Tuesday, October 26, 2010


News Links, October 27, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Oil and The Death of Globalization (Jeff Rubin video)
Nissan COO: 'Huge Sense of Crisis' Over Strong Yen
German boom creates ECB policy nightmare as south lags
Robert Rubin sees systemic risk in trillions
Shrinking Bank Revenue Signals Dawn of `Worst' Decade of Growth
South Africa's Jobless Rate Little Changed at 25.3% as Recovery Falters
Follow The Money
EU's Single-Sky Plan 'At Risk'
Desperate Italians abandon search for work
Top 3 Japan banks' April-Sept net profits expected to total Y1 tril yen
Japan Cabinet OKs ¥5.1 trillion extra budget
Greece Back In Spotlight With Spreads Surging After Latest Bank Of Greece Report Shows Major Contraction
Asia, Middle East institutions to create 'mega' Islamic bank
'Lebanon will sit on its gold'

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Pakistan army blockades anti-Taliban tribe in Kurram
For Saudis, U.S. arms deal is a challenge
US ramps up task forces in Sudan in preparation for civil war
Think Tank Weighs in on U.S.-Japan Security
U.N. votes against U.S. embargo on Cuba for 19th year
Gazprom to Supply Fuel to the Manas Transit Center
Anti-Japan protest draws hundreds in SW China

-- Energy/resources --
IEA: Unclear If Oil Reserve Growth Will Contribute to Future Supply
Pakistan's donors seek 200% hike in power prices
China Raises Fuel Prices to Help Cool Economy, Conserve Energy
Chinese Airlines to Raise Fuel Surcharges From Today, Business Daily Says
West Grapples With Chinese Hold on Rare Earth Supplies
Rare Earth Shortages Hit Germany
Obama's riding the (cellulosic) ethanol pony—here's why he should buck the trend
Vestas to close five wind turbine plants
*Another episode in the saga of the declining renewable energy industry.
Russian, China swap loans for coal
Pennsylvania Halts New Leases for NatGas Drilling to protect forests
Japan government plans bill to ban foreigners' undersea exploration in EEZ
Curtain Being Pulled Back from The Oz of Gas Shales

-- Got food? --
Industrial farming puts ecosystems at risk of collapse, warns Prince Charles
Urban farming, redux

-- Environment/health --
Million-dollar beds fuel Madagascar timber crisis
Animals Face Extinction Threat as Conservation Efforts Slow, Report Says

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Hi-tech criminals target Vietnam
Will WikiLeaks nudge US toward tougher laws to guard secrets?
Communications Dropped to 50 Nuke Missiles in ICBM SNAFU (US)
U.S. Legislators Debate Internet 'Kill Switch' for President

-- UK --
Police in training for 'Mumbai-style' gun attack in UK
Generation of young people could turn to crime as jobs go, warns police chief

-- US --
Economists: Are we headed for civil war?
"Could recession really lead to armed warfare? 'Zero Hedge' expects a civil war, does TIME agree?"
Fraudclosure Update: The Crowd Is Getting Restless
Mortgages to Drop Below $1 Trillion in 2011 to Least Since 1996
How Did the Banks Get Away With Pledging Mortgages to Multiple Buyers?
The Fiscal Disaster Set to Explode in December
Marc Faber Expects Market Sell Off On QE2 Announcement
Insider Selling Volume at Highest Level Ever Tracked
Mexican cartel's founding members trained at Fort Bragg: report
More Easing Could Be Dangerous: Fed's Hoenig
Federal Reserve 'Terrified' of Deflation: El-Erian
U.S. Perceived as More Corrupt as Financial Crisis Dims Public Confidence
Fed's `Pit Bull' Takes on Bank of America in BuyBack Battle
More Pain, Less Gain: S&P/Case-Shiller Preview
Jeremy Grantham's Latest Is Out, And It Stars Bernanke As A Zombie Hellbent On Destroying The Economy (the graphic is a scream)
In US, a job means less than it used to, more emphasis on home and family
Army Copters to Start 'Flying Over Your Neighborhood'
"Most importantly, new communications equipment gets the Lakota talking with the police patrol car below."
Making Do With Less is the 'New Retirement'
18 years of new condo supply remains unsold in South Beach
Calif. Borrows $6.7 Billion Cash From JPMorgan-Led Group
Alaska and energy (a grim assessment by Richard Heinberg)
Want to get away with murder? Become a bank. (CNN-Fortune)
Banks spend big to sell credit cards to students
Luxury buying on rise, as jobless not spending

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