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News Links, October 29, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Ireland Doubles Budget Savings Target to 15 Billion Euros
Impact Of Rising Shipping Costs Will Likely Reach Vending Supplies Soon
BOJ holds fire and says boosting asset buying an option
BOJ shows gloomier outlook for Japan economy
Japan Risks Being `Totally Behind' in Fighting Deflation as Fed Gears Up
Japan industrial production well below forecast
China's Billionaire Boom
Is hard currency on its way out? Introducing the new virtual world currency.
Dubai property prices 'to go down substantially' – Prince Alwaleed
Fresh doubts cast on future of Dubai's Mall of Arabia
Report: Greece Falling Short of Rescue Package Deficit Goal
G-20 Currency Agreement to Agree Collapses Already

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
E.U. rules let Iran import, export oil, creating possible split from U.S. policy
Five years after riots, Paris suburb is a neglected powder keg
French pension strikes halt flights
French unions stage last-ditch strikes against pension bill
Pakistan government leaves villages wallowing in neglect
Afghan convoy security undermines Afghan security
We've been in Afghanistan, we didn't like it - Russia's NATO envoy
How much is Arctic security worth? (Canada)
U.S. prepares new offer for Iran nuclear talks: report
The Military Radar Systems Market 2010-2020
Syria flouts Lebanon sovereignty, arms militants: U.S.
Britain urges U.S. to take down extremist websites
Mexican drug gangs gain foothold in Guatemalan jungle
China is on path to 'militarization of space'
Sinking Royal Navy Shifts Burden to U.S. Fleet
US Pressing Yemen for More Attacks on al-Qaeda

-- Energy/resources --
Shale Gas—Abundance or Mirage? Why The Marcellus Shale Will Disappoint Expectations
Even If Solar Grows 30X, It Will Only Be 4% Of America's Power Capacity
Gridlock on Chinese Highways Sends Coal to Four-Month High: Energy Markets
Russia, Ukraine fail to agree new gas deal
Putin in Ukraine to Discuss Gas and Nuclear Energy
Saudis Interested in Russian Nuclear Power
Spain May Limit Solar Subsidies by Capping Operating Hours, Official Says
Analysis: Cap and cut fears cast pall on German solar recovery
Why rare earth elements could ignite a global trade war
Venezuela moves more oil exports away from U.S.

-- Got food? --
The food crisis of 2011
"If you think your grocery bill is already high, you ain't seen nothing yet. In fact, we could be just one supply shock away from a full-blown food crisis that would make the price spikes of 2008 look like a happy memory."
The end of cheap food
Cane Ethanol Leader Brazil Considers Using Corn
Root cellar resurgence

-- Environment/health --
Reminders Of BP's Oil Spill Linger Along Gulf Coast
"More than three months since BP stopped its underwater gusher, crews are working to clean hundreds of miles of oiled shoreline from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle."
World Bank to lead economic push on nature protection
Mystery disease kills 51 in India
Bisphenol-A now linked to male infertility

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Military wants to scan communications to find internal threats
Total U.S. intelligence bill revealed for first time -- $80B for 2010

-- UK --
Number facing fuel poverty up 20%
Councils accused of putting lives at risk by turning off street lights in drive to save cash
"Britain's 7.5 million street lights cost about £500million a year to operate. In the largest switch-off to date, Essex County Council has turned off 18,000 of its 220,000, saving about £1.25million a year.
Will there be enough energy to go around this winter?
Six water companies 'fail to hit leakage targets'
Wind farm revolts blamed for dramatic fall in planning approvals
UK boardroom pay leaps 55% in a year
No terror arrests in 100,000 police counter-terror searches, figures show
What Britain's cuts mean for its place in the world

-- US --
Imminent big bank death spiral
Fed seen buying up to $100 billion in assets a month: poll
Employers in U.S. Start Bracing for Higher Tax Withholding
A scary scenario: What if a U.S. state defaults?
Is Crime Making A Comeback? 12 Crime Statistics That Make You Wonder What Is Happening To America
Ind. parents told to drop disabled kids at shelters
Two Million Jobless To Lose Benefits By January Unless Congress Acts
Foreclosure activity up across most metro areas
Sin City is still foreclosure central - RealtyTrac
Unexpected Cities See More Homes Go Back to the Bank
Roubini: The Obama Presidency Is Heading For A Fiscal Trainwreck
Govt. "Diverging from Reality", U.S. "At Risk of Downward Spiral," Sachs Warns
Gold vs. the Fed -- the record is clear (WSJ via GATA)

And finally... Mohammed, Britain's Most Popular Boy's Name In 2009

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