Tuesday, November 09, 2010


News Links, November 10, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Gold Rallies to Record on European State-Funding Concern, Physical Demand
China to Tighten Control on Inflows of Overseas Funds
Here Are The Ugly Details Behind The Irish Mortgage Crisis
An Inflationary Death Spiral
Japan's dangerous deglobalised dream
"The era of growth is over."
Debts In Japanese Corporate Bankruptcies Shot Up 79% For Oct
Local government jobs down 7.5% in Japan
Believe It Or Not, Corporate Profits Are Hitting An All Time High Right Now
Roubini speaks out against gold standard
Chinese Rating Agency Cuts U.S. Credit Rating to A+ on Fed's Quantitative Easing
Has the Dollar ALREADY Lost Its Status As World Reserve Currency?
Is China's Renminbi Already The New Reserve Currency?
Guest Post: Germany Unwittingly Adopts A Silver Standard Due to Soaring Price
Morgan Stanley On How Only A "Deux Ex Machina" Can Save The European Periphery
Silver EXPLODES 5.8%! Gold surging! Global firestorm raging over Fed's $600 billion money-printing spree!
German FinMin: 'The US Has Lived on Borrowed Money for Too Long'

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
US worries that terrorism on upswing in Indonesia
China stops blocking harsh North Korea report: U.N. envoys
Nigerian militants seize workers from oil rig
U.S. forces to Western Australia
U.S., Australia forge space defense ties
Gates: U.S. troops could stay longer in Iraq
US sends team to East Africa to crack down on 'germ terrorism' threat
Russia Announces Sharp Hike in Defense Spending
Turkey to hire professionals to fight rebels
US Army Strategists Imagine Life With Smaller Budgets, In a World of Economic Collapse

-- Energy/resources --
Is the oil and gas industry heading for a staffing crisis?
Coal May Rise 12% Next Year on Asian Demand, Deutsche Bank Says
Cost of Green Power Makes Projects Tougher Sell
US says it has legal authority to kill American-born Anwar al-Awlaki
Oil demand to rise for 25 years despite green push
Biofuels: Is Palm Oil a Blessing or a Curse
Anti-Nuclear Sentiment Swells In Germany
DoD Sees U.S., Allies Ending China's Rare Earths Dominance
IEA raises oil price outlook
Natural gas may enter 'golden age' on Chinese demand - IEA
China, Brazil May Expand Oil-for-Loans Program, Deepening Ties, CBN Says
Energy in 2035: China and oil dominate
After a strong counterattack, big coal makes a comeback

-- Got food? --
Wheat Advances for Fourth Day Ahead of USDA Report on Global Grain Supply
It's Really Sad That You're Not A Farmer
Food Groups Sue US Over Ethanol Boost in Gasoline

-- Environment/health --
Biofuel Worse For Climate Than Fossil Fuel: Study
Scientists Fear Oil Is Settling on Bottom of Gulf
Oil spill investigator says no corners were cut to save money
Scientists: Beak deformities increase in US Northwest
Halliburton refuses to list gas drilling chemicals
New York City ants find a home in street medians, nest in concrete

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
With New Face-Scanning Technology, Movies Will Soon Watch You While You Watch Them
Drone Surveillance Program Targeting Americans?
Look out, your medicine is watching you (pills with embedded microchips)

-- UK --
Unacceptable train overcrowding to get worse, MPs say
Defence Minister Nick Harvey to set out cyber battle
Flood alert as storms hit the UK
UK will escape 'double dip', predicts OECD
House market softening as new buyers 'fade away'
Markets alert for credit crunch 2.0
Job woes continue as thousands face axe
New dark age on our streets: Up to 75 per cent of councils are dimming the lights to save money

-- US --
1.2 million people want a job but aren't looking
States' bailout: Largest 15 states spend over 220 percent of tax revenue
"The federal government is quietly bailing out states whose tax revenues don't match state expenditures. Funding for this will run out in June 2011. What then?"
USA Today: Anti-Poverty Programs Surpass Cost of Medicare In US
Pentagon can't explain apparent mystery rocket off California coast
L.A.'s Mystery 'Missile' Is Probably a Jet
Chicago: Free Public Transit For Seniors Could Be Eliminated Soon, As Budget Dries Up
Investors raise pressure on mortgage lenders
CDs Fall Below 1% First Time Since '50s

And finally... Beer may have lubricated the rise of civilization
In Italy Stressed Mob Bosses Seek Out Psychotherapy

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