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News Links, November 26, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
ECB May Be Forced to Delay Exit Again as Europe Debt Crisis Grows
Angela Merkel: Euro Will Survive Debt Crisis
Nigel Farage To European Parliament: "The Euro Game Is Up... Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? You Are Very Dangerous People"
Analysis: Thinking the unthinkable -- a euro zone breakup
Germany Rejects Plan to Boost Bailout Fund
Iceland bank chief says euro still a 'good option'
Number of Canadian seniors living in poverty soars nearly 25%
China to intensify liquidity management: Central bank
Burst pipes a sign of aging infrastructure (China)
*Crumbling infrastructure is not limited to developed countries.
Ireland Unveils Harshest Cuts, Tax Hikes In History
Irish Stocks Plunge, As 10-Year Yield Now Exceeds 9%
Irish Economy Better Off Than Greece: Strategist
Moody's puts some Irish bank ratings under review
Market Pros: Europe Woes Near Tipping Point?
How long before foreign investors sour on India?
China and Russia Dump Dollar in Mutual Trade - No Big Deal in the Short Run
Italian students occupy Pisa's tower, Colosseum in protest
China welcomes growing African trade, but not the Africans who facilitate it
Spain Bailout Would Spell Trouble for the Euro
Debt Clouds Recovery in Dubai (WSJ)
A year later, Dubai's debt worries persist (MarketWatch)
Hungary Follows Argentina in `Nightmare' Pension-Fund Ultimatum
The Collapse of the Yen: The Party Has Started

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Kremlin says eyeing new naval bases abroad
Mexico Sending More Troops To Zone Next To Texas
Rio de Janeiro gun battles leave at least 14 people dead
Brazil Marines join slum battles, 30 people killed
Military vehicles enter Brazil slum
India test-fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile
North Korea threatens more attacks on South
China Won't Help U.S. On North Korea, And Here's Why
Afghan, Pakistan agree on coordinated anti-drug raids
CNN got leaked Japanese video first, chucked it
'No One Wants a Total Collapse' of North Korea

-- Energy/resources --
OPEC Says It Won't Necessarily Boost Supplies If Crude Oil Reaches $100
Dryships Seeks 4 New Ultra-Deepwater Drillships for $2.4B
"We see strong demand for state of the art ultra deepwater drillships and are confident of customer demand for these drillships."
China to get tougher in energy saving: officials
China's energy drive: back on track
"Beijing has set an ambitious target to reduce the intensity of energy use in China - and so desperate is the desire to meet it that in one town in Hebei thousands of traffic lights were shut off for more than a week this year."
The Coal Situation in Asia
Russian coal exports to China to total 12 million tonnes for current year
Forget a Potential Oil Shortage: A shortage of this Mineral (Phosphorus) Would be Much Worse
Abu Dhabi completes oil pipeline
Power crisis looms without lower use (Thailand)
Must read: How sustainable is renewable energy?
*This is exactly what I've been saying for a long time. Installing much renewable capacity now will help us achieve a soft landing, but it won't save industrial civilization.

-- Got food? --
Rising food prices turn regular city residents into farmers (China)
China Pushes for More Crops to Rein in Food Prices
Scientists worry North Pacific salmon may run out of food

-- Environment/health --
Gulf spill: Tar balls spark partial shrimping ban
2010 on course to be joint hottest year since 1850

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Profit Ties between Phony Terror Alerts, Airport Security and L-3 Communications
Ex-Sec. of Homeland Security: Use my nude scanners or be sexually assaulted

-- UK --
UK to launch 'happiness' index
Spending cuts: Councils 'to lose 140,000 jobs'
Students continue university occupations

-- US --
Rising tide of unemployed graduates try to market skills
Howard Davidowitz on the Economy: "Here Are the Numbers ... WE'RE BROKE!"
Did TSA cave on scanners for Thanksgiving rush?
"'Noticeably subdued' airports suggest people opting out of flying altogether"
Thanksgiving: A Time to Think about Gift Economies?

And finally...
The importance of careful planning: German retiree bricks himself into his cellar
The importance of checking references: Pizzeria tricked into making 178 pizzas
Don't let this happen to you! Pensioner who didn't trust banks loses entire £80,000 life savings after leaving cash on roof of his car

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