Thursday, October 07, 2010


News Links, October 8, 2010

Today's links are a bit thin because I am harvesting rice.

-- Global economic meltdown --
Gold And Silver Shine Brightly As Currencies Race To The Bottom
Vietnam Considers Allowing Gold Imports
Global shipping
Manipulating currency: The pot calls the kettle black. (Daily Reckoning)
"If the government can print sheets of $100,000 bills, what exactly is money worth?"
Real Estate Collapse Spells Havoc in Dubai
Gloomy outlook for UAE developers
Real estate prices to fall 17% in next year – Arabian Business Think Tank
Ireland: Europe's Biggest Basket Case
Trichet's Exit Strategy Trapped by PIIGS; Currency Tensions Continue to Build; China Tells EU to Stuff It
How Likely Is Greece to Default? It Would Be a Downright Miracle If They Didn't!
Japan Airlines keeps pilots off duty to encourage retirement
DPJ drafts ¥5 trillion stimulus package (Japan)

-- Energy/resources --
Renewable energy companies head for collapse as government support dries up
*It had to happen. Like nuclear power, renewables are propped up by subsidies and fossil fuels.

-- Got food? --
60,000 hectares of locust-infested land has been bombed in aerial strikes (Oz)

-- Environment/health --
World Gobbling Up Greenhouse Gas Budget: WWF
Official: Hungary's sludge reaches the Danube River

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Officials lose track of sex offenders after GPS fails (US)

-- UK --
Public sector pensions report calls for rise in workers' contributions
House prices fall record 3.6%
Attacks on teachers in Wales on the rise
Scotland's eight police forces 'are unsustainable'

-- US --
Jindal says no part of budget safe from cuts
How New York would look if Carl Paladino made his budget cuts
U.S. unprepared to care for kids in major disaster
Companies use cash stash to buy own stock to prop up price
Suburbs Take Hit as US Poverty Climbs in Downturn
Poor Healthcare May Shorten American Lives: Study
U.S. loses more ground in life expectancy
Americans face $4.6 trillion retirement gap
Roubini: 40% Chance of Double-dip Recession (not that it matters)
Consumer deleveraging = commercial real estate collapse

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