Wednesday, October 06, 2010


News Links, October 7, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Permanent Zero and Unbelievably Low Yields in Mexico
Main Street Is Dying a Death by a Thousand Spending Cuts
Markets Soaring "But the World Is Worse Off," Jimmy Rogers Says
Greece Caught Lying AGAIN As Debt And Deficit Figures To "Shoot Up" Post Audit
Chavez orders shakeup at Caracas airport
"We can't keep depending on oil."
IMF downgrades predictions for US economy
Russia closes International Industrial
Currency War? Why Countries Are Rushing to Devalue
China Opposed to Rapid Yuan Gain, Tells EU to Back Off
IMF Calls for Huge New Round of Bank Bailouts
Real estate downturn could last 8 years, prospects are 'dismal': IMF
As outlook sours, international tensions grow
Geithner Sees `Damaging Dynamic' in Currency Policies

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
US and Afghan governments make contact with Haqqani insurgents
British embassy vehicle attacked in Yemen
Nato supply lorries set ablaze by gunmen in Pakistan
How long can US troops withstand rupture of Pakistan supply lines?
Karzais expand reach in Afghan government
Iranian arms seized in Afghanistan
North Korea nuclear threat is "alarming," says South
Russian Military Concerned With Evasion As Army Draft Begins
Minister: Russia to buy weapons abroad
Yemen attack underlines growing al-Qaeda influence
Killing each Taliban soldier costs $50 Million
Unrepentant, US Presses Pakistan to Reopen Supply Route

-- Energy/resources --
Vietnam expects more power shortages in Q42010
India's power sector needs $300 billion investment: Power Minister
Is Venezuela the Next Flashpoint for Oil?
Pushed to the limit in drive for oil and gas
*A window into the fossil fuel industry and how it too is a victim of complexity.
Gloomy forecast for LNG projects
Energy: Recognizing how much isn't there

-- Got food? --
U.S. Wastes 2 Percent of Its Energy on Uneaten Food
Venezuelan Government Launches "New Offensive" in Land Reform and Food Production
Obama taps food-industry exec for top ag-research post

-- Oil disaster --
White House squelched release of BP oil spill estimates
Evidence Refutes BP's and Fed's Deceptions
"Extremely high concentrations of oil in both the soil and water."

-- Environment/health --
Oil sands should be left in the ground: NASA scientist

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Terror alert spotlights voiceprint technology
Pentagon: The global cyberwar is just beginning
Facebook down hours before HQ announcement

-- UK --
'Debt crisis' hitting over 50s in Wales, claims report
"The report found 62% of over 65s are worried about paying their winter fuel bills."
UK housing market set for a fall, IMF warns
Households face £769-a-year rise in power bills to 'rewire the nation' for green energy

-- US --
'Retirement Jobs' New Reality For Many
Social Security – Perpetual Deficits
Bernanke Pushing on a String: Fed Can't Reflate the 'Real' Economy, Harvard Prof. Says
U.S. bank industry entering new crisis: analyst
It's Official: Fed Is Now Second Largest Holder Of US Treasury Bonds
Goldman Sachs Says U.S. Economy May Be `Fairly Bad'
ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Cut 39,000 Jobs in September
22nd Weekly Outflow From Mutual Funds
Record 41.8 million Americans on food stamps, Ag Dept. says
Record number of aliens removed from U.S.
New Yorkers' Income Falls for 1st Time in 70 Years
Some states charge poor for public defenders
City budgets slammed by falling property taxes

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