Friday, October 08, 2010


News Links, October 9, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan stimulus to inject $60bn into flagging economy
Japan Says to Continue Forex Intervention if Necessary
China's Economic Miracle — The Contrarian View
Australian dollar almost equal to U.S.
Cost of EU Rises, Even as Countries Make Cuts
Shanghai to families: 1 house is all you can buy
Geithner opens summit with warnings
Games-Embattled Delhi Games lurches to halfway mark
IMF Article Predicts New World Order
Currency Wars Prove Decoupling Is a Myth (MarketWatch)
$100 Oil Could Sink The Fed's QE2
At IMF meeting, finance ministers may plot comprehensive currency market rig (GATA)
Currency Tensions May Be Curbed With IMF Help, Strauss-Kahn Says
`Black Swan' Author Says Investors Should Sue Nobel for Crisis
BRICs Oppose U.S. on Currency Controls, Russia Says
Did Jean-Claude Juncker Just Declare Currency War?

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
China mounts air exercise with Turkey, U.S. says
Pakistan blocks NATO convoys, but Taliban get free passage
Nato contractors 'attacking own vehicles' in Pakistan
Security contractors in Afghanistan 'fund Taliban'
Taliban Allies, Warlord Flunkies Guard U.S. Bases
UN camps for displaced Haitians are squalid and close to anarchy
Refinery strike in France hits day 10
Future Of Iraqi Government Remains Unclear
Israel orders stealth fighter jets
Intensifying Arms Race Between India and China
India to Buy 250-300 Fighter Jets From Russia
Official: Kim Jong Un to be next N. Korea leader
Arab League backs Abbas over talks
Iran blasts World Bank for refusing loans
Iraqis on edge as rocket attacks intensify
Japan lawmakers to inspect disputed Senkaku Islands from air
China's JGB Selling In August Raises Eyebrows
U.S. Reaffirms Extended Deterrence for S. Korea
Eight Months in, A Full Blown Insurgency in Marjah

-- Energy/resources --
Japan refinery to close as demand shrinks
Emerging Markets Keep Coal Stocks Stoked
EU energy chief plans deepwater drilling ban
Norwegian oil production is expected to fall by ten percent in just two years
Indium Shortage Creates problems For Solar Cell Manufacturers
OPEC set to keep output ceiling after oil price rise

-- Got food? --
Commodities Soar as Crop Forecasts Cut, U.S. May Buy More Debt
Animals spurn genetically modified crops
Genetically modified corn helps nearby fields-study
Robot farmers display cutting-edge technology for Japan's aging farming population

-- Environment/health --
Hungary battles to keep toxic sludge from polluting Danube
Will Hungary's toxic red sludge spill extend beyond Danube?
Hungary's toxic flood could turn into a cancerous cloud, people warned to wear face masks
Folklore Confirmed: The Moon's Phase Affects Rainfall
Arthritis spikes, hitting 22% of U.S. adults, obesity cited as cause
What a scientist didn't tell the New York Times about his study on bee deaths

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain
Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back
Report: One-third of US teens are victims of cyberbullying
Chicago official wants taxi GPS tracking
Pakistan's ISI, a hidden, frustrating power for U.S.
The dangers of USB drives

-- UK --
Housing market crash feared after average house prices take record plunge
Increase in young football hooligans, say police
Wales Audit Office uncovers £1m black hole in accounts
The 'hidden hunger' in British families -- surge in demand for emergency supply boxes
Navy to reduce to smallest size ever to save carriers
UK in talks for France to service nuclear warheads: report

-- US --
Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of U.S.
When high-speed trains meet low speed states
Terrifying Presentation On The 2011 Foreclosure Crisis
New Jersey Governor Decides To Kill New New Jersey-To-Manhattan Rail Tunnel
Consumers cut back on credit card use for the 24th consecutive month
Fed Needs to Pump Trillions More Into Economy: Analyst
Texas Governor Facing Up to $17 Billion Budget Battle
Debtors' prisons rise again in the South
US job figures worse than expected, down by 95,000
Budget squeeze in states will force more job cuts
Dow closes above 11,000 after jobs report in expectation of more stimulus
Social Security? Don't count on it.
Airlines charging for extra legroom
Microsoft Stops Covering All Healthcare Costs For Employees
Bank of America's Big Freeze Chills Housing Recovery
Shortage of Truckers Will Raise Shipping Costs
Greenspan Says U.S. Creating `Scary' Deficit By Borrowing
SEC Failure to Regulate MBS Resulted in "Interconnected Ponzi Scheme with Various Types of Concurrent Fraud"
Local Government Employment in U.S. Falls to Lowest Since 2006
U.S. Corporate Debt Sales Fall for Third Straight Week
American Family Association Suggests Jesus Would Have Let Tennessee Home Burn
At Yale, Anger Over Tactics Used in Raid of Off-Campus Party

And finally... Anna Chapman waves off space rocket in Kazakhstan
Welcome To Terra Vivos: The Underground Shelter For Those Who Want To Ride Out The Apocalypse In Luxury
Jeweller dies during 'prisoner' bondage sex session (What a way to go!)

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