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News Links, December 1, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
European Debt Crisis Will Be 'Slow-Motion Wreck': El-Erian
Splits in Euro Zone Emerge Amid Debt Crisis (NYT)
EU Faces More Bailouts as Irish Contagion Spreads: Euro Credit
Contagion May Force EU to Expand Arsenal to Fight Debt Crisis
The Disastrous Consequences of a Return to the Deutsche Mark
The Euro Is Cliffdiving, And CDS Are Hitting All Time Record Spreads
Italian, Spanish Government Bonds Plunge, Sending Spreads Wider
Spanish Banks Face Funding Hurdle Amid Bailout Threat
ECB Support `Critical' for Spain as Crisis Worsens, Buiter Says
Japan industrial output falls for the 5th month in October
Bond Sales Tumbling in Worst Month Since Lehman Aftermath: Credit Markets
China to slash drug prices by 19 pct to cut costs to rein in healthcare expenses
China Approves First Overseas Gold Fund
Mexico Bonds Record Worst Month Since February 2009 on Europe Debt Crisis
Oman September inflation at 19 month high on food, housing
You Can't Make This Up: Europe Plans Fresh Round Of "Secret" Stress Tests To "Restore Confidence"
New phase of debt crisis! Striking NOW! Despite rescues!
20 Statistics That Prove That Global Wealth Is Being Funneled Into The Hands Of The Elite – Leaving Most Of The Rest Of The World Wretchedly Poor

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
SKorea government mulls new military unit for five western islands
Japanese, U.S. and S. Korean foreign ministers to meet
US rejects talks with North Korea
Chinese leaders privately support a unified Korea and would not stop the North's collapse, according to leaked US cable
South Korea sees North collapsing 2-3 years after Kim's death: report
WikiLeaks confirms presence of US nuclear arms in Netherlands
Mexican troops find 18 bodies near U.S. border, including body of female police chief
Envoy's report released by WikiLeaks indicates Yemeni leaders 'lied' about air strikes to cover up U.S. involvement
Argentina wins wider Falklands blockade
Student protests disrupt Italian roads, railways
U.S. Strengthening Old Alliances in Asia Pacific to Contain the influence of China
Russia Moves Tactical Nukes Closer to NATO
Bangladesh shut down by opposition general strike
Yemen: Think things are bad now? Don't let it run out of water.
Dmitry Medvedev warns of Cold War-style arms race
'Sunspot Analyst' Sees Major Military Conflict in 2012

-- Energy/resources --
Special Report: Nuclear's Lost Generation
*Just one more reason why the nuclear renaissance will never happen.
70,000 relocated for China's water diversion plan
Peak Coal Is The Next Energy Crisis You Need To Start Paying Attention To
Are US Ethanol Producers Exporting Taxpayer Subsidized Ethanol?
Growing demand for resources 'threatens EU economy'
Germany faces massive power grid overhaul
*Renewable energy turns out to be more and more expensive.
ONGC to Invest in Biggest Oilfield to Stem 2 Decades of Decline
Saudi gas demand rising at 5-6% a year - Aramco
Oil execs: Drilling ban will hurt for years

-- Got food? --
Human Excreta May Help Secure Future Food Security
The Humanure Handbook
Vegetable prices fall under toll-free policy (China)
Supermarkets buy vegetables directly from farmers, lowering prices (China)
Inflation in Laos near 8 per cent as food prices soar
The Impact Climate Change has on Food Supplies
Largest black-market fish bust ever?

-- Environment/health --
BP Oil Well Capped, But Trauma Still Flowing

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Forbes interview with Julian Assange
US bank is next target for major leak, says Assange
Bank of America May Be Wikileaks' Next Target
Julian Assange Says Document Dump Targets 'Lying, Corrupt and Murderous Leadership'
Interpol Issues International Arrest Warrant For Julian Assange For "Sex Crimes"
Wikileaks: State Dept. wants intel on African acceptance of GMOs
Ecuador offers refuge to Assange
*Here's as good a sign as any that Latin America is drifting out of the US orbit.
Obama weighing criminal action against WikiLeaks principals
Could US military take Wikileaks offline?
WikiLeaks hit again by DDOS cyber attack

-- UK --
Britain 'cannot afford' high speed rail, MPs told
Fuel poverty numbers rise in Scotland and Wales
More snow looms as Britain suffers winter chaos
British police warn students against violence
Cold weather prompts cash payment in Northern Ireland
Quarter of farming households' below poverty line'
I'll die in debt, say one in three

-- US --
Ron Paul to be appointed Committee Chair overseeing Federal Reserve
Was FBI grooming Portland suspect for terror?
TSA says airlines providing more passenger data
Airport Chief Says TSA Must Go
Obama Administration Will Spend Just $12 Billion Of The $50 Billion Promised To Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure, CBO Says
Banks Resisting Fannie, Freddie Demands to Buy Back Mortgages
Printing money causes the wrong kind of inflation
Under Obama freeze proposal, federal pay raise would continue
More than 8 million Americans stopped using credit cards
Dairy Farmers Miss Boom as Feed-Cost Surge Compounds Milk Glut
Passengers soon allowed guns on most Amtrak trains
Build America Bonds Are Officially A California Subsidy
UPS, Dow, Northrop Grumman Borrow Money to Fund Pension Plans; Massive Lies at CalPERS to Hide Pension Losses
Deflationary Hurricane Will Slam Into U.S. Economy, Charles Nenner Says
*Also says Dow will crash to 5,000.
BofA Mortgage Morass Deepens After Employee Says Trustee Didn't Get Notes
US Mint Sells Record 4.2 Million American Eagle Silver Coins In November
Last unemployment check is in the mail

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