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News Links, November 18, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)
The World Shorts the Dollar (Ron Paul editorial at the Daily Bell)
Ireland debt crisis: experts to be parachuted in to finalise bailout
George Osborne – UK will help Ireland through debt crisis
Ghost estates and broken lives: the human cost of the Irish crash
Greek December Aid Tranche Delayed Until January - Charting Europe's Slow Motion Train Wreck
European Banks have $650 billion Exposure to Ireland; Germany's Economy Minister says "EU Cannot Throw Money from Helicopters"
Will Europe's Financial Crisis Finish the Euro and the EU?
Panel urges U.S. to label China currency manipulator
Portugal's Borrowing Costs Rise
Knight Research's Stunning Call: "The Game Is Over"
Dubai malls to hike retail rents 35% in 2011
Abu Dhabi's new plan for food security
Is the Global Economy Rolling Over?

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Turkey Deepens Strategic Relationship with China
Immigration: France sees tensions rise five years on from Paris riots
Under new plan, U.S. troops will stay in Afghanistan till 2014
Angry Mob Of Workers Beat Their Boss To Death With Iron Rods To Protest Layoffs (India)
Iran military stages mock warplane interception
Germany tightens airport security over attacks threat
Japan abandons bid to make China a key pillar of its foreign policy
Not Clear Iran Sanctions Will Work: Israeli Military Chief
Commission: China Bolsters Fighters, Missiles, 'Supports' Cyberattacks
Russia May Sell Su-35s to China
DPJ panel seeks to restore old military terms for SDF (Japan)
Japan Defense Ministry to buy 10 new P1 patrol planes to monitor territorial waters
Japan, U.S. to launch talks to bolster defense

-- Energy/resources --
Interview with Chris Martenson: "Prepare for peak oil while there is time."
Peak coal: China's Coal Crisis
China's October Power Demand Was 340 Billion Kilowatt Hours, Council Says
Supergrids, Caspian Gas Pipeline Listed as Energy Priorities for EU Bloc
*Is this a joke? Where will the €200 billion come from? Will there still be an EU Bloc?
Coal's Two-Year High May Force European Utility Gas Switch: Energy Markets
"Coal in Europe is trading close to a two-year high as rising demand in China drives up prices around the world."
IEA Says Renewable Investment Must Reach $5.7 Trillion by 2035
Aviation industry 'ditches' hydrogen
Arab world heading for huge water crisis in just five years
Nigeria's oil exploration declining: oil chief

-- Got food? --
China to tackle rising food price inflation
McDonald's Hikes Prices in China; Signals Inflation Pressure
Chinese Premier Warns Price Control Measures Coming
China announces food subsidies for poor after price spike threatens to spark tensions
World Food-Import Costs Will Exceed $1 Trillion on Higher Prices, UN Says
Study: More Canadians going hungry, food bank use rises
Could your seafood contain toxic chemicals?
Sojitz Getting Into Grain Farming In Argentina
Biodiversity gives big boost to agricultural output: study

-- Environment/health --
U.N. Climate Talks Seek Limited Deal As Costs Soar
Illness Plagues Gulf Residents in BP's Aftermath
Anti-UN Violence In Haiti Stopping Medical Supplies

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Nuclear secrecy a major issue, says SIPRI
US Senators complain about airport patdowns
Junk Security: 'Naked Scanners' Won't Keep Us Safe
Cloaking time to create invisible events
In New Program, New York City Police Scan Eyes To Track Suspects

-- UK --
Council job losses set to top 37,000
Firefighters to protest against 'savage' cuts

-- US --
Rubin Warns of Bond Market "Implosion": U.S. in "Terribly Dangerous Territory"
6 Million Benefit-Paying Jobs Vanish in One Year!
Some Will Only Hire If You Already Have A Job
The Deficit Commission's assault on the Marine Corp
In Modesto, thousands wait to get on housing voucher list
Even the Affluent Live Close to Margin: Survey... but,
No recession for members of Congress
Some Question State Storehouse Of Newborn DNA (California)
28 Consecutive Weeks Of Domestic Equity Fund Outflows
The Next Big Bailout: The US Postal Service
Chris Martenson And James Howard Kunstler Explain How "The World is Going to Get Rounder and Bigger Again"

And finally... SUV with dead body ticketed three times
Things to say to TSA personnel.

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