Friday, October 22, 2010


News Links, October 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
G-20 Unlikely to End Talk of 'Currency Wars'
Special Report: The haves, the have-nots and the dreamless dead
Bondholder `Immunity' to Losses Challenged as Irish Bail Banks
Here's Why China Loses Whether The Dollar Strengthens Or Weakens
In Major Reversal, Japan Now 'Firmly on Board' with US Economic Proposal
The US Dollar Is Doomed
"The US economy is swimming in debt and the total obligations (including social security, Medicare and Medicaid) now come in at around 800% of GDP!"
Japan Households Save More, Shun Risky Financial Products: Poll
Half of Yemen graduates unemployed: Report
Ireland Braces for Austerity Amid Public Finance Crisis

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
U.S. officials, experts: No high-level Afghan peace talks under way
Afghan insurgents dismiss peace talks, NATO upbeat
More Tibetan students 'take to streets over reforms'
U.S. cuts aid to Pakistan's alleged death squads
U.S. sway dwindles in Iraq
Power Shifting from West to Asia and Latin America
Influence Of Israel's Leftist Peace Movement Wanes
Peace with Palestinians would help U.S. on Iran: Peres
Thwarted by NATO navies, monsoon weather, pirates look to South China Sea
Senior PLA officer reiterates peaceful resolution to South China Sea issue
Oil and Empire: The Great Game of Geopolitics
Many Chinese set to stage anti-Japan protests this weekend

-- Energy/resources --
Honey, I Shrunk the Renaissance: Nuclear Revival, Climate Change & Reality
Japan, Vietnam to Co-Develop Rare Earths: Report
Rare Earth in BlackBerry to Prius Underscores Alarm Over Supply
Japan eyes sending seismic ship to verify China's gas drilling
Peabody sees Chinese coal imports surging in 5 yrs
European Renewables Industry Staggered First by Recession, Now by Budget Cuts

-- Got food? --
Farmers Hurt As Pressure On Arable Land Grows: U.N.
"Land purchases by foreign investors in poor countries and the growing use of biofuels are boosting pressures on agricultural farmland and helping make 500 million small farmers hungry."
Go vegetarian to save planet, scientists tell Government

-- Environment/health --
Horror rotting disease hits Uganda
Draft's approval clears way for entire COP10 to OK 'satoyama'
Cold snap expected in China

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Netflix Suffers Big Outage As Stock Hits New Peak
WikiLeaks' 400,000 Iraq War Documents Reveal Torture, Civilian Deaths
China activists plan WikiLeaks-style site
What the Internet Knows About You
Invisible DNA body spray technology may soon be installed at a business near you

-- UK --
Rupert Murdoch backs Britain's austerity measures
UK rail network 'at risk' from climate change

-- US --
Republican congressional candidate says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'
Will Fed buy Treasuries for an extended period?
"One hundred billion here, one hundred billion there. Pretty soon we're talking real money."
1.2 Million Will Lose Benefits By Year's End Unless Congress Acts
Big public works projects a hard sell in U.S.
"Infrastructure spending stands at half of what it was in 1960."
It's Still All About Housing
"Without housing the financial system is essentially toast. The size of the mortgage market is around $10 trillion according to the last figures I saw which is close to 100% of our annual GDP."
Big banks deep in foreclosure risks
Robo-signing: Just the start of bigger problems
Food Stamp Usage Soars Among Working Families
Why California is About to Fall Off Into an Ocean of Unpayable Debt
Cash-strapped governments ramping up tax-collection efforts
75 Ways That The Government And The Financial Elite Will Be Sucking Even More Of The Life Blood Out Of The American People In 2011
College grads: $24,000 in debt
More 401(k) savers take loans
Costly virtual border fence in tatters
Bank Failures Hit Florida, Georgia; total for year is 135

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