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News Links, November 11, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
The great global belt-tightening
"And it's only going to get worse."
Ireland's Fate Tied to Doomed Banks
Heading Towards the End of Globalisation?
You No Longer Have to Be Crazy to Buy Gold
China's trade surplus hits $27bn as exports rise
China Could Surpass U.S. in 2012
Microlending Backlash Spreads to Bangladesh
G20 to Endorse Basel III, Urge Flexible Forex Rates
W.Bank chief says no gold standard, but its role key
FACTBOX-Austerity measures around the euro zone
U.S. Endangers Global Financial Stability
Fed money-printing scheme triggering bond price meltdown!
Currency War Hits Mexico as Carstens Signals Rate Cuts
Bank Crisis Spreads To Brazil

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japan may put troops near disputed isles
Somali pirates 'outpace' crackdown
As Obama Arrives in Jakarta, Secret Docs Show U.S.-backed Indonesian Special Forces Unit Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians
Kirkuk: a ticking time bomb in volatile north Iraq
Baghdad attacks on Christians prompt archbishop's call for mass exodus
Iran says to test own model of Russia S-300 missile
Is the Kyrgyz Government About to put the Brakes on the Pentagon Fuel Contract
Bombs Away: Afghan Air War Peaks With 1,000 Strikes in October
Indian Politician Warns of Chinese Threat
U.S. military helping Mexican troops battle drug cartels
Saudi Arabia vows help to Yemen in fighting Qaeda
White House sets new Afghan deadline for 2014
Global tensions are on the rise: An unfortunate needle points to war

-- Energy/resources --
Chinese Truckers Blame CCP Regime for Diesel Shortage
"Across China truckers are waiting for hours, sometimes days, to fill-up with diesel fuel."
Wind power bubble in the US?
Clean Energy Targeted for Mergers After $400 Billion Evaporates
China Officials Push Water Plan
Old King Coal's on a merry old roll
E.U. unveils trillion-euro single energy market
What does China want with south Texas? Hint: cleaner energy know-how
China to mold future world energy use: IEA
Iraq to match Iran's oil output by around 2015: IEA
Crude Oil May Rise to $90 in New York by Thanksgiving: Technical Analysis
Environment group warns of Arctic oil drilling risks

-- Got food? --
Vietnam Aims To Boost Rice Crop For Food Security
War Over Monsanto Gets Ugly
How to store autumn's bounty of vegetables and fruits (Very useful article!)
NIA Releases Food Price Estimates For A QE2 World: Bread To $23.05, Corn To $11.43, $62.21 For Sugar
Thousands of Japanese protest proposed trans-Pacific free-trade agreement

-- Environment/health --
Exclusive: Multiple independent lab tests confirm oil in Gulf shrimp

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Afghan Official: US Establishing Largest Spy Center in Kabul Embassy
*Recall this article from last week: US to spend 500 million dollars on embassy in Afghanistan
France says terror suspects were planning attack
Cyber threat, warfare center opening

-- UK --
Students take to streets for protest against tuition fees
British student fee protest turns violent
Half of councils to cut back on street lights
Aristocrats own third of land in England and Wales

-- US --
MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan invites guest to advocate violent revolution
Wall Street Collects $4 Billion From Taxpayers as Swaps Backfire
Why Main Street Doesn't Buy Wall Street's 'Recovery' (Good roundup with lots of graphs)
What Will Hyperinflation in the U.S. Look Like?
Deficit panel targets Social Security and taxes
Deficit Plan Scraps Pentagon Jets, Tanks, Trucks
Banks' mortgage practices reap more lawsuits
Fed to Buy $105 Billion of Securities Through December
US Posts $140 Billion Budget Deficit in October
Puzzling lack of answers to 'mystery missile'
Expert Thinks "Mystery Missile" an Illusion
New food stamps cause sales spikes at supermarkets
18 per cent of Americans say they could not put food on the table
Nearly 59 million lack health insurance: CDC
New Zillow Report Warns Of Unprecedented Decline In Home Prices, No Hints Of Stabilization
The "Current Housing Recession is Rivaling the Great Depression's Real Estate Downturn [and] Will Easily Eclipse It In the Coming Months"
College Holds Classes At Midnight To Meet Demand
Predator Drones Shift from Battlefield to Border
In Wichita's economy, pawnshops prospering
Frugality becoming a habit for some
Hollywood actors 'forced to fly economy'
California Discloses A $25.4 Billion Budget Hole

And finally... Man looking for drugs calls Crime Stoppers

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