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News Links, October 31, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
A Gold Bull and His Prediction: $10,000 an Ounce
Misguided Love Affair with China; China's Massive Monetary Expansion and Crackup Boom
Are Air Cargo Costs About to Go Sky High?

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Mexico caught in bloody anti-drugs war
Clinton says US has a stake in Asian security
ASEAN officials call Russia partner
"At a meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations said it sees Russia as a 'factor of stability' in the region."
Afghanistan says U.S.-Russia raid violated sovereignty
Attack Against Oil Tanker Shows Why Terrorists and Pirates May Join Forces
Russia and India close to sealing fifth-generation fighter collaboration
U.S., Japan Seek Calm With China on Island Dispute
Russia not to re-launch military base in Vietnam

-- Cargo plane bomb plot --
Obama Vows to 'Destroy' al Qaeda in Yemen After Bomb Discovery
Cobra to meet over Yemen explosives alert (UK)
Investigators hunt for mail bombers in Yemen
UAE source: Dubai bomb didn't arrive from Yemen
Yemen arrests mail bomb suspect
Cargo plane bomb plot: Yemen doubts its link to the plot
"The government of Yemen has expressed astonishment at the cargo plane bomb plots, claiming there were no UPS cargo planes that had taken off from Yemen."
Yemen packages: what is known so far about 'credible terrorist threat'
PETN explosives detected before terror plot carried out
Saudi Arabia credited with tip that stopped U.S.-bound bombs
Terror bombs were primed to down cargo planes in mid-air
Yemen cargo bomb plot may have been targeted at Britain
Yemen parcel bombmaker believed to be al Qaeda terrorist Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri

-- Energy/resources --
China's Plan To Use Rare Earths As A Weapon
U.S. Defense Department Sees No Rare-Earths Crisis; May Aid U.S. Producers
Bahrain seals gas import deal with Gazprom
The peak oil debate is over (James Schlesinger)

-- Got food? --
5 Dangers to Global Crops That Could Dramatically Reduce the World Food Supply
North Korea Faces 'Alarming' Drought, Declining Food Aid: U.N.

-- Environment/health --
U.S. may end patents on DNA: report

-- UK --
Universal postal service could be dropped by privatised Royal Mail if it becomes too costly
Britons approaching retirement still paying off debt
Universities get power to raise fees to £9,000
Cuts to council budgets threaten care for elderly and disabled
Bleak winter lies ahead as energy firm raises prices

-- US --
Pre-Election Bomb Plot a Political Boost for Obama
Citi: Don't Make The Common Mistake Of Thinking Housing Matters Like It Used To
Marc Faber: Fed's QE2 Could Trigger Market Correction
"Now, with QE2 being largely priced in, anything less than $1 trillion from the Fed would disappoint the markets and may trigger a correction in U.S. stocks, which could result in more quantitative easing."
Is hyperinflation the Fed's goal?
17,000,000 College-Educated Americans Are Wasting Their Degree On Menial Jobs
Foreclosure Freeze Cuts Sales, Supply in Hardest-Hit States
Rise in college costs hits public schools hardest

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