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News Links, October 2, 2010

Collapse... coming to a venue near you!

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan Prime Minister Says Huge Public Debt Unsustainable
Japan gov't to draft Y5 tril extra budget for fresh stimulus
End Of Green-Car Subsidy Slammed Brakes On Sept New-Auto Sales (Japan)
Race to the Bottom (Peter Schiff)
Things Will Unravel Faster Than You Think
Good News! U.S. Deficit 'Only' $1.3 Trillion for Fiscal 2010
Europe Is Headed for an Austerity Brick Wall
Irish Stunned By Enormity Of Bank Bailout
China manufacturing gathers momentum in September
Goldman dumps stock of Chinese bank
Summers Says Global Economy Should Not Rely on U.S. Consumers for Growth

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Global unemployment to trigger further social unrest, UN agency forecasts
Ecuadorean soldiers rescue besieged president
Militants set 27 NATO oil tankers ablaze in Pakistan
Sheriff: Pirates shoot U.S. man in Mexican waters
China warns tourists not to visit Japan
Nigerian capital rocked by three bombs on 50th independence anniversary
Japanese PM Naoto Kan warns of China's military rise
Anti-American cleric vies for more power in Iraq
U.S. plans $4.2 billion arms sale to Iraq
GAO: US Brigades in Europe Cost Billions
Japan pulls out of Iran oil field; move fueled by fear of reprisal from U.S.
European oil firms resist U.S. pressure to quit Iran
U.S.: Penalize China's oil deals with Iran
Chaos in Mexico: the new Colombia?

-- Energy/resources --
Trends in World Oil Supply/Consumption and Net Exports/Imports (not a pretty picture)
Groundwater Depletion Raises Likelihood of Global Food Crises
Turkmenistan Oil and Gas
French towns swap rubbish trucks for horse-drawn carts
Is Coal the New Black Gold?
Gov't to study stockpiling rare earth minerals (Japan)
Oil-to-gas ratio says oil will hit $200/bbl
Russia-Germany Nord Stream Pipeline Under Way
Gasoline price rises due to Iran subsidy cuts

-- Got food? --
Russia suggests extended grain export ban

-- Oil disaster --
Gulf oil spill: government-sponsored research voyage to search for oil can't find any
U.S. oil spill waters contain carcinogens often linked to oil spills

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
US Army awards $1.2 billion contract for NSA data center in Utah
'First cyber superweapon' wreaks havoc on computers in China
Sweden raises terror threat alert
U.S. Spies Want Algorithms to Spot Hot Trends
U.S. Said To Need Stronger, Active Cyber Defenses
Bin Laden role eyed in latest European terror plot

-- UK --
Cost of travel set to soar
Rolls's New CEO May Face Engineer Glut as Jet Projects Dry Up
Prison population hits another new high

-- US --
Poor face 'very scary' heating bill season
California Budget Impasse Enters Fourth Month; IOU Option Looms
Rat population up in Detroit
Neighbors Concerned About Roaming Dog Packs (Atlanta)
Harrisburg Requests Last-Ditch Rescue Financing From State, Says Alterantive Is "Full Blown Financial Crisis"
Bankruptcy "Only Way Out" for Struggling State and Local Govts, Bond Fund Manager Says
Economic Collapse Update: Acceleration In Autumn (get ready for the new feudalism)
2011 Outlook: Deflation and Dow 4200 Followed by "Wave of Refinancings"
Retail death knell: Consumers Still Unaware of Impending Doom
Wealth transfer: "Great Recession" Pushes Gap Between Rich and Poor to Record Levels
A day of reckoning for public pensions: The bills are due, the coffers are empty
Medicaid enrollment spikes to 48M in weak economy
Florida bank is 128th failure of 2010
Woodward Hints at Powell as Next SecDef

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