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News Links, November 6, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Doubts grow over wisdom of Ben Bernanke 'super-put'
The age of the dollar is drawing to a close
Fed's Bernanke `Doesn't Understand' Economics, Jim Rogers Says
China Says Fed Must Explain Bond-Buying or Endanger Recovery
China, Germany and South Africa criticise US stimulus
Europe Wants to Curb Rating Agencies' Influence
New Japanese Monetary Policy could Cause Commodity Prices to Rise
UN rethinks how to measure, define "poor"
50 years on, Italy mourns passing of 'La Dolce Vita'
Gold, Silver Surge After Goldman Recommends Buying Gold... Again
Dubai needs 20 months to eliminate oversupply, says Emaar chief

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
French unions pledge to call more pension protests
Iran nuclear program on "explosive" path: Saudi Prince
Georgia: Russia 'Spy Ring' Nabbed
Al Qaeda's Yemen wing claims parcel bomb plot, UPS crash
Iraqi al Qaeda group predicts more bloody days
Pentagon Fuel Supply Agreement Could Strain Relationship With Kyrgyzstan
Mexican drug gangs boost meth sales with new methods
Deep Strike Key to Air-Sea Battle (US)
China says leaked video 'cannot change the truth'
U.S. urges better Japan-China ties, no comment on leaked video footage
Russia flexes muscles over island spat with Japan

-- Energy/resources --
Bets that oil will keep rising hit record high
More evidence related to the high cost of horizontal drilling and fracking
"One of the issues we are running into now is that to an ever greater extent, new energy production costs are very much 'front ended'."
France To Sell China Nuclear Material, Technology
100 Energy Servants: How Much Power is Needed to Support the Typical American Lifestyle?
OPEC raises 2014 demand outlook, trims forecast for its crude
The Impact of Solar Feed-In Tariffs in Germany
"German solar PV in 2009 produced only 1.1% of total German electricity, but issues of grid stability are alreadybeing raised, as is the issue of excessive cost."

-- Got food? --
Religious Orders Are Growing Vegetables, Raising Cows and Making Cheese in the Name of the Spirit

-- Environment/health --
Coral Dying Near BP Oil Spill Site
China says its car boom is ruining air quality
Bedbugs hitting New York City schools
Why we can't kill bedbugs
Cool The Earth With Geoengineering? Some Say Wait
UN calls for higher taxes to combat climate warning

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
WikiLeaks founder mulls asylum in Switzerland
Ex-WikiLeaks staffers to launch rival whistleblower site: report

-- UK --
RBS falls back into the red
Radical website puts U.K. lawmakers on death list
High-speed rail link London to Folkestone is sold to Canadian consortium

-- US --
D.C. Police consider drastic measures after failed terror plot
Use of food stamps up 17% since last year
How Ben Bernanke Sentenced The Poorest 20% Of The Population To A Cold, Hungry Winter
The Fed's $600 Billion Statement, Translated Into Plain English
Extremes rule both parties, as centrists are in decline
Guy Fawkes Day 2010: Why Americans want to 'remember, remember the fifth of November'
Confidence In The U.S. Will Collapse And Change Will Come With Alarming Speed
Build America bonds surpass $150B
Bank Of America: We Face Repurchase Lawsuits On $375 Billion Worth Of Mortgage Securities
Fannie Mae Asks US for $2.5 Billion More in Aid
The tunnel people of Las Vegas: How 1,000 live in flooded labyrinth under Sin City's shimmering strip
Two U.S. banks fail, bringing year's total to 141
Economy adds 151,000 jobs in October, but...
America Needs To Add 232,400 Jobs A Month To Get Back To Pre-Depression Job Levels By End Of Obama Second Term
Labor Force Participation Rate Drops To 25 Year Low, At 64.5%
40% of Americans cutting Thanksgiving fat
The Coming Nuclear Power Subprime Rout
"With asset leverage able to surpass 250 times the nominal value of an underlying security, the ballooning of paper assets due to the Nuclear Renaissance can quite quickly make the US subprime asset balloon seem rather small beer."

And finally... 17 Bizarre Statues Around The World

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