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News Links, November 17, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Ireland's Cowen to Weigh EU Steps to Shore Up Banking System
Ireland on the Brink: 1931 Credit Anstalt Talk Is Resurfacing
Irish rebuff bailout call in euro zone crisis
U.K. Support Sought for Ireland Bailout
Eurozone crisis 'threatens EU'
Euro-Zone Inflation Hits Two-Year High
China stocks to suffer as price controls loom: strategist
Public spending cuts are set to hammer stock markets
Economic power shifting from U.S. to China, Soros says
G20 failure moves global economy to brink of protectionism
Greece, Germany Grapple Over Debt
Europe Fears That Debt Crisis Is Ready to Spread
College Seniors' Job Prospects Worse Than In 'Ice Age' (Japan)
An Upcoming 30% Price Increase For Cotton Products And Defaulting Chinese Clothing Manufacturers May Soon Test The "Deflation" Thesis
Government injects $2bn into loss-making Dubai Holding
Dubai Holding to restructure with haircuts, fresh funds

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
U.S. Pursues Wider Role in Yemen
Best U.S. option in Yemen? Help it fight al Qaeda: Gates
US Hopes to Establish Bases as Yemen Fight Escalates
*Yemen: where the action is!
Big jets used to move drugs into Europe
Defections on rise in North Korea
Spain, Saudi Arabia talk Leopard tanks
US Air Force Has Become Leaner and Meaner, But May Be Reaching Breaking Point
Iran starts "biggest" air defense war games
Turkey wants control in NATO missile shield-Erdogan
China's new chopper-equipped patrol ship heads toward Senkakus

-- Energy/resources --
World Energy Outlook 2010 – a cry for help (Kjell Aleklett)
What Beijing's horrendous traffic jams say about green energy
Diesel shortage shuts down Chinese crematoria
China needs more than 3,750 jumbo jets by 2029
*Is this a joke? There is not enough fuel to cremate the dead.
Rising demand amid fuel shortage in China propels naphtha to 2 year highs
Department of Hype: The Shale Gas Shell Game
Solar Storm Risks Bring Disaster Plans
The cost of oil and gas exploration and production off Norway is "scary" and must be reduced
Industrial energy conservation drive launched (Pakistan)

-- Got food? --
Yemenis abandon farms, seek food security in city
Polish Inflation Surges To 8-Month High On Food Costs
China Turns to Price Controls to Damp Food Price Surge: Press
No growing veggies on your boulevard (Canada)
Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds (US)

-- Environment/health --
Oil spill still poisoning wildlife years later, native band charges (Canada)
Britain has highest rates of dangerous superbug in Europe: research
Economic prosperity = anxiety, depression
Provinces face prescription-drug shortage (Canada)
Colder winters possible due to climate change: study
Earth's Lower Atmosphere Is Warming, Review of Four Decades of Scientific Literature Concludes
Modern Insecticides' Devastating Effects
Paris bitten by New York-style bedbug problem
Report questions safety of planned biodefense lab (US)
Haiti's cholera death toll tops 1,000, fueling riots

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Cyber Experts Have Proof That China Has Hijacked U.S.-Based Internet Traffic
U.S. sees "huge" cyber threat in the future
TSA Investigating 'Don't Touch My Junk' Passenger
How Stuxnet cyber weapon targeted Iran nuclear plant

-- UK --
Businesses may have to ration e-mail and internet use to control energy costs, claims peer
NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire forced to ration care
Holly berries suggest harsh winter on the way
Four million over 50s to work beyond retirement age
209,000 university hopefuls miss out on degree places
U.K. Inflation Accelerates

-- US --
Airport Screening Protests Grow as Holiday Crunch Looms
QE won't help ordinary Americans, so who is it really designed to help?
Bond Market Defies Fed
The Bond Liquidation is On
Europe Troubles Undoing Fed's Easing Efforts: Pros
Wall Street Profit May Hit $19 Billion in 2010
John McCain Backs Billions In Defense Cuts
One in 7 households hit by hunger issues in 2009
Not Sustainable: Skyrocketing Compensation for Federal Employees
"Midas Crush" - MarketWatch Attempts to Explain "Why Gold is a Bad Investment"
Fresh Attack on Fed Move: GOP Economists, Lawmakers Call for Abandoning $600 Billion Bond Purchase
Empire State Manufacturing Survey Results: Simply Awful
America's Third War: National Guard's New Mission
Dying With Debt: A Dirty Little Retirement Secret
"Retired Americans are racking up credit-card debt like never before... and a surprising number have no intention of paying it off before they die."
Government Employees Owe Billions in Delinquent Taxes
California Will Default On Its Debt, Says Chris Whalen
It Begins: Detroit Neighboring City Of Hamtramck Asks For Permission To File For Bankruptcy
Hedge Fund Titan Steinhardt Says He Would Sell GM Stock "As Quickly As I Can"
Prices for used cars hit a record high

And finally... Bloomberg Calls for Carbon Tax as a Way to Fight Terrorists
Pure gold tattoos make Dubai debut

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