Saturday, October 23, 2010


News Links, October 25, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
One in five in Spain live in poverty
Branson dedicates spaceport runway in US desert
G-20 Pledges to Avoid Devaluations in Push to Defuse Global Trade Tensions
G20 summit agrees to reform IMF
BOJ Said to Consider Buying Lower-Rated Corporate Debt to Ease Credit Cost
France austerity measures
Globalization Weakens World's Economy, Researchers Show
The Return of Globalization (Foreign Policy)
"The foundations of globalization are at risk." (Gasp!)
'Millionaire fair' opens in Russia
Germany Accuses US of Indirectly Manipulating Dollar
EU will spend £33 million on new quangos despite cutbacks across Europe
A Pyrrhic Victory in France
New Mortgage Crisis In Iceland: Could U.S. Be Far Behind?
Salarymen feeling pressure of elderly care (Japan)
Dubai residential property oversupply will take 5 years to clear – Nakheel CEO
Malaysia's new 100-story skyscraper project meets with widespread dismay
"Some 17 percent of the property around the Twin Towers is estimated to be vacant."

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Marseille close to standstill as worst strikes in 15 years cause French chaos
Gallery: France on strike
U.S. Pushing To Expand CIA Operations In Pakistan
Iran to Pare Food, Gas Subsidies
NYT: Iran financing Karzai's government
U.N. Compound Attacked in Afghanistan
High-level Chinese military delegation in N. Korea
Anti-Immigrant Cracks In Germany's Fragile Diversity
The End of American Power — Again
New US Cyber Strategy Out Soon
"150,000 troops eliminate mere 0.2 per cent of drug production in Afghanistan"

-- Energy/resources --
Iran says oil exports rising despite sanctions
JPMorgan says any setback in oil is a signal to buy
New Rules for Tapping Africa's Abundant Oil
"The oil fields are tempting, the governments hard to deal with."

-- Got food? --
Russia halts grain exports until next year
The cost of a global food chain

-- Environment/health --
Haiti cholera death toll rises as outbreak spreads towards Port au Prince

-- Oil disaster --
Health effects of Gulf oil spill six months later
Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Chemical Weapons, Iranian Agents and Massive Death Tolls Exposed in WikiLeaks' Iraq Docs
Five bombshells from WikiLeaks' Iraq war documents
Wikileaks hacked by 'very skilled' attackers prior to Iraq doc release
Russian law puts new limits on protest
UAE opens naval base to guard oil exports

-- UK --
Care cuts 'will see hospital beds fill up'
Unions rally against public spending cuts
David Kelly: case closed

-- US --
Are suburbs the new slums?
How housing market might muddle through new foreclosure crisis
Middle class is being 'hollowed out' by technology and globalization
One Chart That Shows Why Bernanke Will Do Everything In His Power To Keep Rates Low
Kansas City area bank fails with bad loans
Gary Shilling On Why Underwater Homeowners Will Double From 23% to 40% Shortly
California Pension Promises May Top Taxes by Fivefold, Milken Study Finds
Foreign Cenbank Holdings of US Obligations Weekly Update — to October 20, 2010
Physical Supply Shortages in Silver
Most Americans Say Profiling is Necessary in Today's Society

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