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News Links, October 3, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Capital controls eyed as global currency wars escalate
IMF urges cooperation to prevent 'currency war'
Ireland's finance minister Brian Lenihan ridiculed by City investors
Will China's Economy Collapse?
China offers to buy Greek debt
Step Aside ECB: China Becomes Lender Of Last Resort To Failing Greece, In Exchange For Petrobras-Like Shell Game
Record number of children required financial aid for school activities in '09 (Japan)
Is Europe Getting Ahead Of Itself As Excess Cash In Euro Banking System Drops To Post-Lehman Low
IMF releases $741 mln loan to Iraq
'Saudi economy to expand 3.7% this year on oil' - NCB
France Denies Report of Secret Talks With China on Currency Coordination
China Will Stimulate More Domestic Demand to Stabilize Economy, Wen Says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
CIA Escalates in Pakistan
Retirement-Age Increase Proposal in France Prompts Third Day of Protests
Students and families join French pension protests
U.S.-China split would be a catastrophe (CNN)
Colombia re-opens Ecuador border
Middle East peace talks at a 'dead end' says Palestinian leadership
U.S. troops' presence in the Philippines altruistic?
20 Mexican tourists kidnapped in Acapulco
Assad visits Iran to boost ties
Dutch coalition embraces Wilders
Thousands of demonstrators march in Tokyo, protest China
U.S. Navy docks missile sub at Yokosuka, affirms solidarity with Japan in China row
US Global Strike command reaches full operational capability
Putin chief of staff may be next Moscow mayor: paper

-- Energy/resources --
$66M to scrap wind turbines (US)
Wind farms: yet another brewing disaster (UK)
Wind turbines unlikely to save planet
France's Nuclear "Miracle" is More Fantasy that Fact
The Next Gold Rush: Rare Earth Metals
Sinopec Invests $7.1 Billion in Repsol Brazil Unit to Tap Offshore Fields
Review of "Collapse" (Guardian)
"This is powerful stuff."
The Potential and Future of Concentrated Solar Power
Japan, Mongolia OK Joint Rare Earths Development
Japan High-tech companies try to reduce dependence on China for rare-earth metals

-- Got food? --
Food prices to soar as cost of staples rise
Russia drought, food loss spur inflation

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Report: Israeli scientists discover way to counterfeit DNA
Iran 'detains western spies' after cyber attack on nuclear plant
US may issue travel warning for Americans in Europe
'Super' virus stealing information (Shanghai Daily)
Web 'superbug' threatens Chinese national security
Did Stuxnet kill India's INSAT-4B satellite?

-- UK --
UK renewable energy production falls for second time in 2010
University students could face more than £10,000 a year in fees
Card payments system crash disrupts shoppers

-- US --
Electrical, not gas, PG&E's biggest problem; customers complain of too many blackouts
2010 bank failures outpace 2009
City plans to keep streetlights dark in 2011 (Colorado Springs)
900 Santa Cruz County street lights set to go dark
Another data center outage in Virginia
Gas Is Going To $5 A Gallon, Consumer Spending Is Dead, And House Prices Will Fall Another 20%
Economy gets lift from government aid

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