Friday, November 19, 2010


News Links, November 20, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Irish Finance Minister Lenihan Admits Country's Banks Need Bailout
China Rate Rise Looms as Price Controls May Be `Insufficient'
China takes new step to rein in lending, inflation
China Will `Inevitably' Raise Rates in Battle Against Inflation
Marc Faber: "China And The US Are On A Collision Course", Sees 10% Real Inflation In China
Greek Government Unveils Austerity Measures
New Greek Budget Cuts Deep; Strikes Threatened
Analysis of 2008 Collapse Shows Economy Networked for Failure
Bernanke blasts China for currency manipulation
Deficit commission co-chairs warn of Greece-like debt crisis in US
Roubini Maps Out Nightmare Scenario of Domino Debt Collapse in Europe
Hong Kong Imposes More Property Curbs

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Satellite images support North Korea reactor claim
U.S. to deploy tanks in Afghan war: report
New U.S. Plan in Afghanistan: 'Awe and Shock'
Mexican cartels amass better arsenals, mostly bought in U.S.
Texas Governor Rick Perry calls for US troops to fight Mexico's drug war
Few Afghans know reason for war, new study shows
*And few Americans, too.
Saudi king in hospital again over back trouble
Nato reaches missile shield deal, but bows to Turkish concerns over naming Iran as a threat
Iran, Israel move to boost missile power
Silence speaks volumes in Russia-Iran dispute
China does not need Russian arms anymore to attack USA (Pravda)
Japan plans to deploy more fighter planes in Okinawa to counter China (link in Japanese)
Poll: US Support for Afghan War Plummets

-- Energy/resources --
Peak Oil: why the Pentagon is pessimistic [EXCLUSIVE] (Le Monde)
Norway prepares to squeeze out last drops of oil
Analysis: In coal lockdown, China creates diesel snafu
China begins shipping rare earths to Japan
What Happens When Chinese Coal Production Stops Growing 10% Yearly?
Record power consumption by Japanese households
European companies face serious shortages of vital raw materials

-- Got food? --
US Farmland Values Rise 10% Says Chicago Fed
While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales

-- Environment/health --
Garlic -- A Secret Weapon Against Hypertension?
Scientists start to piece together damage puzzle of BP spill
DC Forum: Bedbugs a National Threat

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Another Hacker's Laptop, Cell Phones Searched at Border
End of Free Internet: US Senate Committee Approves Internet "Blacklist" Bill
Code clues point to Stuxnet maker

-- UK --
Keeping DOWN with the Joneses in the age of austerity
Doctors warned to expect unrest over NHS reforms
Scottish Power increases gas and electricity prices

-- US --
Airports Consider GOP Rep's Call To Ditch TSA
Poison vote looms for tea party freshmen: Raise the national debt limit?
California bond sales hit 'cold, cold world'
Troubled California to Restructure Debt Sales
Governor Warns Cities May Go Bankrupt
'Simplify' a call heeded by the Amish
"One can imagine a future in which the gap between the Amish and the world will narrow, not because the Amish will become more like us but because we will have to become more like them."
Tent Cities, Homelessness And Soul-Crushing Despair
Are The Social Security Trust Funds A Mirage?
More Seniors Declaring Bankruptcy in Retirement
U.S. May Be Headed for Downward Spiral, Says Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist
US Mint Reports Soaring November Month-To-Date Silver Coin Sales Surpass 2010 High Following Massive Rush Into Precious Metal
Goldman Sachs once again "insanely profitable"

And finally... Judge Orders Cops to Stop Harassing Superheroes

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