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News Links, October 6, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan's central bank cuts key rate to around zero
QE wars, Japan edition
BOJ May Have Fired First Shot in New Round of Global Action
The Fed is dead, maybe by 2012 (Paul Farrell)
Super-Rich Investors Stocking Up Gold by the Ton
"The world's wealthiest people have responded to economic worries by buying gold by the bar — and sometimes by the ton — and by moving assets out of the financial system."
Gold and silver set to emerge as new reserve currencies
Silver is hot
Charge: Ratings firms improperly aid China
Moody's Warns It May Downgrade Ireland Again
A Inside View of the IMF's Massive Global Influence
Currency Controls Rising Amid Korea Bank Audit, Brazil Taxes
China Has Lost Over $100 Billion In Dollar-Adjusted Terms On Its UST Holdings In A Few Short Months
Is Ireland going bankrupt?
Fed, ECB Throwing World Into 'Chaos': Joseph Stiglitz

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Small bomb damages NATO oil tanker in NW Pakistan
US operations go deeper into Pakistan
Pakistan keeps Khyber Pass closed as US strikes drone on
Ecuador raises military wages after police revolt
UN warns of global refugee crisis
Indian Farmers Fight Billionaire Mittal, Posco for Water Rights
India, Russia To Hold 10th Meeting On Defense Relations
Iran muscles into the UAV battlefield
Israeli company debuts new UAV
U.S. warns Lebanon against Ahmadinejad visit to South
Japanese and Chinese PMs meet, affirm commitment to improving relations
China positive about summit with Japan, S Korea in late Oct
Japan government to decide soon on troop deployment to southwestern isles
Former UN Official: Taliban Infiltrating Afghan Army, Police
Supply route may decide outcome of Afghan war

-- Energy/resources --
People choose cold over expensive electricity (Oz)
Japan to urge China to resolve rare earth shipment issue
Stung by China, Japan Turns to Recycling for Rare Earth
Metals Shortages Threaten Developments in Solar Energy and Nuclear Power
Iraqi Oil Reserves: Why Exxon Stands to Win Big
"Iraq's proven reserves mean nothing without significant foreign investment that will rebuild its old, poorly maintained oil fields, export terminal and pipelines."
'Whoosh' sound of wind turbines too loud for some
The Gas Cartel Idea: On the Road to Another OPEC?
Work, Exergy, the Economy, Money, and Wealth
*This is really good. We can see that it's energy, not money, that makes the economy grow.

-- Got food? --
Meat Diets Pose Environmental Danger: Report
US urged to stop Haiti rice subsidies
Where growing too many vegetables is illegal (A short study on industrial insanity)
America's Food Waste Equates to Wasted Energy
World Bank warns on food-price rise
"Since July, international wheat prices have soared 60-80 per cent and maize rose about 40 per cent, according to recent UN Food and Agriculture Organization figures."
Food prices double in Afghanistan

-- Environment/health --
Toxic sludge floods Hungary villages
Water cycle seems out of whack, experts find
Drug-resistant bladder bug raises growing concerns
No. of heatstroke victims who died after being rushed to hospital up 10-fold (Japan)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Iran nuke SCADAs saturated with Stuxnet infection
France arrests 12 as concerns grow about 'homegrown' terrorism
Falcon Lake 'pirate' attack: Sign of spillover from Mexico drug war?
Turkey to launch first intelligence satellite in 2012

-- US --
Insider Selling To Buying: 2,341 To 1 (The rats are fleeing the sinking ship.)
Bernanke: Threat From Deficits 'Real And Growing'
Obama And Bernanke Agree: If We Don't Fix The Deficit, We're Screwed
Illinois Pays More Than Mexico as Cash-Strapped States Sell Bonds Overseas
The End of TARP: Goodbye and Good Riddance
Fed is selling paper gold and buying physical gold
Office Vacancy Rate at 17 Year High
Families are trimming plans to pay for college, survey finds
Number seeking heating aid this winter expected to grow
Child maltreatment up during unemployment
California state budget deal has holes, analysts say
Cheap Debt for Corporations Fails to Spur Economy
Buffett hints at bond bubble
Is education the next subprime crisis?
Krugman: 'We're worse than Japan'

And finally... Rabbi: Sleeping with enemy OK for Israeli spies

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