Sunday, October 03, 2010


News Links, October 4, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Leaving Ireland: emigration looms again for children of the tiger that lost its claws
Ireland: The bottomless bail-out
Are Or Aren't France And China Plotting An Alternative To The Dollar?
China promises support for euro and euro bonds
China Offers To Buy Greek Debt, But Nothing It Does Can Save Country From Disaster
Dubai real estate recovery seen 5 years away
Death spiral: IMF admits that the West is stuck in near depression
Japan Central Bank Expected to Expand Lending Facility

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Iceland's politicians forced to flee from angry protesters
"Protesters took to the streets of Reykjavik today, forcing MPs to run away from the people they represent as renewed anger about the impact of the financial crisis erupted in Iceland."
The New World Order
"Tribal ties—race, ethnicity, and religion—are becoming more important than borders."
Fidel Castro may visit Venezuela, Chavez says
Iranian military upgrading radar systems
Ukraine, Russia plan to build 13 modernized An-70 military transport planes
Coup Attempt in Ecuador Is a Result of Sec. Clinton's Cowardice in Honduras (Narco News)
Pakistan: Dozens of Europeans in terror training
Japan eyes acquiring 3 Global Hawk surveillance drones from U.S.
Mideast to expel U.S. with 'kick in butt': Ahmadinejad
Egypt and Iran to resume flights after 30 years
No end in sight to Pakistan-NATO supply standoff
US, NZ troops join Australian military exercises

-- Energy/resources --
Thirsty Egypt Clings Tight To The Nile
Kuwait 'happy' with oil price, expects no OPEC output change
The Perils Of Groundwater Depletion
Chinese imports of Saudi oil to increase 19pct in 2010

-- Got food? --
Rice summit in a time of world food shortage

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
NYPD Prepares for Guerilla-Style Terror Attack
Stuxnet worm: Private security experts want US to tell them more
"Private sector security experts say the government's public reports on the Stuxnet worm – the world's first publicly-known cyber superweapon – often seem to be old news or incomplete."

-- UK --
Britain 'in for another big freeze winter'
Rural communities feel the brunt of fuel price rise
George Osborne: cuts must be fast and deep to avoid decade of debt
David Cameron indicates universal benefits face curbs
Cyber crime gangs on increase, says police chief

-- US --
Food Stamp Use Skyrockets in Unexpected Places
Americans tread water in gulf between rich and poor
Corporations leveraging up at record pace
Rand Paul: Retirement age may need to be raised
Count on Sequels to TARP (NYT)
Las Vegas suffering like never before

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