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News Links, November 25, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China, Russia quit dollar (China Daily)
Much Ado About Nothing: China, Russia Drop Dollar In Bilateral Trade
Chinese State Firms Poised to Double Dollar Bond Sales
"China's state-owned companies may turn to the global bond market to finance a surge in overseas acquisitions as the yuan appreciates and regulators curb access to domestic bank loans."
China Steps Up Efforts to Contain Growth
What Happens When China Collapses?
Foreign-owned firms accounted for 91% of Ireland's tradeable exports in 2009
Ireland Rating Cut Two Steps by S&P as `Barbarians' Gather
Irish government unveils harsh austerity budget
Portuguese unions set for strike to protest austerity measures
The Euro Is Not in Trouble: Eurogroup President
Fears of Domino Effect Pervade Europe
The World Lies in China's Orbit (Niall Ferguson)
Spain Begins $18 Billion Power-Bond Sale Program as Yields on Debt Surges
For Europe's Future, Spain Is All that Matters
It's Official: There Is Not Enough Money To Bail Out Spain
Belgium joins financial markets' hit list
"Belgium has joined Portugal, Spain and Italy on the hit list of countries that could be heading for financial crisis."
Euro-denominated gold hits highest since June
First UAE developer files for bankruptcy

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
US and S Korea to hold war games
U.S. aircraft carrier heads for Korean waters
Super-Silent Jimmy Carter Ready to Spy on North Korea
Comparison Of North And South Korea's Military Capabilities
North Korea says South Korea fired first
U.S.: Afghan violence soaring, insurgency expanding
Russia sells Su-35s to China
Rio drug gangs battle police, 13 people killed
Rash of Rio violence rattles even hardened residents in Brazil's World Cup host city
Thailand orders more Gripen fighters
Full cost of European missile defence could run to billions
U.S. forges $60B arms deal with Saudi Arabia
Haiti Election: Theatrical Prelude to Colonization
Is America on the path to 'permanent war'?

-- Energy/resources --
Economic Implications of IEA's Lowered Oil Estimates (Chris Martenson)
Saudi Arabia May Double Oil Use by 2023, Cut Exports, ACWA Says
China's Hunger for Wood Raw Material Pushes Timber Prices Upward
China's Saudi oil imports seen up 11% next year - sources
Cuba deal boosts China's Latin American oil plans
India Preps for an Energy Grab
Coal India in Talks to Buy Mines From Massey, Peabody
Deal of the day: India's JSW Energy snaps up Botswana coal assets
Steve Forbes is wrong: The world is not awash in energy

-- Got food? --
World stands on the brink of food crisis (Pravda)
USDA Announces Latest Actions In The Eastern Livestock Company Failure
The growing problem: Canada slips from agricultural superpower status
Rice Prices May Gain as Thailand Cuts Crop Outlook on Floods, Theera Says
Food safety bill 101: What are the facts and myths? (US)
Latest exposé shows the egg industry's problems are widespread and systematic (US)
No Arsenic In Pardoned Turkeys, But It Might Be In Yours (US)
Record Wholesale Turkey Prices May Just Be the Beginning (US)

-- Environment/health --
More Oil From BP Spill Chemically Dispersed: NOAA
Haiti cholera spreading faster than predicted: U.N.
Natural Gas: Worse Than Coal & Diesel In Greenhouse Emissions?

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cable Dump Reportedly Imminent
Flier hauled off plane over too many bathroom breaks
Former US intelligence chief says cyberattack is inevitable
Biometrics seen as ultimate secure ID
Next step for tight security could be trains, boats, metro (US)
German Police Want Army to Help Protect Public

-- UK --
Funding body's 'concerns' on future of five Welsh unis
David Cameron warns of 'huge' influx of Irish migrants
Chinese inflation is about to hit Britain
Freezing temperatures trigger first cold weather payments
UK weather forecast for snow and prolonged cold spell
Fees protests 'reflect young people's anger'
Unions claim that 150 post offices have closed already this year

-- US --
Black Friday: A Festival Of Greed In The Midst Of A Sea Of Pain And Suffering
Debt panel's Social Security fix: Raise taxes, cut benefits
Granite countertop craze has cost US more than Gulf War
TSA advertises jobs on pizza boxes
29 Consecutive Equity Mutual Fund Outflows
99ers: The unemployed need help!
October durable goods orders drop 3.3 percent
Thanks for nothing, Corporate America
New home sales: Down 80% from the boom

And finally... Vladimir Putin hails 'real man' Leonardo DiCaprio

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