Monday, November 22, 2010


News Links, November 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
€90bn Irish bailout ends in turmoil – now Europe fears crisis will spread
Irish general election looms amid economic crisis
Moody's Expects Multi-Notch Downgrade Of Ireland
Ireland bail-out: British banks hit as Irish rescue falters
Jim Rogers: "Ireland Should Go Bankrupt"
European Default Swaps Index Converges With Emerging Markets: Euro Credit
Portugal Default Risk Rises After Irish Rescue on Concern Over Debt Levels
Will Europe's Dominoes Tumble Towards America?
Hong Kong's new property rules hit developer stocks
China doubts rise for Australia mining investors
Too many grads compete madly for too few jobs (China)
Thai economy back in recession, contracted two consecutive quarters
Is China Betting Against a U.S. Housing Recovery?
US Banks Face $100 Billion Capital Shortfall
Big Banks Could Face Multibillion-Dollar Shortfall: Another Excuse to Restrain Lending?
Air Travel in India Surges 15%
The Coming Euro Split
While The U.S. Prints And Spends, Russia Loads The Boat With Gold...
Consumer Loans Marked Record Plunge In September (Japan)
Supermarket sales down 23rd month (Japan)
Construction activity in Central London at lowest level in 20 years

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Spanish Tuna Boat Repels New Pirate Attack in Indian Ocean
Three Chinese warships dispatched to escort cargo vessel after pirate attack
Japan Deployment Near Isles Might Worsen Frayed China Relations
Seoul may consider bringing back US nuke arms
India to spend heavily on new stealth fighter
Morales: U.S. seeks excuse to meddle in Latin America
Could Stuxnet Mess With North Korea's New Uranium Plant?
Germany to abolish compulsory military service to cut €8bn off defence budget
Russia 'gives Iran top new radar'
Poland to host U.S. jets and C-130s
US Navy to disband two security squadrons to cut costs
Japan 'absolutely cannot tolerate' N Korea's nuke development, says PM

-- Energy/resources --
PetroChina to Import 200,000 Metric Tons More Diesel to Ease Shortfall
China changes from coal exporter to major importer
The Chinese Coal Monster - running out of puff
China's October Oil Demand Climbs 11.8% on Year to 8.95 mil b/d
China's natural gas demand to exceed supply by over one-third in 2011
Mexico regulator rejects Pemex oil reserve estimate
"Mexican regulators rejected a huge chunk of state oil monopoly Pemex's estimate of how much oil and gas the country has, calling into question the long-term sustainability of the industry."
The messy side of energy efficiency: finance
"Implementing energy efficiency projects at the scale we need will require large sums of money moving through our financial system."
China PM set to sign Russia energy deals

-- Got food? --
Seed behemoth Monsanto stumbles into antitrust trouble
Australia Aims to Address Farmland Foreign-Ownership Fears
Why You Should Be "Extremely Scared" by China's Food Price Inflation
UAE seen needing agri investment, meets only 37% demand

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
WikiLeaks release: Why law is powerless to stop WikiLeaks from publishing
WikiLeaks: New release 7 times size of Iraq logs
US launches giant eavesdropping satellite

-- UK --
Ministry of Defence warns that Somali pirates threaten UK gas and oil supplies
Fly on the wall has become surveillance TV
Rural passengers face lost services and higher fares
450 civilian jobs to go at Northumbria police

-- US --
6 NY Highway Rest Areas Closing
California's water woes worsen
Social Security, Medicare Face The Age Of Austerity
Joe Sixpack Sits in the Economic Dumpster
TSA workers face verbal abuse from travelers
Those Refusing TSA Search May Face $11K Fine
Insider Selling To Buying Ratio Approaches Five Digits, Hits Record 8,280x In Week Ending November 19
Al Gore: Votes, not science, led me to back corn ethanol
Silver Shortages Accelerate As Wholesale Supplies Plunge: Krieger/Keiser - 1; JP Morgan - 0
U.S. Banks Will Close 5,000 Branches in 18 Months, Meredith Whitney Says
Another hit to states: Interest payments to Uncle Sam

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