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News Links, November 13, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Greece Plans New Austerity Measures
Inflation "under-statement" sparks row in China
This Is The Inflation Trend That Terrifies China
The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever Conceived (US public debt)
G-20 refuses to back U.S. push on China's currency
Ireland Is the 'New Greece'; Japan and U.S. Next in Line for "Catastrophe", Pento Says
European Double Dip Begins, As Continent Finds Its Monetary Policy At Mercy Of New York Fed
Record low 57.6% of Japanese university students secure jobs as of Oct 1
Japan Airlines to fire crew to meet cost-cutting goals
Bernanke QE2 Program Backfiring! Global Money War Intensifying!
Private banks hiring at record pace as global wealth accelerates upwards
Cost of insuring Dubai debt spikes
The end of growth (Richard Heinberg)

-- Ireland meltdown --
Ireland Default Predicted by Majority in Global Investor Poll
Ireland's fear is palpable as prospect of bailout looms
Bank of Ireland Sees 2010 Profit Down Over Third
G-20 Backs Crisis Warning System as Ireland Concerns Grow
Irish Crisis Demands New EU Response: El-Erian
Ireland Urged to Take Aid by Officials Amid Debt Crisis
Ireland on the brink as budget crunch looms
Emigration soars as Irish look for way out
*But there's nowhere to hide.
Irish Bank Borrowings From ECB Jump To €130 Billion

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Asia Trip, G-20 Summit Reveal Limits Of U.S. Power
Growing Space Focus in Sino-Indian Rivalry
U.S. wins defense boost in India
Chinese Missiles Could Close U.S. Bases in Attack, Report Says
"The Chinese military's non-nuclear missiles have 'the capability to attack' and close down five of six major U.S. Air Force bases in South Korea and Japan, an unpublished government report says."
Taliban, military attacks in deadly lockstep (Pakistan)
Coup in Pakistan 'A Real Possibility'
Yemen tribal leaders will not hand over al-Qaeda operatives
Emirates boost U.S. arms purchases
North Korea 'runs international nuclear smuggling network'
Russia Open To Missile Defense Cooperation With NATO

-- Energy/resources --
China Diesel Squeeze Boosts Refineries as $100 Oil Looms: Energy Markets
Coal India in Talks With Peabody, Massey Energy to Buy Stakes in Mines
Businesses concerned by water use
"Future water shortages are a growing concern for business, according to a global survey published today."
Environmental groups oppose Duke plans to burn trees for power (US)
Iran seeks oil storage in Southeast Asia - industry sources
Biofuel worse for climate than fossil fuel: study

-- Got food? --
China May Start Soybean Sales From Reserves Next Week, Oils Analyst Says
China stocks to suffer as price controls loom: strategist
*This is serious. China's leaders know they must hold down food inflation or face massive unrest.
Analysis: Shareholder Demands To Shape Modern Agriculture
*This is the road to serfdom for those who work the land, and fits right in with wealth transfer to the new aristocracy and the rise of neo-feudalism.
What the US FDA doesn't want you to know about GE salmon
US Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Rise, but Budgets Don't

-- Environment/health --
Honeybee collapse due to toxic combination of pesticide chemicals
Losses From Natural Disasters Could Triple By 2100: Report
Superbug cases jump to 8 in Canada: Public Health Agency
2010 still on track to be hottest on record

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
US Congresswoman says chance of cyber attack against electric grid is 100%
Thousands of new emergency bomb shelters in Moscow
Kremlin official issues death threat in Russian spy scandal. Is the KGB coming back?
NYC Has Tripled Number Of Security Cameras Since June

-- UK --
British Gas to raise gas and electricity bills by 7%
Hi-tech shape of future protests
Tearing apart the British welfare state
Gap opens up between rich and poor in Britain
Bankers to see mobile calls taped
Apparatus of the surveillance state
Big Brother Britain has grown out of all proportion
U.K. Consumer Confidence Falls to 19-Month Low, Nationwide Says
Increase in rickets in Southampton astonishes doctors

-- US --
Bernanke's worst nightmare: Ron Paul
Gary Shilling Sees `Significant' Stock Selloff Within 12 Months
Two Georgia bank failures up year's tally to 145
American Silver Eagle Coins Hit Record
Chicago To Sell Naming Rights To Bus Routes, Train Lines, Everything It Can
Urban agriculture in West Oakland gets a $4 million boost
With good jobs going away, middle class downsizes
No Inflation? Grocery Stores, Gas Prices Tell Different Story
Pilots, passengers, parents rail at new pat downs
*Demand destruction, coming right up!
California Governor Calls Special Budget Session
Will tech be the next bubble?
Deficit Commission's Proposal: $100 Billion Military Cut
U.S. orders new safety steps on aging aircraft
Doctors brace for possible 23% cut in Medicare payments
Post Office posts $8.5 billion loss for last year
College: The Four-Year Graduation Myth
Super-sized pensions, and a doomsday scenario

And finally... Protesters bomb police station with cart full of burning cannabis: report

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