Thursday, November 11, 2010


News Links, November 12, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Stiglitz urges capital controls to curb "hot money"
G20 summit: David Cameron warns of return to 1930s protectionism
China Consumer Price Index Jumps
Kneepads In Tow, Moody's Responds To Dagong's Downgrade Of The US By Upgrading China
Geithner: US Won't Seek to Weaken Dollar to Spur Growth
Ireland on Brink as `Beggar' for Aid After Losses by Fingleton
EU 'Ready to Help' Amid Bond Selloff
Morgan Stanley Says Ireland Will Need Bailout--Portugal Next
Ireland says surge in borrowing costs "very serious"
Spanish Economy Stalled in Third Quarter as Austerity Undermines Growth
Bond Insanity Breaking Out in Sovereign Debt Markets
Dubai Group missed loan payment, troubles far from over
Dubai Group sets up bank committee for debt talks
Developed nations face years of austerity and debt-cutting
Taking gold as collateral, exchange acknowledges that it's money

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
U.S. Flailing as American Guns Fuel Mexico's Drug War
Bomb explodes next to Yemen ruling party building
Suicide car bomb kills at least 15 in Karachi
Pentagon Readies New Ship-Killers for Pacific Showdown
Out of sticks, US offers Sudan a carrot to let South Sudan secede
Fighter jets top global arms sales
British double agent George Blake predicts end of 'American empire'
Rusting ships at France's main naval base -- not much encouragement to UK?
Dagestan shootouts leave many dead
Japan may form new unit to watch China navy

-- Energy/resources --
India, China make competition for oil intense (Times of India)
Crude Oil Production Forecast to 2015 (Gregor McDonald)
IEA World Energy Outlook 2010: Questionable Assumptions and Major Omissions (very sobering)
Saudi oil analyst disputes high supply theory, says depleting major fields will curb large supply rise
Copper Rises to Record as Inflation Speeds Up in China, Biggest Consumer
Next Cold War heated with natural gas?
Unbelievable Open Interest in Silver on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange
No money, no nukes (Kiss the "nuclear renaissance" goodbye.)

-- Got food? --
Yes Virginia, There Is Global Food Inflation
Chicken coops with rooftop gardens
As end times near, Glenn Beck peddles 'food insurance' kits
EU calls for 50 per cent cut in cod fishing
Regenerative Agriculture in a Peak Oil World

-- Environment/health --
Spill cleanup plans for Arctic ripped as 'thoroughly inadequate'
Global temperature to rise 3.5 degrees C. by 2035: International Energy Agency

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
V for Vendetta Hacker Strikes at Washington State University

-- UK --
Millions of Britons living beyond their means
U.K. Unemployed Who Refuse to Work May Lose Welfare for up to Three Years
Student protests planned on a national scale on 24 November
Travel disrupted as severe gales batter parts of UK
U.K. defense cuts fuel Falklands debate

-- US --
Insider Selling Hits All Time Record Of $4.5 Billion In Prior Week As Everyone Is Getting Out Of Market
Ruin porn, exurban sprawl edition
This Is How The Mainstream Media Got Today's Jobs Report Wrong
To reduce national debt, 'shared sacrifice' necessary, deficit chairs say
GOP Targets Federal Workers' Salaries
Freddie Mac, step back: Mortgage rates stay crazy-low, but still no buyers
Home Prices Fall in Half of US Cities in Downward Trend
It's Not the "Great Recession". It's the Great BANK ROBBERY
"The Fed Has Spent The Last 20 Years Manipulating The Stock Market"
Consumer debt won't return anytime soon
"Consumers are reducing their debts, and this will likely go on for years to come."

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