Sunday, November 14, 2010


News Links, November 15, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Anti-Big Bank Sentiment in Australia Reaches Boiling Point
Jim Grant Joins The Chorus Demanding A Return To The Gold Standard
IMF Ready to "Help" Ireland; Can the IMF "Help" Anyone?
Barack Obama: We Must Embrace Globalism And The Emerging One World Economy
China's shadow followed Obama throughout Asia
Japan is test case for Pac Rim free trade zone
Japan: A cautionary tale
"Japan is saddled with the world's largest government debt baggage -- estimated to be 225 percent of GDP, and forecast to grow to 250 percent by 2015."
Italy growth slows, debt hits record high
What Is the Bullion Market Trying to Tell Us?
"Underlying Mr Zoellick's comments is a concern that the dramatic rise in the price of gold... reflects a loss of confidence in the paper money issued by central banks."
*Duh! You don't say!
Ireland's young flee abroad as economic meltdown looms
Portuguese Foreign Minister Says Country May Need To Leave Euro
China's 4 Biggest Banks Halt Property Loans for Rest of Year, Reuters Says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
US Influence Weakens in Iraq, Iran Gains
Military exercises carried out near nuclear sites: Iran
Israel, UAE, India lead world fighter jet buys
Japan, China mute disputes to improve ties
*This is nothing more than a flimsy bandage over a festering sore.
Japan, Russia formins agree to improve ties-official
*Same as above.
Isle rows at APEC highlight China's growing might
Gas talks still on hold between Japan, China
Five NATO troops killed as Afghanistan violence soars

-- Energy/resources --
Scotland 'risking a blackout' in a bid to go green
"The 'lights could go out' over Scotland unless new power stations are built in the next two years to ward off a looming electricity crisis."
Diesel shortage stops traffic on China expressway
Oil Scene: Energy world facing unprecedented uncertainty
Is 'Peak Oil' Behind Us? (NYT)
"Peak oil is not just here — it's behind us already."

-- Got food? --
ASIA: Water scarcity adds to food pressures

-- Environment/health --
Should You Be Snuggling With Your Cellphone?

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Making Ads That Whisper to the Brain
Will Internet censorship bill be pushed through lame-duck Congress?

-- UK --
Middle England on the march as revolt over 250mph rail link grows
Drug expert told police Iraq whistleblower David Kelly was 'murdered'

-- US --
Low-Skilled Workers Struggle For Jobs In Las Vegas
Why some young US workers now seek fortunes in India
Greenspan: High US Deficits Could Spark Bond Crisis
Municipal Bond Market Shudders

And finally... Comedians feast on Ireland's whopping debt crisis

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