Friday, November 26, 2010


News Links, November 27, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Euro-Zone Debt Crisis Escalates (WSJ)
Debt turmoil, contagion fears sweep Europe
Gold steady; eyes $1,400/oz on Europe, Korea worries
China bans hoarding of oil, coal to cool prices
Prices drop in Japan for 20th month
Portugal approves austerity budget
Portugal Denies Report on Bailout, Eyes Budget
EU denies Portugal in line for aid package
Ireland Races to Secure Weekend Aid Deal Amid Bank Concern
IMF/EU Mull Hit for Irish Bank Bondholders: Report
Irish Banks Downgraded Over Bondholder Rumors
Spain rules out bailout package
Next Debt Crisis May Start in Washington: Bair
Think BIIGS: There's One Euro Country Under the Radar
Putin proposes Russia-EU union; Merkel says she'll pour "cold water" on the idea

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Rio Police, Troops Take Over Crime Stronghold After Unrest Leaves 21 Dead
U.N. Takes Stand Against Freedom of Speech, Religion: This Week in Online Tyranny
North Korea Warns: 'Brink Of War'
Pyongyang Tests China's Patience
China works to ease North-South Korea tension
China Warns US, South Korea Against Naval Drills
Saudis trumpet al-Qaeda arrests
Egyptian official: Mossad behind riots
Syrian FM warns of war with Israel
Russia to continue anti-piracy missions in Gulf of Aden - Medvedev

-- Energy/resources --
Coal India Will Purchase Overseas Mines to Meet Import Demand
China to build more gas reserves in 11 areas
Coal Demand Fueled By China's Growing Energy Needs
Why China is an energy consumption hog

-- Got food? --
Brazil's Plan to Raze, Replant Sugar Crop May Worsen Global Supply Deficit
Food prices drive China's inflation rate to two-year high
Chinese pupils trash dinner hall in protest at cost of meals
Urbanisation will put our food supplies under pressure (Australia)

-- Environment/health --
World May Record Warmest Year as U.K. Meteorological Office Adjusts Data

-- UK --
Low income Londoners 'hardest hit' by taxes and cuts

-- US --
US Banks Are Now Actually Hoarding Funds
Post Office Cuts Cause Economic, Emotional Blow
Poor Schools Continue To Have High Rates Of Unqualified Teachers
Exuberant crowds crowd Black Friday
Rich Americans Ditch Home Ownership For Renting
A Majority Of Americans Believe The US Government No Longer Operates Within The Constitution
UPS Bonds Fight `Fire With Fire' to Fill Pension Gap

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