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News Links, October 28, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Portugal Budget Discussions Break Down, Government Collapse Imminent
Greece Caught Lying By Eurostat Again, As Budget Deficit Revised From 3% Initially To Over 15% Of GDP
Dip in air cargo reflects slowing global recovery
Deutsche Bank: China's Property Transactions Are Feeling The Pain Of New Restrictions
China Loans This Year to Exceed Government Target, State Researcher Writes
Abu Dhabi Sees Slower Growth, Lower 2030 Population
Anglo offer on subordinated debt 'tantamount to default'
Nordic Central Banks Succumb to Global Risks as Fast Tightening Abandoned
Dearth of infrastructure engineers in KSA
China Commerce Ministry Says Country Should Buy More Gold, Diversify Dollar Holdings
Bill Gross Calls Fed "Most Brazen" Of All Ponzi Schemes, Says 30 Year Bond Market Is Ending, Compares US Economy To Black Hole
J.P. Morgan, HSBC sued for silver manipulation

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
All night march over waste dump in Italy
Drones spur Yemenis' distrust of government and U.S.
Russia wants troop limit in new NATO states: report
China to expand fleet to patrol disputed seas
Japan, U.S. should adopt comprehensive China strategy: report
Mexican hitmen kill 15 in latest massacre
Every cop in town quits after Mexico attack
U.K., German military purchases cut
French jets on British carriers?
Spain discusses arms sales to Saudi Arabia
"Among the top items on Prince Khalid bin Sultan's agenda are discussions to purchase 'more than 200' tanks for Saudi Arabia."
Indian Navy To Boost Contact With Littoral Countries
Russia denies deal to sell jets to Syria

-- Energy/resources --
Alaska's untapped oil reserves estimate lowered by about 90 percent
Soaring coal prices set to hit power generators (China)
"Many of the State-owned power companies are suffering a 50 percent loss this year."
Reductions But No China Rare Earth Embargo To U.S. And EU: Molycorp CEO
EU, U.S. Grapple With Crunch In Rare Earth Supplies
Gold, Energy, and the Problem of Capital Storage
Argentina to start uranium enrichment next year
Peak Oil — Where Do We Stand?
India to consume 2 billion tonne of coal in next 20 years

-- Got food? --
Rice Sales Halted by Thailand, Biggest Exporter, as Floods Damage Output
N.Korea's Food Shortage Estimated at 1 Million Tons
Hot Potato in China's Rising Food Costs

-- Environment/health --
New superbug hits mainland China
Superbug infection in Brazil hospitals kills 18
Brazil's Amazon Region Suffers Severe Drought
Bedbugs join the UN
BP dispersants 'causing sickness' (gruesome Al Jazeera investigation)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
One EMP burst and the world goes dark
"The sky erupts. Cities darken, food spoils and homes fall silent. Civilization collapses."
Russia plans color-coded anti-terror alerts
Tracking devices used in school badges (US)

-- US --
Fiscal disaster set to explode: States' unemployment bill has come due
Haunting Images Of Post-Boom Las Vegas
New EPA rules will erode power grid reliability, report finds
Recession officially over, use of food stamps stays at record high
Business investment boom is fading
Fed Gears Up for Stimulus
Stiglitz: TARP Returns a "Drop in the Bucket" Compared to Damage Done
Treasury Bond Bubble about to POP!
US Firms Hoard Almost $1 Trillion Cash: Moody's
The US Should Return To Silver Coinage Immediately
"Fiat money in the US is in an advanced stage of decomposition."
Socialism? The Rich Are Winning the US Class War
Most Senators Are Millionaires -- And Getting Richer
New Jersey's Gov. Christie kills ARC Tunnel project dead
Essential drugs running low across the US
*Yet another sign of systemic breakdown; recall these two items.
More than half of Americans have concerns about making their rent or mortgage
Fed Easing Is Likely to Start With $500 Billion: Cohen
Banks May Face $97 Billion Loss From Mortgage Mess
Cotton Prices Highest Since US Civil War
Why are airline profits soaring?
Economy is running out of gas

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