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News Links, October 5, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Time for a Debt Haircut
China's Korea Bond Holdings Jumped 175% in Last Nine Months
Global Steel Demand to Slow on China, World Association Says
Greece to Unveil Austerity Budget, Target 7% Gap, More Austerity Expected
Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.
Obama says US fiscal situation "untenable"
ECB Purchases Of Sovereign Bonds Surge Tenfold Compared To Prior Week, Hit €1.4 Billion, On Continuing Ireland, Portugal Fears
Habitat Day blighted by plight of 1 billion in the world's slums
Dubai real estate may slump 80% from peak – JP Morgan
Supply to squeeze Dubai rents
Russia, China may boost gold reserves

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Icelanders Hurl Eggs, Paint at Parliament as Thousands Protest
Trucks With Fuel for War Set Ablaze in Pakistan Again
Gunmen burn two more NATO supply trucks
Jewish settlers vandalize West Bank mosque
Afghan wrestles with protecting NATO supply routes
Property purchases with foreign capital may be regulated: Maehara
Deadly violence hits Somali capital
Japan government support slides on handling of China row
Fears of Chinese land grab as Beijing's billions buy up resources
Japan warns travelers about terror in Europe
China Versus Japan and the Growing Risk of Trade War
Japan, U.S. cooking up island defense war games
400 police killed in 5 years in Russian province
34 dead in Mexico's weekend of blood

-- Energy/resources --
Russian navy chief warns of China's race for Arctic
Russian expedition aims to claim arctic
As Crude Climbs, Expect $100 per Barrel by January, 2011
China water diversion investment to top 140b yuan
Obama's 60-mpg cars could cost up to $9,000 more
Wind power, offshore, proves costly
Saudi Arabia seeks private investment in power, water plants
Oil above $81 in Asia on signs demand to improve
Saudi Arabia to hike Asia crude rates
Review of The Impending World Energy Mess (Tom Whipple)
The future of oil: Ask Jeff Rubin
"What do subprime mortgages, Atlantic salmon dinners, SUVs and globalization all have in common? They depend on cheap oil."

-- Got food? --
Jim Rogers: Get Yourself A Tractor, Commodities Are Still The Place To Be
Costco Sells Year's Worth of Food for $800

-- Environment/health --
Can your life be richer without TV? (Yes.)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Students Tagged with RFID Chips in "Smart Badge Program" (US)
EU's Technolife Project: Social Engineering for the coming Technofascist world
Brits plan private navy to fight pirates

-- UK --
Energy bills set to rise to pay for £32bn investment
University fees 'could rise five-fold'
Banks may need new bailout, warns think-tank
David Cameron hints aircraft carriers and jet fighters could be axed
Mumbai-style attack cells 'already in Britain' al-Qaeda chief claimed

-- US --
The Breakdown Of Law And Order
Indiana gets D+ for roads, bridges
Candelabra to Go Dark: Liberace Museum Will Close (Las Vegas)
Government Share of Personal Income Tops 30%
New Jersey Set To Halt All Transit Projects On Monday Due To Budget Cutting
The Time of Hype and Hope Is Ending (Beware the Collapse to Come)
Americans Sour on Free Trade (additional pressure on globalization)
Recession "Over" As Consumer Bankruptcies On Track To Hit 1.6 Million Total For 2010
Watching the U.S. fall apart ... in glorious hi-def
Some 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show
Commodities Rally Still Strong, Gold Will Hit $2,000: Rogers
Military sees suicide trend grow worse
Consumer bankruptcy filings climb 11%
Bernanke Calls on Lawmakers to Consider Rules on Limiting Federal Spending
Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read
NYC Pensions Project Unrealistic Returns, Mayor Says

And finally... Glenn Beck claims slavery was not really bad until government got involved

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