Friday, October 29, 2010


News Links, October 30, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Tax Shortfalls Spur New Fear on Europe's Recovery
EU approves tough euro zone rules
Europe's Pension Deficits May Provoke Investor Scorn
Europe Inflation Unexpectedly Quickens; Jobless at 12-Year High
India's Major Crisis in Microlending
Opening Doors in India for Wal-Mart
Japanese Production Falls as Deflation Tightens Grip
Japan starts fresh efforts for more efficient public spending
*This is the third round of "budget screening." Cut, cut, cut.
China steel industry squeezed by oversupply, rising costs
Russia's Demographic Timebomb
Bernanke's QE 2 Will Sink Just Like The Titanic (Peter Schiff)
The scary actual U.S. government debt
Asian Electronics Makers Hurt As U.S. TV Market Tunes Out
Gold Will Outlive Dollar Once Slaughter Comes
Dollar-Yen Closes At All Time Low
Dubai Faces Environmental Problems After Growth

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japanese destroyer shoots down mid-range ballistic missile in test with US off Hawaii
Shooting from DPRK's side targets at S Korean base, which returned fire
Source: Moscow won't negotiate Medvedev's trip to Kurils with Tokyo
U.S., Japan Push for Maritime Code as Encounters With China Fan Tensions
China says Japan distorted facts in island dispute; no meeting between Kan, Wen
No Detente: China-Japan Foreign Row Escalates
Sarkozy moving on from pensions as protests flag
Turkey's relationship with west on the line in European missile defence negotiations
China to upgrade civil air defense
Multinational Euro Helo Wing Idea Gains Traction

-- Energy/resources --
Officials Claim Chinese Rare Earth Metals Embargo Expands to Include to U.S. and Europe
U.S. Coal Plants' Growth Beat Wind Energy in Third Quarter, Group Says
Trillions necessary to maintain Russia's oil production

-- Got food? --
The joys of urban beekeeping
Brazil battles spread of 'mad soy disease'

-- Environment/health --
Fishermen Report Louisiana Bays Filled With Oil
Experts say efforts to beat malaria may backfire
The only thing 'green' about NASCAR's switch to corn ethanol is the cash
Jellyfish 'may benefit from ecosystem instability'

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Obama Says Explosives Found In Packages From Yemen Bound For US
The Never-Ending War on Drugs
Brazilians will be forced to use RFID chips and GPS trackers in their cars
Civil Rights Concerns as DHS Formalizes Military Role in 'Civilian Cybersecurity'

-- UK --
Work stress hits people in and out of work
Air tax rise will make family holidays 'unaffordable'
Police being taught to use Facebook to track killers

-- US --
The Federal Reserve Stirs Poltergeist of Hyperinflation, Weimar Collapse
QE2 and the Upcoming Second American Revolution
Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence
Citi SBNH Questions: Just How Bad Is Citi's Repurchase Exposure?
Looking for work with purpose? Stop looking down on manual labor.
The approaching electricity crisis

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