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News Links, November 3, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Greek Deputy PM Makes A Huge Gaffe, And Accidentally Reveals The Country's Debt Plans
Ireland May Have One Month to Stave Off Bailout: Euro Credit
China Said to Ask Banks to Seek Faster Repayment of Local Government Debts
Brazil's Lula eyes austerity on way out: report
US Midterms 2010: Tea Party raises prospect of government shutdown
Official: Germany Won't Let Bondholders Shirk Crisis Cost
Airlines Can't Bear Extra Security Burden Alone, IATA Chief Says
Japanese Yen: A Red Dawn?
A Superpower in Decline: Is the American Dream Over? (Spiegel)
US Federal Reserve to print billions of dollars in massive shadow stimulus

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Plans for Nordic federal state
China tells US to butt out of China-Japan territorial spat
Russia warns of more visits to disputed islands
Japan Has Few Cards To Play In Island Row With Russia
U.S. backs Japan over islands dispute with Russia
Northern Territories not subject to Japan-U.S. security pact: US official
Britain and France to seal defence pact
Parcel bomb plotters 'used dry run', say US officials
'Dry Run' For Package Bombs May Have Taken Place In September
US 'knew' of al-Qaeda parcel plot
Yemen hunts bomb suspect; pipeline blown up
Pentagon Denies Plan for Ground Troops in Yemen
Parcel bomb sent to Germany's Angela Merkel from Greece
Greek Police Tackle Barrage of Parcel Bombs in Athens
Israel to boost Tel Aviv's missile shield
Pakistan PM sees no chance of military coup
Al-Qaida thriving despite U.S. efforts: experts

-- Energy/resources --
China Can Use More Copper Than World Has Now With Yang's Stove
Abu Dhabi to spend $10 bln on offshore fields to boost oil output
Gulf oil companies 'must allow competition'
Saudi Arabia Has Enough Crude for 80 Years, Naimi Says
"Saudi Arabia is adding reserves equal to the amount it is extracting each year, al-Naimi said."
China coal prices rise to nine month high on expectations for cold winter

-- Got food? --
Corn Gains to Highest in More Than Two Years on Dollar, U.S. Crop Concerns
Clearing tropical forests is also a poor way to produce food

-- Environment/health --
Toxic chemicals found deep at BP oil spill site
"Toxic chemicals at levels high enough to kill sea animals extended deep underwater soon after the BP oil spill, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday."
BP ups spill cost estimate by $8 billion and profits dive
Agriculture creates climate worry
The Clean Coal Myth: On Film

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
UK nuke plant goes dark -- Stuxnet?
US Air Force Wants Neuroweapons to Overwhelm Enemy Minds
Could a Cellphone Call From Yemen Blow Up a Plane?
Obama may let CIA run more 'hunter-killer' teams roam abroad
Russia's FSB to WikiLeaks: We could destroy you

-- UK --
Cuts to 'cost 1.6m jobs', MPs to be warned
Cuts to disability allowance 'will be devastating'
Cuts and tax hikes will push jobless to 3 million

-- US --
Fed Eyes 'Binge Bond Buying' To Spur Economy
Sell bonds now, Fed's QE2 is doomed to fail (Paul Farrell @ MarketWatch)
NYSDOT closes rest areas despite pleas from truckers
US Pipeline Safety Delays Endanger Oil Supply, Nature
Citigroup's Toxic Mortgage Pipeline Could Mean Mammoth Put-Back Risks
"Citigroup's exposure to mortgage put-backs may be far worse than investors expect, according to a recent CNBC investigation."
U.S. Consumer Bankruptcies Rose to 132,173 in October
Congress' Next Big Issue: How to Handle Jobless '99ers'
Wall Street is like a heist movie: The difference is that the big guys rip off the little guys
American dream fades for more as homeownership falls

And finally... Big Brother Barbie? Barbie doll has video camera inside.

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