields on 30-Year Treasuries Rise Most in 14 Months on Inflation Prospects

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