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News Links, October 21, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Inside The Illusory Empire Of The Banking Commodity Con Game
`Savage' Austerity Is in U.S.'s Future, Buiter Says: Tom Keene
Investors Shun U.S. Stocks at Unprecedented Rate: Chart of the Day
Housing market hit by new rules (China)
Chinese find development has big downside
China's wealth gap strains social fabric
China's Battle on Property Prices Not Over
Gold Rises as Sliding Dollar Stokes Demand for Alternative to Currencies
The West's Pending Paper Money Implosion
Dollar's China-triggered gains come undone
Iraq sets $600bn foreign investment target

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Israel, Russia: Arms partners or rivals?
Egypt shuts down more TV stations
French police break blockades at three oil depots
Protesters block French airports, fuel depots
Four dead in shoot-out in Russia's Caucasus
20-year-old Mexican student takes over police in drug war town
Chavez and Ahmadinejad say united to change world order
U.S. Plans Increased Military Aid for Pakistan
Japan to expand submarine fleet to 22 from 16
New Deployment May Escalate US Air Strikes in Afghanistan
Obama backs Venezuela's right to nuclear energy

-- Energy/resources --
High Battery Cost Curbs Electric Cars
"Unlike with tires or toasters, battery packs aren't likely to enjoy traditional economies of scale as their makers ramp up production, the scientists and engineers say."
US inquiry into China rare earth shipments
China Denies Plans on Rare Earth Export Quotas: Report
US confirms $60bn plan to sell Saudi Arabia arms
ConocoPhillips CEO: Oil Could Climb to $90
Silver Exports From China Down 60% From Last Year
The World's Greatest Ever Scramble for Resources
"Middle East Oil Fields - Battle Ground of 'the Great ME Petroleum War'"
Southern Alps maglev route backed (Japan)
*It will never be built.
KSA to set up center for rational use of energy
Global resource depletion

-- Got food? --
Sugar Climbs to Eight-Month High on Drought in Brazil, Retreating Dollar
Ragnarok - a post-collapse novel / Author interview

-- Environment/health --
Drought Could Hit World's Populous Areas: Study
Future droughts will be shockers, study says
U.S. Gulf Coast Faces $350 Billion in Climate Damage by 2030, Study Shows

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
New technology patrols U.S.-Mexico border unmanned
NSA Cartoons Encourage Kids to Spy on Their Families
FBI Sentinel System Years Late And $100 Million Over Budget
Every email and website to be stored in UK
US DoD Expanding Domestic Cyber Role
Pilot refuses full-body scan, pat down

-- UK --
Britain to Slash Public Spending in Austerity Gamble
Spending review axe falls on the poor
Police funding cut by 4% each year
Universities 'at risk' from £2.9 billion cuts
UK borrowing at £16.2bn in September
Mervyn King warns of 'sober' decade ahead
Mervyn King warns of 1930s-style collapse
Drivers count the cost of soaring prices
"As many as 8% of car owners have given up driving altogether because of the expense."
Defence review: a quarter of civilian posts to be cut at MoD
Defence cuts approved by US
Snow falls in Yorkshire - In October!

-- US --
Water scarcity risk in municipal bond market explored in new report
Faced With High Student Hunger, DC Schools Start Serving Dinner
Commercial Real Estate In Free Fall--Back To 2002 Levels
Could the Courts Outlaw the Minimum Wage?
The $1,387,796,500,000 Off-Balance Sheet Securitized Real Estate Loan Question
Flash update: Mortgage mayhem spreading!
State lawmakers draft citizenship laws targeting children of illegal immigrants
Bank Balance Sheets 'Full of Rotten Stuff': Jim Rogers
Bank of America Accused of Racketeering in Foreclosure Lawsuit in Indiana
Will Anyone Lend California Money?
"State Treasurer Bill Lockyer is talking to banks to come up with a whopping $6 billion bridge loan to keep the state afloat until he can go to the market to sell $10 billion in tax-exempt notes."
1 in 6 students is regularly bullied, survey shows
Airline Profits Rise On Fewer Seats, Overseas Traffic
"American said passenger yield, or the average fare per mile, rose nearly 11 percent compared with last summer."
James Altucher's Retirement Guide: Why You "Only" Need $2 Million
Ghost towns in cubicle land
Latinos only? Fla. immigration law exempts Canadians, Europeans

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