Tuesday, October 19, 2010


News Links, October 20, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japanese economy 'at standstill'
Japan Govt Cuts View On Economy For First Time In 20 Months
Japan banks discuss new Y320 bil loan to JAL
EU finance ministers agree sanctions for budget rebels
Why China is really in big trouble (Forbes)
South Korean Central Bank Looks to Gold
Italy Seen as Bigger Default Risk Than Indonesia, Philippines: Euro Credit
Greece May Need to Do More to Meet Deficit Target for 2011, EU's Rehn Says
Why do foreigners keep losing money from US T-bonds?
China's Factories Turn to Yangtze River to Escape Higher Wages
Pressure grows on Shanghai pensions
Hedge Funds Eye Japan, China, Australia for Distressed Assets
Lending slow for UAE real estate projects

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Gun battles rage in parliament of Russia's Chechnya
New France shutdown on sixth day of pension protests
French police fire tear gas at stone-throwing high school students
Nicolas Sarkozy calls for calm as French pension protests gather pace
New world order tests the strength of transatlantic ties
Future Shock at 40: The Tofflers Stir Up "Cyberdust" With New Scenarios
Iran says jets refused fuel in Europe
Overrun by narcos, once-posh Acapulco is in agony
Indian microfinance group fights new regulations in court after suicides spark crackdown
Gulf states eye new combat jets
India mulls Boeing Globemaster III deal
US 'set to offer $2 billion aid package to Pakistan'
Iran welcomes Chavez as partner against Western "bullies"
Russia to go to NATO summit, eyeing missile role
Over 11,000 Japanese cancel reservations for flights to China
Japan to speed up review of weapons export ban

-- Energy/resources --
German grid facing instability due to solar power
"An energy adviser to the government has warned that the green boom could turn into a disaster for Germany's aging power grid."
China Is Said to Halt Exports to US of Some Key Minerals
OPEC dedicated to steady oil supply: Saudi oil minister
Chinese Power Plant Coal Imports Robust as Winter Arrives, Commodore Says
Going nuclear is a 100-year commitment: IAEA official

-- Got food? --
The Food Crisis of 2010 (Daily Reckoning)
Baroness Amos: Population growth could lead to non-stop food crisis
'Satoyama' concept gets major boost
Saudi Arabia's grain imports to increase to a record, UN says
GPRI statement on global phosphorus scarcity (PDF)

-- Environment/health --
UN to Geoengineers: Don't Blot Out the Sun
Scientists say health of GoM oil-spill area has worsened
Oil cleanup not over in Louisiana's Bay Jimmy
"People think it's over — but look around. It looks like the first day it hit."
Global temperatures continue to rise

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Disaster Strikes Pennsylvania: A Very Special AT&T Doomsday Simulation
Why CPUs Aren't Getting Any Faster

-- UK --
UK Crops To Face Water Supply Crunch, May Relocate
Spending review: government expects 490,000 public sector job cuts
Spending cuts will force 'swaths of universities' to close
Ark Royal faces 'immediate' axe in defence cuts
RAF faces 5,000 cut in manpower
No more Iraq-scale operations after military cuts
Security and Intelligence services get funding to counter new threats
Spending Review: Thousands to protest against cuts
Shoplifting cost UK stores £4.4bn, survey says
Britain braced for cold snap from the Arctic

-- US --
Mortgages Were Fraudulently Pledged to Multiple Buyers at the Same Time
Fed Presidents Reinforce Case for Additional Asset Purchases
Pimco, Blackrock And New York Fed Said To Seek Bank Of America Mortgage Putbacks
The Federal Reserve clandestine bailout of the $3 trillion commercial real estate industry
Financial CDS Spreads Explode
The dark world of American xenophobia
State lawmakers hope to deny citizenship to kids of illegal immigrants
Uncle Sam's Mysterious Hoard (gold)
BofA unfreezes 102,000 foreclosure cases
Liberace Museum in Vegas closes
Jobs shrink at U.S. airlines
Shots fired outside of Pentagon
We May No Longer Be Entitled to "Entitlements"
The New Tax Man: Big Banks and Hedge Funds
Pharmacist denies inhaler to woman having asthma attack for being a dollar and change short
U.S. Debt Woes Expose Hidden Austerity and Looting of Public Assets
Dallas Fed's Fisher Stunner: Admits Worries Fed Has Created Nothing But Bubbles
Northrop CEO: Don't Let Industrial Base 'Atrophy' (a good read)

And finally... Yes Men strike again

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